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Please read the thread and then choose the ones you feel are right from below

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  1. Pudding is forcing herself to act evil in front of big mom and her family members

  2. pudding is evil

  3. pudding is good

  4. pudding has mind, body or blood or some kind of controlling power with her third eye

  5. Pudding can see through people like viola in a better way

  6. pudding can see future

  7. chopper goes to vinsmokes first

  8. chopper goes to sanji first

  9. chopper goes to luffy and nami first

  10. Chopper goes to someone else

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. vamsi


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    (This thread includes both discussion and speculation from the chapter)

    In my last theory(like four months ago i guess) i said Pedro doesn't give a damn about strawhats... But i was completely wrong.
    I didn't think Oda would dedicate a character like Pedro who have no connection with strawhats at all, to talk like he did in this chapter.

    Anyways i should ask for an apology from Pedro for that (minks surely are emotional, even though pedro doesn't show it) and let's hope and he will play some memorable role in this arc... because he said it himself.

    Perhaps if Tamago had wore electro resistant shirt and not just pants, he may not have gotten cut like that. Also add an armor over that shirt.

    Given how Tamago wasn't even shown to be defeated like oda usually does, i don't think Tamago is out yet. Possibly he will have a DF.
    If he didn't and he's already lost or even possibly killed, then that's fine too...


    The future chapters and the plot itself will be affected depending on who they go to for helping, and what can they do after meeting them ?!
    What is chopper's priority?
    Hopefully, it's to meet with sanji ...
    But he might meet any of the below too...

    1. Luffy and Nami
    This is the obvious one, given that they are in desperate need. But escaping by themselves is futile as pointed by the cream guy.
    Still, we already seem to have some mirror in that room...


    So, if chopper got there, then what can they do? Can they defeat the cream guy?
    Given there's carrot with him, she can use her electricity to do some serious damage to him. So i'd say they can easily place bookmark and then bring luffy and nami out from there.
    But if thisis the way, the plot direction moves in, then chopper getting to luffy may be a bit early... because if luffy is out just now then he'd wreak havoc.
    So i think chopper will first meet someone else and then possibly come to luffy after some careful planning, like after 4-10 chapters when the marriage starts or at that time.
    Because, in case if the animals and people in that world of books want to wreak havoc then that would be the perfect time. So luffy will possibly not get out of that book any time soon.

    2. Sanji
    Chopper can meet sanji. And if this happens things get really interesting.
    Because sanji can't do anything suspicious, given that Reiju is with pudding. She's the only one he at least cares about in his family. So he can't do anything but act normally and wait for his time. (At least that's what i think given his character, but lately sanji's behaving a bit weirdly... so if he goes on a rampage, i am all for it. But let's hope that's not the case.)
    If he were to meet his brothers or father and tell them about big mom's plan and pudding situation, will they believe him ?? Of course not.
    So if chopper meets with sanji, all he can do is make so plans on how to get the hell out of there.
    RIGHT NOW... sanji will only have to save straw hats and get the hell out of there asap. But if he choose to save reiju then he will still have to act until the marriage. Whatever the case he chooses, it won't be easy at all.

    3. Pedro
    If pedro already beat Tamago then it's possible for chopper to meet him earlier if not later. But i think after big mom takes care of brook(assumption), she will come for pedro i guess. So chopper meeting pedro might be tricky.

    Their meeting may out of blue, so let's not read too much into it.

    5. Vinsmokes
    Now what if chopper thinks one of sanji's brothers as SANJI HIMSELF and comes out of the mirror ? I know itt's much of a gag, but still is surely possible as we know how chopper reacted when he saw Yonji for the first time.
    So in that case, it makes the situation of strawhats even more dire, so i can see his happen sooner, if at all it happens.
    And if this happens, then what's next ?
    Vinsmokes are crazy, so i am not gonna guess...

    6.Get Caught
    In the end, if chopper didn't find Luffy or Sanji or Brook, then he will have to come out of the mirror and may then get caught by somebody who wants to gift chopper to big mom or something like that. In this case, they may possibly be brought to where luffy is.

