Discussion Have the Recent Chapters Been Hype-Killers?

Discussion in 'Attack On Titan' started by Monkey D Theories, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. Monkey D Theories

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    i've noticed since about 2 chapters ago that each chapter ends with something that is trying to get you hyped, but when you read the next chapter, you realize that none of the things that you were hyped for happend
    for example
    CH 65- ends with an epic titan transformation
    expectation:we will see an awesome titan fight between Eren and Historia next chapter
    actuality: we actually only see the five minutes of info that happened between historia "injecting" the serum and the titan transformation
    CH 66- ends with eren transforming into the armored titan+reveal that it is actually rod that is the titan
    expectation: we are probably going to see an awesome new design for eren's new titan, and a really epic fight
    actuality: we eren doesn't even control his new titan, his new titan looks like a statue made of stone; rod's titan looks like a fat baby
    CH 67- ends with the fat baby titan approaching the wall
    expecting: a huge clash between the military and the fat baby

    anyways these are just my personal opinions, i'm not really an action whore(but i do like action), i just think that these chapters have been really killing my hype
    make sure to leave your opinions bellow
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  2. Lasagna


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    AOT has always been hyped and I just feel that it's not as amazing as everyone says it is.

    I felt like it had a ton of potential, but now it's kind of being dragged along.

    We don't have really much info about anything, and the story is just going and going.

    Everyone is weak, we lost so many people trying to say Erin(what are they going to do to get more members)?

    Personally, at this point, I see a Time-Skip coming... Now that Historia is the "Queen" I feel like some changes are going to happen, and then we are going to experience a new Titan that starts messing stuff up a few years later. At this point the military is rebuilt, and the walls are being rebuilt with Erin's power.

    I also have a feeling that since we just discovered the humans are just a small part(1 family) of the rest of the world, I feel we will be meeting some outsiders soon.

    Personally I think that the Reiss family split into 2, and 1 ended up going behind the walls. We will most likely see a cousin or something of Historia.

    Reiner and them tried to get Historia to their side, so I'm curious why exactly that's the case.

    We learned more about the whole titan stuff, but why is it sketchy, and why do the titans want to break the walls down?

    It's not to save humanity(or is it?), because they are eating/killing people.
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  3. Stray_mind


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    I personally really enjoy this manga, BECAUSE it is unexpected and BECAUSE it doesn't focus on fighting and power levels like other shonen mangas do. It resembles a seinen more than a shonen at this point. Yes, there are still many questions to be answered and many secrets to be unlocked, but this is what makes this manga interesting. Pieces of information are given here and there and you have to REALLY read the manga to gather them all and make a whole picture of what is happening. Isayama is testing his readers' capability to see the really important things, that is why he presents a situation that shocks everyone, but in the background way more important things are happening. You have to put your emotions aside and look at the story from a neutral point of view.

    "What do you see? Who is the enemy here?"

    The question we all have to answer. :)

    I love it.
  4. Vince


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    Exactly right here. This is the same thought I had as well. It is why I enjoy AoT so much because it is unexpected and does not focus so much on fighting and power leveling. That being said, AoT is pretty actiony, IMO and filled with a lot of suspense and hype.
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