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    Year 1, 246 BC:

    – A rebellion happened in Jin Yang(晋阳). Mougou was tasked to quell the rebellion.
    [This did not actually happen in the manga.]

    Year 2, 245 BC:

    – Duke Hyou attacked Juan(卷), killing 30,000.
    [This happened in the manga as the Battle of the Dakan Plains.]

    Year 3, 244 BC:

    – Mougou attacked Han, capturing 13 castles.
    [Briefly mentioned in the manga to introduce Mougou, Ousen and Kanki]

    – Ouki dies.
    [Bayou arc. Hara expanded 3 words in Shiji recording Ouki’s death into this arc.]

    – October, Mougou attacked Wei’s Chang(畼) but discovered a trap.

    Year 4, 243 BC:

    – Chang(畼) was captured but there was a trap. The soldiers took a break in March.

    – Hostages from Zhao and Qin were both returned to their respective states. Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao detailed Shun Pei Kun being tricked to stay in Qin in order to threaten the Zhao king to trade some of its castles for him.
    [Briefly mentioned in the manga with Shun Pei Kun being returned to Zhao after Riboku pulled strings]

    – October, locusts were seen coming from the east, covering the sky. There was a plague around the country. Commoners were promoted by a rank and given 1000 “dan”(a currency).

    – According to Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, Riboku attacked Yan, capturing Wusui(武遂) and Fangcheng(方城).

    Year 5, 242 BC:

    – Mougou attacked Wei, capturing the castles of Suanzao(酸枣), Yan(燕), Xu(虚), Changping(长平, Chouhei), Yongqiu(雍丘), Shanyang(山阳, Sanyou).
    [Kingdom’s Sanyou arc.]

    – Tougun was setup.

    – There was thunder in the winter.

    –According to Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, Houken attacked Yan, killing Gekishin.

    Year 6, 241 BC:

    – Han, Wei, Zhao, Chu and Yan attacked Qin. Capturing Shouling(寿陵). Qin sent out soldiers to stop the invasion successfully. According to Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, Houken commanded the elite forces from Zhao, Chu, Wei and Yan to attack Sai but failed to capture it. They then move on to attack Qi, capturing Rao An.
    [Coalition invasion arc of Kingdom]

    Year 7, 240 BC:

    – A comet was seen in the east, north and later in May, the west.
    [I recall Kingdom mentioning this in a couple of panels of a chapter]

    – General Mougou dies.
    [He died of old age in the manga in one of the chapters.]

    – Attacked Long(龙), Gu(孤), Qing(庆) and Ji(汲).
    [These are presumably the castles Ousen and Kanki attacked in the manga after Mougou’s passing]

    – Comet seen in the west again for 16 days.

    – Empress Dowager Xia dies.
    [She is Sei’s grandmother. I don’t think her death was mentioned in the manga.]

    Year 8, 239 BC:

    – The king’s brother, Seikyo, was tasked to attack Zhao but instead he started a rebellion and died in Tonryu. His retainers were executed and the commoners were exiled to Lin Tao(临洮). The general died in the walls of Tonryu(or “General Heki died in Tonryu”). Hokaku rebelled and his corpse was being whipped.

    – Rao Ai was given the title of Lord Changxin and given the lands at Sanyou for him to live in. All matters were decided by Rao Ai and he even set up the state of Ai near Taiyuan.

    Year 9, 238 BC:

    – A comet was seen. Attacked Yuan and Puyang of Wei.

    – April, moved residence to You. The king was coronated.

    – Lord Changxin(Rao Ai) rebelled with the imperial seal from the Queen Mother. The king then sent Shouheikun and Shoubunkun to attack the army of Ai. They battled at Kanyou. Hundreds were killed. Ai was defeated and fled. A bounty was placed on Ai. Rao Ai was eventually captured and executed with 20 of his retainers. 4000 families were exiled to the lands of Shu.
    [Rao Ai rebellion arc in Kingdom]

    – Yotanwa attacked the castle of Yan(衍) of Wei.
    [Briefly mentioned in the manga as Yotanwa’s first war for Qin after the coalition war.]

