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    As you read the title it perfectly fits , Eren will be the final bad guy isayama is going to make . With how his character progressed in 106 it seems to me Isayama has already planned no new villain but none other than our hero whom we cheered Eren Yeager .

    Let me tell you why his action were villainous than heroic in the eye of survey corps .

    1. Considering how his personality has changed after going through Eren kruger , he made a choice that he needs to unite all the titan before he dies . it all seems like Eren decided he cannot take burden of others help considering he has outpaced and grown stronger .

    2. His method of planning involves more of innocent civilians dying with no fault of their this ironicly Marley is feeling same distort as with Eldian of paradis did in chapter 1 .

    3. Introduction of Gabi - Pure heart Marleyan with Eldian blood , oddly Isayama introduced a hot headed female version of eren kind of ironically reminds how eren was when titan killed his family .

    4. War is the only solution for the titan shifter not getting passed to younger generation this is only thing I can see Eren can possible think with war looming if he wants to collect all titans and die in the process and with that titan might actually get erased off from this planet . This could be the only solution I can think off for all the titan problem everyone has .
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    I wouldn't say that his personality changed. He became more reasonable, but he's still as destructive and hot-headed as before, as seen in his meeting with Reiner.

    Today's chapter hints that there might be something other than the rumbling thing that Zeke and Eren can do together, so I hope that not all hope is lost. Maybe the world will give Eldian people another try if they destroy Marley
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    There are plenty of villains who have genuinely good intentions but use unsavoury methods to achieve those intentions; Eren may very well be one of them as far as current developments are concerned.

    I think Isayama wants his readers to believe that Eren has truly become a villain or that he is only acting antagonist and is essentially going to pull a Lelouch.

    Naive is certainly not a word I would use to describe the current Eren Yeager, and while it can be argued that his thinking is rooted in (classical) realism, it should be noted that realism in general doesn't reject moral considerations but is generally more prioritising of the likely outcomes from particular courses of action.

    Eren is certainly acting antagonistic right now and he may very well become the final antagonist. But whether he truly becomes the villain or actually ends up becoming the hero who gives freedom to the Eldians without taking away the freedom of other races is something that isn't going to be easy to guess.
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    Delete this thread some people are anime only delete it
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