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    Publishing a theory or speculation isn't all about research and knowledge of the series, it is also about presentation and engaging the reader. A great theory would not be "great" without the readers appreciating the content, here are the best practices which if followed will make your theory/speculation that much better to read!

    DISCLAIMER: This list isn't exhaustive, it only covers the basic. This isn't a "must follow" either, but following these steps will lead to better content on Oro Jackson.

    DO's & DON'ts
    TITLE: This would be the main title of your theory or speculation.

    1. Come up with a good title for your theory/speculation, be precise and convey the "matter" of your content via the title. Example of a good title would be; "
    The Life of Kuzan - The Revolutionary Spy".

    1. Don't add "fluff" to your titles, words such as "AMAZING!" "REVEALED!" "DISCOVERED!" "SPOILER!" which are considered "click bait" will be edited as they are a violation of guidelines.
    2. Don't use abbreviations in your titles, no "SHP" "NW" "WG" etc. Use full words, abbreviations make it harder to search for content.

    TAG LINE: One line to describe your content to capture the readers attention.

    1. Write a suitable tag line which is relevant to your theory/speculation.
    2. Keep it short and precise, you don't need to explain your whole theory/speculation in this one line, just grab the readers attention.

    1. Don't use abbreviations in the tag line, use full words.
    2. Don't write something completely unrelated in the tag line, readers won't relate your title and tag line and would most likely skip reading your content.

    DESCRIPTION: This is the main "body" of your content, you will be composing your theory or speculation here.

    1. Make sure to spell check your content before publishing, if you use a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. they come with in-built dictionaries that will highlight misspelled words. Find someone who will be able to help you as an "editor" if you feel your work may contain many grammatical errors.
    2. Space out your work, composition is the key! No one likes reading a wall of text, divide your content body into sections or paragraphs and use proper spacing.
    3. Use formatting to highlight headings and important aspects of the theory/speculation, a good and simple example of formatting can be seen here.
    4. If using images (panels, cut-outs etc) to support your theory/speculation, please upload the images directly to Oro Jackson, you can do this while creating content by clicking the "upload images" button.
    5. If you have a video version of your theory, add a link in the appropriate field (there is an option to add a link to a video). Provide a full, well-formatted textual description even if there is a video available!
    6. There is no need to rush, take your time to compose and make sure there are no mistakes to the best of your abilities.

    1. Don't lump text together, walls of text are very annoying to read. Space out your work! Use paragraphs! Use punctuation!
    2. Don't blindly bold all your text, or provide one color to all your text. Readers won't be able to distinguish between headers and content body if you just bold everything up. Use proper formatting.
    3. Avoid linking images from third party hosts, if you have supporting images upload it directly to Oro Jackson and embed it into your content.
    4. Don't publish unfinished content and add a "will edit later" - such content will be deleted when spotted.
    TAGS: Tags that describe your content and help readers search for similar content.

    1. Use tags that are relevant to your content, so that readers may find content are similar.
    2. You can use up to 20 tags, however you do not need to fill in 20 tags. A minimum of 3 are required to have enough description of your work.
    3. For example, if your theory is "Next Nakama Will Be Caesar Clown" - appropriate tags would be; "Straw Hat Pirates" "Next Nakama" "Caesar Clown" "Nakama"

    1. Don't insert tags that are irrelevant to your content.
    2. Don't use wrong tags or don't typo on tags, no one will intentionally search for "Bug Mom" if they need to read a theory related to "Big Mom".
    3. Don't use abbreviations in tags.
    RELATED THEORIES AND CONTENT: A space for you to mention other content and creators.

    1. Provide links to other theories/speculations that relate to your theory/speculation (not required, but if you have multiple theories of similar nature, it may help).
    2. Provide credits to those who deserve credits if part(s) of your content is inspired by someone else's work.

    1. Don't add unrelated or off-topic information here, this is to be used to "support" your content.
    CUSTOM CONTENT ICON: An image that expresses your content.

    1. Upload a 96 x 96 .PNG image which suits your theory, i.e if your theory is about Luffy, an image of Luffy would make a perfect icon!

    1. Don't use a completely unrelated image as your icon, the icon has to describe your content!
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