    Year 10, 237 BC:

    -Ryofui was punished for his crimes in the Rao Ai rebellion

    -Kanki was given the title of General

    -Qi and Zhao came to Qin for a banquet.
    [This is the mini event in the manga where the king of Qi and Riboku came to Kanyou, with Qi “surrendering” to Qin in the private meeting between the kings.]

    -The Queen Mother was welcomed back to Kanyou from You after her crimes are being pardoned.

    – Ri Shi wrote a petition to the king against the king’s decision to expel of all non-Qin officials from Qin after Sei discovered the Zheng Guo canal was in fact a plan by Han to waste Qin’s time and resources. Ri Shi was successful in doing so and this was seen as a key point in history leading up to unification.
    [Quite an important event in history and I am surprised Kingdom did not mention it at all.]


    Year 11, 236BC

    – Ousen, Kanki and Yotanwa attacked Gyou, capturing 9 castles. Ousen attacked Atsuyou and Ryouyou. On the 18th day, 2 out of 10 men in the army were selected to remain, while the rest were sent back. Kanki captured Gyou and Anyang(安阳).

    – According to Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, king Toujou died. King Youmiu ascended the throne.


    Year 12, 235BC

    – Ryofui dies. All who are related to him are being punished. If any officials says anything about Ryofui or Rao Ai in court, they are to be punished too.

    – In the autumn, those who were exiled to Shu for Ryofui’s crimes were returned.

    -In Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Chu, it was stated that Qin and Wei invaded Chu before the death of Ryofui.

    Year 13, 234BC

    – Kanki attacked Ping Yang(平阳) of Zhao, killing General Kochou and 100,000 soldiers.

    -The king toured Henan(河南).

    -January, a comet was seen in the east.

    -October, Kanki attacked Zhao.

    Year 14, 233BC

    – The Zhao army was being pushed back to Ping Yang, and Yi An(宜安) was captured and the defending general killed.

    – Kanki successfully captured Ping Yang and Wu Cheng(武城).

    – From Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, when Qin attacked Chi Li(赤丽) and Yi An, Riboku led an army to battle the Qin army at Fei and was victorious. Riboku was then given the title of Lord Wu An.

    -Hanfei arrived in Qin as an ambassador. He was not allowed to leave Qin and eventually died in Qin. This was planned by Ri Shi.

    Year 15, 232BC

    – Qin sent a big army towards Gyou and Taiyuan, capturing Langmeng(狼孟).

    – An earthquake occured.

    – From Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, Qin attacked a castle of Fan Wu(番吾). Riboku manage to defend it against Qin.

    Year 16, 231BC

    – September, Qin sent soldiers and Tou to accept Nan An(南安) from Han.

    – Wei offered land to Qin. Qin set up Li county(丽邑).

    Year 17, 230BC

    – Tou attacked Han, capturing King An of Han and annexed all the lands of Han.

    – Another earthquake occured.

    – Empress Dowager Huayang died. She is wife of Sei’s grandfather, King Xiaowen.

    – A famine occured.

    Year 18, 229BC

    – Qin sent a large army to attack Zhao. Ousen led the army of Shangdi(上地) to attack Jing Xing(井陉). Yotanwa attack He Nei(河内). Kyokai attacked Zhao. Yotanwa lay siege to Kantan.

    – From Shiji: Biographies of Assassins: It was mentioned that Ousen has led hundreds of thousands of soldiers to Zhang(漳) and Gyou. Shin’s army left Taiyuan(太原) and Yunzhong(云中) .

    Year 19, 228BC

    – Ousen and Kyokai captured Dongyang(东阳), capturing the king of Zhao. They then led the Qin army east, preparing to attack Yan, with the armies stationing at Zhongshan(中山).

