Chapter 939 Review/Reactions

Discussion in 'One Piece Reviews, Articles & Analysis' started by NoxDRaz, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Zoro always was smart, one of the smartest SHs, just because of his sense of directions which Oda added for humor people tend to belittle his intelligence as well because of that.... a rewinding of Manga without any biased view on it can clear any doubt anyone has about his intelligence... some examples I remember is him devising the plan against Mr.2 and how to find out if the person is imposter... He stayed awake in whisky peak and found out about plans of Baroque Works assassination while everyone else fell asleep ( except Nami )... He made Kuma not to harm his crew or Luffy... He protected thousands of lives by slowing down Doflamingo's strings which everyone else thought was futile and impossible... He acted as leader many times when Luffy was not present like SHs VS Oars, he reminded Luffy of his duties many times, He reminded the crew of danger they were actually in when facing 2 Yonkos... all of these and many other situation shows his intelligence ..... and yet there is that sense of direction which as I mentioned before for humor purpose which is just like the similar traits that Oda has given other StrawHats as well, like Franky likes being naked, Sanji always acting pervert, Nami always thinking about Money and Ussop always getting the anything disease
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    I Know.. I Know. It was a joke, chill out man.
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