Gather Marines, Event one is here

Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by simovich, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Ok Marines, let's get it together a bit.

    Event One started and it is already harder then last year. just on the part of the first event: finding the black market dealer.

    I have already abused the search engine like a little bitch for a few hours. without any good results :(.
    So we have to come up with a plan to cover ground quickly and efficiently.

    It's the public forums, and you can't find it through jpeg/png stuff so it seems that you need to do this stuff manualy.... wich is a real hassle, since the amount of posts made is redicilous.

    Event Two,

    The slave trading just started, we are starting this round with the Fishman his value is 350 points, you can see our cards here. it also amounts the money we currently possess. Though Fishman is a middle class value, don't throw most of our money at him. can see the cards here.


    Event Three,

    The Defecting Engineer.

    This one is a bugger, you have to convine the engineer to come to our side.
    It's not just throwing nice words, but also making deals that benefit him the most.

    Goodluck to everyone.

    Brandon, chopper666 Empirio Sovrano Iter_Impius Javiermark MDN Micky Ruffeh Rupivens Saiken
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    Since the first event of finding the black market dealer is only worth 25 belli we are dropping that shit.

    Not worth it, focus on the other two events.
    @Brandon, @chopper666 @Empirio Sovrano @Iter_Impius @Javiermark @MDN @Micky @Ruffeh @Rupivens@Saiken
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  2. Divvens


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    The winning prize was increased after realizing that it was quite low.
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