    – From Shiji: Aristocratic Family of Zhao, Zhao sent Riboku and Shiba Shou to stop Qin’s advance into Zhao. Riboku was eventually executed and Shiba Shou stripped off his duties. Zhao Cong and Qi general, Yan Ju, replaced them. Zhao Cong’s army was defeated and Yan Ju fled. The Zhao king defeated.

    – From Shiji: Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru, Qin sent money to Kaku Kai, the high ranking official in Zhao, to bribe him to spread false rumors about Riboku and Shiba Shou planning a rebel against the king. The king of Zhao sent Zhao Cong and Yan Ju to replace Riboku and Shiba Shou. Riboku refused the order to return to court and was captured and executed by agents. Shiba Shou was stripped off his duties. In 3 months, Ousen struck fast and defeated Zhao Cong and Yan Ju, defeating the state of Zhao entirely.

    – After the fall of Kantan, Sei travelled to Kantan and buried alive all those who offended his mother in the past. After Sei returned, his mother died soon after.

    – Prince Ka of Zhao led a few hundred men to the region of Dai, setting up a small state of Dai, proclaiming himself king, combining his armies with the armies of Yan.

    – A major famine occured.

    Year 20, 227BC

    – Crown Prince Dan of Yan was afraid of the threat of Qin. He sent Jin Ke to assassinate the king of Qin. Jin Ke was executed by having his body torn apart. Ousen and Xin Sheng was sent to attack Yan as revenge. Yan sent its army to defend against Qin but was defeated to the west of Yi river.

    Year 21, 226BC

    – Ouhon attacked Ji(蓟), the capital of Yan. *However, some sources indicate that Ouhon attacked Jing(荆), which is another name for Chu. The 2 chinese characters are quite similar in structure and there are records of both the fall of Ji and battle in Chu this year so both could be possible, despite their geographical locations being far apart. Let’s see which will Hara choose.

    – Ousen defeated the crown prince’s army and obtained the head of the crown prince after reinforcements from Qin.

    – From Zhan Guo Ce: Ch31, Yan No.3, we know that when Shin was pursuing the king of Yan towards Liaodong(辽东), through the suggestion of the king of Dai, the Yan king killed his own crown prince and gave Qin the crown prince’s head. We can deduce from there that Shin was part of Ousen’s invasion in the line above.

    – The king of Yan moved to Liaodong and became the king there.

    – Ousen retires.

    –Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian details the reason for Ousen’s retirement. Sei asks both Shin and Ousen on their plans to invade Chu. Shin replied that 200,000 soldiers is enough to take Chu while Ousen thinks that he needs at least 600,000 soldiers. Sei disagrees with Ousen, and Ousen decides to retires. Sei sent Shin to invade Chu with 200,000 soldiers, resulting in a loss despite winning earlier battles in Chu. Scholars have blamed this loss is on the betrayal of Shouheikun halfway during the invasion, forcing Shin to turn the Qin army back resulting in a 2-pronged attack by Chu. Shin lost 7 of his lieutenants in this war.

    – A rebellion started in Xinzheng(新郑, old Han territory).

    – Shouheikun moved to Ying(郢), the old capital of Chu that was captured by Hakuki in the past.

    – A blizzard, bringing 2 feet and 5 inches of snow.

    Year 22, 225BC

    – Ouhon attacked Wei, redirecting the waters from the yellow river to flood Daliang, the capital of Wei. The king of Wei surrendered and Qin annexed the lands of Wei.

    Year 23, 224BC

    – The king of Qin resummoned Ousen for the invasion of Chu. Qin captured all castles south of Chen(陈, Chu capital) up to Pingyu(平舆) and capturing the king of Chu.

    -King of Qin toured Yingchen(郢陈).

    -Kouen made Shouheikun the new king of Chu, rebel against Qin in Huainan(淮南).

