Davy Back Fight: Change In Rules Of Engagement

Discussion in 'The Central Hub' started by Divvens, Oct 3, 2013.

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    The following rule has been "relaxed" a bit;

    You may discuss with your other faction members via instant messaging services such as skype, and facebook chat. However, for the betterment of teamwork important conversations and tactics/topics are to be held on Davy Back Fight respective faction forums. Also, a couple of rules still apply;

    1. When a member is silenced/kidnapped/other random occurring that tells them not to speak to their faction members, they must respect this in the spirit of the game. Do not think I'll not find out, if you do not respect the rules of the game you will be removed from your factions, no second chances.
    2. Adding other faction members to your conversations, or leaking details of conversations to other faction is not allowed.
    3. Respect the other DBF Rules Of Engagement.

    If I feel a faction is misusing this "freedom" i.e ruining the spirit of the game, I will request a faction member to add me to their faction chat. If they do not comply I will revoke this freedom and penalize them for any further contact held outside Oro Jackson related to Davy Back Fight.
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