Private Boasey

Discussion in 'Battlegrounds' started by Dragomir, Sep 16, 2018 at 4:58 PM.

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  1. Dragomir

    Dragomir Wanted! Wanted Roger Katakuri

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    One time Berri Reward for taking over any of the houses
    -House Bourbon: 400.000.000
    -House Raven: 90.000.000
    -House Tortoise: 50.000.000
    -House Dragon: 125.000.000
    -House Lion: 135.000.000
    -House Beaver: 25.000.000
    -House Otter: 500.000

    In total: 800.525.000.000

    Weekly berri reward for taking over Boasey

    Pistolero reward
    -391.000.000 for capturing and returning Pistolero back to the World Government WANTED only Alive
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