    -From Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian, Sei then invited Ousen back to lead 600,000 in the invasion of Chu. When Ousen set off from Kanyou, he made multiple requests to Sei for beauties, money and land when he return victorious from Chu. This is to give Sei the impression that Ousen wants only material wealth rather than rebel with the 600,000 soldiers, so that he will not suffer the same fate as Riboku. Instead of invading Chu, Ousen found a spot in Chu to build up defenses and refuses to attack despite taunts from the Chu army. He then waited patiently until the perfect opportunity to attack and crush the Chu army in one fell swoop, killing Kouen and capturing the king of Chu by the end of the year.

    Year 24, 223BC

    – Ousen and Moubu attacked Chu and defeated the Chu army. Shouheikun died and Kouen committed suicide.

    Year 25, 222BC

    – Qin sent a major force led by Ouhon to attack Liaodong of Yan, capturing King Xi of Yan. He then attacked Dai, capturing King Jia(King Ka) of Dai.

    -Ousen attacks the lands south of Yangtze, defeated the king of Yue, setting up Huiji county(会稽郡).

    -From Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian, Shin was in fact involved in final invasions of Yan (as well as Qi).

    Year 26, 221BC

    – King Jian(Ouken) of Qi and his chancellor Kou Shou sent their armies to defend the western border with Qin. Qin sent Ouhon to lead his army down to invade Qi from the south of Yan.

    -From Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian, Shin was in fact involved in final invasions of Qi (and Yan).

    -China is now unified under Qin

    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 18, 2018, Original Post Date: Aug 18, 2018 ---
    Li Xin’s invasion of Chu in history

    Li Xin infamous battle in history is his loss in Chu which portrayed him to be a rash and incompetent general of his time, as opposed to Wang Jian who is arguably the most important general when it comes to Qin’s conquest of the 6 states in the unification war. I will not go into too much detail about why Li Xin is actually not as bad as we thought as this was discussed in the Kingdom-pedia post on Ri Shin/Li Xin here and in the detailed academic journal article here which I have translated. In this post, I will untangle the facts that weaved into the what constituted to Li Xin’s defeat and how might Kingdom bring about this defeat.

    In my Kingdom-pedia post on Ri Shin/Li Xin which I wrote a few years ago before I read up more on history, the sources were mainly from baidu and wikipedia. They were not entirely wrong but had facts from various sources, which the author of those articles might have read up from different places and pieced together forming those baidu/wikipedia articles. In Kingdom however, most of Hara sensei’s history records for the Era of the Warring States are mainly from Shiji and probably some from Zhan Guo Ce. These are the most well-known history documentation of that period available today. Hara is also known to interpret the text in his own way for the purpose of drawing the manga.

    Let’s get back to the topic of this post about Li Xin’s defeat in Chu.:

    In Shiji: Annals of Qin Shi Huang, it was recorded that:


    Translation: 21st year…Lord Changping moved to (Yan)Ying.

    In the 21st year of Ying Zheng’s rule, corresponding to 226BC, Lord Changping moved to Ying. From the word selection of “徙”, it can be inferred that he was “migrated” there rather than move there for official business. From this, there is a strong case that Lord Changping offended the king in some way and was sent to the border as punishment, much like how Li Mu(Riboku) was punished by his king after the failure of the coalition invasion in the manga. It could also be a voluntary “migration” in the sense that he left his job in Qin court and moved there himself.

    It was stated in Shiji: Biographies of Bai Qi and Wang Jian that:


    Translation: Li Xin attacked Pingyu, Meng Tian attacked Qing, both victorious against the Chu army. Xin then attacked Yanying, capturing it. He then moved his army west to meet Meng Tian at Chengfu. The Chu army pursued for 3 days and 3 nights without sleep, defeating Li Xin’s army, breaching 2 walls, killing 7 lieutenants, causing the Qin army to retreat.
    Question: Why did Li Xin attack Yanying and moved his army west when the Chu capital, as well as the rest of the Chu territories are to the east? Yanying should be under Qin’s control and since they are winning, they should be pushing east towards the Chu capital rather than west. This happened in 226BC, 21st year of Ying Zheng’s rule as well.

