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Discussion in 'Hunter x Hunter' started by Tyni, Aug 19, 2017.

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    Yo i just thought of something that may be intresting. So for many peps here yall have read the chrollo vs hisoka match. So i thought of this. Can the other floormasters be PT members?Why do i think of this. Well first of all we know like only one
    floormaster(Chrollo). If you dont count the people in the movie.

    What do we know?
    Heavens arena attracts the strongest fighters. Fighters for floor 200 or above need to know nen. For being a floormaster you need to have 7 wins and beat the floormaster. To be in the troupe you need to beat a member to take his place. If we add this all up. Strong fighter+(prob)Fighting experience+good nen+beating a allready op floormaster. This is also much easier for chrollo and his gang to get new members and so.
    Ik this is really far and there are some stuff that doesnt add up. Everybody knows ur nen,how you fight. There are 10 Floormasters and 13 PT members?(not sure).

    Note: This is really pointless. I am not proving a point or so. My english is also pretty shit and i fking h8 writing. But the chat is pretty much dead so i am trying to do like you know.There are prob much mistakes i made. But i am lazy and tired so dont point it out like a snob.
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    It is a bit of a late reply but.. Imo the spiders are 13 and that is all, they want to be no more and no less. Floormasters should be pretty strong, maybe even worth to be part of ryodan or on par with Chrollo or Hisoka if Togashi decides so but they have the same chances other random dudes to the spiders (Gin, Kaito etc) have/want to join it.

    At best I can see Hisoka have with them a give and take relation a la Illumi.
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