    Those are the ways i see how they can play a role, expecting that they will at least play some role. Even if Brulee gets up, i don't see her beating anybody. She's nothing but a scrub with a big mouth who got boiled by her own hot bowl of soup.:cigar:

    I must say Oda and his editors are doing a fine job... Given how her character has been shaped in many different ways.

    But no matter how complex they might make it appear to confuse us...
    Every character will still have to follow some rules...
    there's something called a backstory that shapes every character to behave the way they are doing right now.
    So why am i saying all this nonsense right now ?

    Well that's because, Pudding is indeed lying, but not just to strawhats, sanji, vinsmokes, or even the people of whole cake island... but to herself and her family.

    This may seem too good to be true, but i believe that's the case.

    So basically what i am saying is that Pudding will not let the marriage happen tomorrow like she said, but she will not shoot sanji in the head.

    Why ?

    Because Pudding also want to leave the island and get the hell away from big mom AS she's clearly having thoughts on escaping and this may be her only chance given how she's always monitored(gonna talk about it below).

    Given how she keeps thinking about lola, it's obvious that pudding has the thoughts of leaving, but leaving with strawhats is not gonna be easy.

    If she can't leave the island, she is possibly ready to kill herself or get killed by her own family. But her main priority is to stop the marriage in any way(possibly without hurting sanji) and the escape comes later.

    She attacked reiju because she knows that vismokes doesn't care about sanji... so she got no problem with beating the hell out of them or massacring them.

    I have said all i want to about her, but now let me give the reasons as to why i think this is most likely the case with pudding...

    1. What's the need for her to come to luffy and nami who were in the jail and tell them the details ??

    No matter how you look you at it, she wants to let strawhats know what's going to happen tomorrow by revealing big mom's plans. By doing this pudding showed that she doesn't care about herself anymore.


    If you look at the picture, she was crying when there' s no need if she actually was evil. Because there's no need to put an act in front of creamie who's a family member. So she may be really be trying to help strawhats the best she can, and at the same time suffering herself.
    This way, strawhats may at least try to escape from the cell or at least plan for something.

    2. And the next thing is.... Nitro the Jello


    If you look in this picture, then that jelly thing was there. But this was pudding's room. Now why didn't that Jello was present on pudding when she's talking with luffy and nami ?? Because big mom will know that pudding is betraying her.

    3. Whispering

    This is probably the biggest hint that reveals her character.
    What's the need for her to whisper ??!!!
    Because she doesn't want Creamie to know that she's revealing their secret plan !!
    So no matter how you look at it, she's at least helping strawhat's right from the start.

    So i think she will not shoot sanji tomorrow, instead may even try to shoot herself. But before that, if she can kill the vinsmoke family and spoil the marriage then both her and sanji wins. So she's ready to do things.

    4. Why Reiju cannot Escape

    If reiju escapes before the morning, then the war will not happen and the vinsmokes will escape leaving sanji and strawhats alone with big mom. So it's probably not in the interests of pudding.
    So even if Nitro the jello wasn't there in the room, i think she will not let reiju go unless sanji tells her or so which i don't think the way plot will go.

    5. Pudding's past


    Given how she said that her family members are the only ones who know about her, it basically can also be thought of as she's forcefully being evil for her family members.


    If you look at that pic, pudding clearly wasn't impressed with how big mom was making crunching sounds while munching on whoever that was, be it people or homies.
    So it shows that she's got a soft side... at least to an extent in the past (which is very important)

    And given how she constantly thinks about lola... you know where i am getting at right ?
    Why does she even need to think about lola ?
    Because she's possibly the only one who managed to escape from big mom !! (assuming bonney isn't related)
    Pudding has the same thoughts, and she even stared down from the balcony once (Possibly with suicidal thoughts)

    5.Pudding's power

    I know many or saying that it's some all seeing eye or clairvoyance and all, but we have already seen viola use something similar, so i think she must have something more than that.
    Assuming she shot reiju... Why did she even have to do that ?
    If you look at reiju in the latest chapter, she's unnaturally frozen... as if her body is not under her control. Though in one frame she sighed a little.
    So i think it would be either body control, mind control or blood control or something like that... (but not future prediction or anything like that, that's just messy and pudding would be too overpowered)

    So to make it all short,
    she's being evil only in front of her family members, nitro the jello(possibly who can send signals to big mom instantaneously) and some homies too.
    She's good at acting like she said for herself.