    While not stated explicitly, we can link up the two history texts above and deduce that Lord Changping, who moved to Yanying in the same year, had rebelled during Li Xin’s invasion of Chu, forcing Li Xin to attack Yanying. Even though Li Xin was successful in taking down Yanying, he had to retreat west to meet up with Meng Tian as the main Chu army took the chance to pursue the Qin army westwards and defeating them.

    In Shiji: Annals of Qin Shi Huang:


    Translation: 23rd year, the king of Qin resummoned Wang Jian for the invasion of Chu. Qin captured all castles south of (Ying)Chen up to Pingyu and capturing the king of Chu. The king of Qin toured Yingchen. Xiangyan made Lord Changping the new king of Chu, rebelling against Qin in Huainan.

    The above text shows the second invasion of Chu led by Wang Jian. Again, Qin had to attack Yingchen(another name for Yanying) as well as recapture Pingyu, the castle that Li Xin had previously captured. It is here that we see Lord Changping “officially” betray Qin and became the new Chu king.

    Since Shouheikun’s rebellion wasn’t explicitly recorded in history, though easily inferred, Hara might take this opportunity to interpret it differently for the Kingdom universe. From the one-shot that he drew before the serializing of Kingdom, Meng Wu and Chu Zi, we see that SHK decided to leave Qin and become a commoner somewhere after failing to come up with a plan to invade Chu. This “somewhere” could probably be Ying. It was until after Qin captured the king of Chu that the remnants of the Chu soldiers seek him out to be the new Chu king due to his royal bloodline, which is in line with what happened in the 23rd year of Ying Zheng’s rule as seen in the paragraph above. If this ends up being his final interpretation of what happened to SHK in Kingdom, i.e. SHK did not rebel, Hara will have to cook up something for Shin’s strange movement of soldiers westwards and his eventual loss in Chu. Considering Hara had twisted the Tonryu arc in such a brilliant way without altering history, and decided not to kill off Heki, a character he created for the sole purpose of dying in the Tonryu arc, by interpreting the text in another way, I am excited to see how he will interpret Shin’s Chu invasion, probably one of the most important arc in Kingdom’s future.

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    Bai Qi killed 400 thousands Zhao solders in 260 BC.
    Shouheikun ( Lord Changping ) will definietely rebel and this is the mark of Shin ( Li Xin ) 1st heavy defeated as a general I think. I dont think he could change the history that much.
    Kanki ( Huan Ji ) betrayed and attemped to kill Sei ( Ying Zheng ) with Jing Ke ( ? )
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    SHK + weather will be the reason Shin loses that campaign. Which would still build up hype for him to be the G.O.A.T. while sticking with history. With statements like " he couldve won" or something.

    What makes me intrigued is the number of LTs. He already has 3 right now. Ouki only had 1. I can't see shin going up to 7.

    But with that being said by the CHU invasion, HSU will be the strongest army in China.

    (Even if going by history, in Qin he was only second to Ousen, the more experienced one)
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    Hara should make Shin invade Chu twice. Once against an instinctual Great General after he becomes one of Qin6 & the other will be the historical one.

    I think Hara will just show Denyuu & few veterans of HSU getting killed among those 7 instead of promoting 4 more person to Lt. position.
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    Edward Teach

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    This may be irrelevant but i have one question. isn't Bai Qi another name for the GG Hakuki who killed the 400,000 Zhao soldiers ?
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    That Ri Shi thing explaining El Sei not to send away officials who are not from Qin is there in manga as small event.

    Instead of Rishi, Shobunkun scolds those officials who wants to implement this idea xD. It was just panel I think and caught this on my re read
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    From what I've read , when Kanki lost against RBK , he left quin . And committed sucides in Wei.
    Some say he betrayed Qin. I'm really interested to know how Hara going to do with his character..
    I don't expect character like him to attempt suicide
  8. Zephyr


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    There is a rumor about Kanki fleeing to Yan. If Hara goes that route then I hope Shin will take him out during final invasion (Year 25, 222BC or Year 25, 221BC).

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