Elthor Tips and Tricks - Coordination Is The Key!

Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by Monkey D. Garp, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Marines, I don't need to teach you anything about teamwork or the fact that we need to work together, that's something you have already learned and I'm proud of my Marines for their amazing team work. Here are my tips and tricks that will help you on Island 4, take care my Marines... I shall meet you after the final battle!

    Event 1
    We have to build one ship, it says the limit is only creativity. Keep in mind the BONUS, the participating prize all factions get is 1000 Beli, but the Bonus is where it's all at. Let's first work how we will implement team work into something that has to be limited to one.
    • Assign one primary artist, this is the artist that will create all the final submissions to maintain consistency. But this artist is NOT doing all the work, the faction helps them, we do not let ONE go to battle, we go ALL IN!
    • Assign people to create different parts of the ship, deck, sail, interior, kitchen, rooms etc. Make rough sketches of everything to help the primary artist.
    • It is said that the ship can be built anyhow, drawing, painting, crafting, 3d, anything is a go.
    • Bonus is awarded by how much work we put into our submission, so apart from the ship I highly recommend also showing the interior, such as the dorms for our comrades, kitchen, and other areas that you want within the ship.
    • Make sure to build only one ship, we can't sail to the sky with two ships!
    Good luck, and let the creativity flow.

    Event 2
    This is again something we need coordination in, it involves 3 elements;
    - Design
    - Content
    - Presentation

    The design isn't limited to just graphics, you can also "draw" items for your newspaper, again let the creativity flow, make sure to get your factions words and achievements out in the newspaper, also don't be shy in throwing a few words against the other factions, this is war!

    There needs to be a primary graphic expert who compiles it all together and makes it presentable, the articles, the art, etc. Don't try to work alone, work together!

    Event 3
    I have heard this will be another art event where you will have to bring your factions "davy back fight journey" to life in the form of art. I haven't been able to find any more information.

    Event 4
    I have reliable information that this event will be a graphic battle, but could not find any more information.

    Event 5
    This is kept well hidden and is a top-secret, I could find no information about this.
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