    But the way she's doing things is a bit messy though...
    She knew that can't help strawhats by herself and indirectly told them to help themselves. She's ready to spoil the wedding at anymeans as both her family and sanji wants that. And the scapegoat for that was vinsmokes. So she's just got to attend the wedding tomorrow and kill the vinsmokes. But for that to happen, lot more things like tamate box and all will come into play.

    So it won't be easy for pudding either to spoil the wedding.

    We should also consider the capogne plans, and other wedding guests... Let's not forget pekoms and Jinbe.

    In any case...

    I believe that pudding is forcing herself to act evil in front of big mom. Let's hope that she isn't evil... Because that makes it lot more interesting as Sanji's character will grow a lot more from this.

    No wonder why Oda said this year is Sanji's because.. Right now Sanji is the only one who's totally free and can do whatever he want actually.
    He may just try and take luffy, nami brook, choapper, minks and escape.. (if he doesn't care about reiju). But given that most of them are caught, it won't be easy either. Or... he may try help reiju at least... or he may even choose to rampage on big mom...Whatever he may do it will do lot good for his character...


    Hope you guys enjoyed it... :D:D:D

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  2. Maika


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    Wow you made a really long and good work !

    I agree with everything except Pudding, who I think is evil. She has the confidence of a villain that always ruins all the plans, and the fact she told the SH to meet at the forest, but the only ones waiting for them were ennemies, particularely Brûlée who made fake Sanji and Pudding like she knew they were coming. Plus, when they were talking, she had the jelly homie with her, and she knows, if a homie is here, BM hears everything, so it was all planned.

    If acting evil was a plan, according to me she wouldn't have said all this shits to Luffy and Nami...
    She broke down I guess, she couldn't lie anymore knowing the fact that they're totally winning. She doesn't intend to let Reiju go I think, so everything she told her, no one is supposed to know, but Sanji heard everything, that's why everything is ruined, Pudding ruined everything :rolleyes:
    It is the only way for the SH to strike back : taking the advantage !
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  3. MasterD


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    Was a good reading thanks for the tag. Nah i always thought pudding was evil and I hope she ends up fighting against reiju and nami :D the vinsmokes even if they don't like it will have to accept a hand form luffy. I'm hope pedro will join the sh i've liked him from the begining
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  4. Supreme Master

    Supreme Master

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    1. How have you not acknowledged that Capone might stir up something.
    2. That Chopper would need to meet Sanji then be able to get the keys to unlock the handcuffs.
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  5. Rawbin


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    Nice speculation ! Thanks for that. I do think that Puddin is evil but who knows.

    Just want to point something out though, you used black as a text color and it really doesn't match with Law's theme for the forum, which is dark blue, making the text hardly readable. So I suggest next time you let it in automatic mode, although it's all up to you, of course. :)
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  6. Celestial Cat

    Celestial Cat

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    The story would be most likely repeatable if Pudding will become a good person.
    I think that it will better if she stay to become a bad person.
    And I think that Pudding herself is already evil from the start.
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  7. TheoryKing


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    My man

    Good shit , good shit!
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  8. iamzea


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    I've missed this thread :yaaa:
    Thanks @vamsi
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  9. Ariff


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    nice just that, i really want to believe that Pudding is evil. since so far, all the plots shows princess/daughter of someone important is a good person. eg: Vivi, Shirahoshi, Nami, Robin
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  10. Vector Sigma

    Vector Sigma

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    She is not evil if she was why admit the whole plan?

    It is like when you want to kill someone and you go to his relatives and say i am gonna kill that guy.

    She just acts.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
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  11. El-pachinko


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    Oi my tags is broken! ahah anyway nice review and wlcome back!
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  12. NieR

    NieR RADOUANE! Wanted Big Mom Smoothie

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    Indeed Sanji ill have to act until the wedding ceremony.

    imo the truth is that pudding is evil.
  13. Medyahya


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    Pudding actually have shown that she fears bm, maybe there is a rebellion coming
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