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Discussion in 'The Stronghold Of Justice' started by Plue!, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I have hurriedly created a draft of what our speech will be. Here it is.

    To our loyal and trustful subjects,


    We've fought well and hard in this war. Rising from the ashes of what seemed like obvious, inevitable defeat, our bright and inspiring leaders have worked hard to raise our morale, our spirits and our confidence to bring us to where we deserve to be. New soldiers came in to join our cause. Our efforts and cooperation have paid off, our sacrifices rewarded and our unity treasured more than ever. We've promised to crush all opposition before us, and we have fulfilled that promise. But at what cost?

    A blinding, numbing one, I'm afraid.

    This war has been an intoxicating one. When we were sober with the idealisms that we held dear to our hearts and minds, our goals and aims were clear. However, war is a terrible liquor to drink, and topped with violence is even worse. The war that we waged had a sweet taste as we indulged on it, but as days, months and years passed, it has left the most bitter taste in the mouth. It has dulled, desensitized us into the brutal, merciless and despicable acts of horror that we have done. It has made us lost our sense of social and moral balance. We are stumbling down into the miseries that we have caused, and the glorious, magnanimous achievements that we have made look so small, so distant, so hypocritical in comparison to the ground that we laid our flags of achievement on. The achievements we're proud of, have been deeply planted in the ground of cunning treachery, heartless misery and horrific brutality.

    I announce with regret that we have lost sight of what we aspired to do in the first place. It is with regret that I announce that instead of being agents of peace and integrity of creation, we have been the destroyers and the instigators of chaos and mayhem. It is with such regret that we apologize for whomever we may have caused grief or loss.

    Today, I speak to all of you in all reverence and humility. I speak to all of you not as a monarch or officer of oppression, but as a servant of unity. Those despicable and terrifying days of old are gone, and we desire that they stay in the old, and we ask that all of you, our loyal and trustful subjects, cooperate as we prepare to usher in a period of perpetual, eternal peace.

    I urge everyone to give up their weapons, but rearm themselves with vigilance and justice. Be a guardian for the era of peace and security that we shall swear by to protect and defend. Be vigilant of those who maliciously intend to break that security, punish those who do. See everyone not as a Pirate, or Revolutionary, but as a partner in realizing peace, justice and security in this blessed Island. See everyone as how you would see your beloved, someone worth of security, of fraternity and of equality. See everyone as a defender of justice, a member of the family, and as a grand architect of peace.

    Many may have fallen and sacrificed their lives before, but their spirits shall not be disappointed by the path of peace that we have chosen to walk. Their efforts and sacrifice shall not be wasted, as their ultimate goal of bringing peace and prosperity to this great Island has been once, and for all, been achieved.

    May we all be enjoined to peace and may the spirits bless us.

    ???- Being a relatively latecomer to DBF, I'm not aware of whatever sacrifice or heroic did a fellow Marine did. I'm not entirely sure of the history of the marines are, so I cannot fill this part up. I am hoping that someone can.

    The draft is 584 words long. I think someone can push it up to 800, the minimum. You are free to add, delete or edit parts that you want to. I wish I could have done more, but I also have real life to return to, and my exam week is this week.

    Fleet Admiral @Ruffeh, I leave this matter to you.
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