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    Basic information

    Name: Wendy Fallwind
    Level: 10
    Affiliation: Marine (169th branch)
    Special abilities: / / /
    Height: 180cm
    Age: 21

    Physical and mental description

    Wendy has short black hair that impeccably stops at her shoulders, a physical manifestation of her sense of rigor and calm of mind. Her great height is supported by her posture: she stands straight, with her shoulders back, proud, but not boastful; elegant, but not obsessed by looks. On duty, she strictly conforms to dress-codes. When not, she likes wearing comfortable clothes: black pants and, generally, yellow T-shirts; yellow being her favorite color.


    First chapter: Departure and Memories
    The sun was rising on the perilous seas of the Grand Line; the road of dreams, glory, but also of pain and despair.
    “Off you go, then…” pronounced Mrs. Fallwind, the sweetness of her voice struggling to mask the expression of her deepest fears.
    As the daughter of a navy man herself, she whispered some simple words of advice, that Wendy, obedient, and understanding of hierarchy, wouldn’t fail to follow.
    “Listen to the higher-ups. Do as they say, even if you think they’re wrong. Be polite. Don’t cause trouble. … And please don’t be reckless!” Her eyes met those of her beloved little girl. They were fearless. And so Mrs. Fallwind herself regained confidence.
    “Make us proud by becoming a great soldier, Wendy!”
    And off she went, embracing her home one last time; the garden, where she played war with the kids of the village; the kitchen, where she liked to draw strategic maps of battlefields while her parents cooked delicious meals; and her own room, in which she couldn’t count the hours spent reading books about war-tactics, and war itself.
    Joining the World Government was a logical choice. It wasn’t a dream to fulfill. She barely had ambition, or even meaning. But her personality and physical assets (nobody in the village had ever beaten her in a foot race!) were the profile of a perfect marine.

    Second chapter: Becoming a soldier
    “- I had never heard of that island before!
    - Of course you haven’t. It’s tiny. Where are you from?
    - I’m from Water Seven.
    - Isn’t that the city built on water?
    - It sure is!”
    Wendy was having a conversation with a fellow officer she’d just met. They were eating a bowl of tasty ramen. He was in charge of explaining to her the principles of life as a Marine. Having passed ability tests, she was promoted to private recruit without having to go through the odd jobs. The morning had been full of formal and exhausting reunions. At the end of the day, he’d hand to Wendy her first uniform. Right after lunch, he’d…
    “Have me choose a weapon?” exclaimed Wendy, unable to hide her excitement.
    The artillery was the soldier’s marvel room. Swords, bows, axes, claws: weapons of all sorts were there. And on top of that: they were free. Minutes flew by without Wendy realizing. The officer in charge stood patiently, and thought back upon the days (not too distant) when he, too, was a recruit. He had chosen a rifle, which he still uses to his day. Finally, Wendy came back, holding her weapon of choice.
    “But… it’s a stick” he noticed, confused.
    “It is. But look. It isn’t a mere stick. Hold it.”
    The stick was about a meter long. It had a handle for devil fruit wielders. Surprisingly, it was extremely light, yet resistant. Wendy decided to attach it to her back.
    “Don’t you want something more… menacing?”
    “When I was a kid, we didn’t have swords. And even if our parents did, we wouldn’t have been allowed to play with them. So I picked up sticks and acted like they were deadly weapons. Which they can be, as a matter of fact. When I’ll become stronger, I might switch for a sword. But I’d like it to be one of the higher quality ones; those that they propose here, with due respect… Well, I don’t think they're fit, is all. […]”

    Level 10
    10x5 = 50

    Strength: 10

    Speed: 25
    - Reaction: 15
    - Movement: 35

    Vitality: 15
    -Durability: 15
    -Stamina: 15

    Mind: / / /

    Abilities (in depth)/Equipment
    Wendy was taught basic combat skills. Her average strength is compensated by her extraordinary speed. She likes to plan her methods based on the opponent. But that isn’t always possible, so she adapts. Later on in the story, she would like to learn the art of swordsmanship, as well as techniques of Rokushiki to improve mobility and resistance.
    To complement her fighting, she uses a 100 cm long, 3 cm wide, stick that she keeps attached to her back.
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    Name: Mamori Anezaki
    Epithet: Deimon Devil Bats
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthday: November 24th
    Blood type: A
    Height: 162 cm (5'4")
    Weight: 48 kg

    Mamori is a beautiful young girl. She is of average height and has a bright smile. Her breasts are average size.

    Mamori is a kind girl. However, she has also shown herself to be quite oblivious at times.

    Raised as the daughter of a small dojo in West Blue, Mamori set a journey to see the world and gaining experience to lead the Dojo in the future, when she was 15 as a staff on a merchant ship. After being a sole survivor of that ship following a pirate raid, she was saved by a voyager ship, who brought her to the Marine Headquarter to become a trainee.

    Bored by the training, Mamori (who was 16 at that time) resigned and started to sail all over the world as a bodyguard for many merchant ships. Also, as a swordsman herself, she visited a lot of famous swordmasters and trained under them to develop her own original techniques. It was also during that time that she recovered her family's long lost sword.

    While doing her job as a bodyguard, she also doing a secondary job as a bounty hunter because of her despise to the pirates.

    Level 10
    10 x 5 = 50
    Human Bonus (+2+2+2+3 = +9)
    Strength : 19+2= 21
    Speed : 14+2 = 16
    16 x 2 = = 32
    -Reaction = 21
    -Movement = 11
    Vitality : 9+2 = 11
    11 x 2 = 11
    -Durability = 11
    -Stamina = 11
    Martial Arts : 8 + 3 = 11
    11 x 2 = 22
    -Swordsmanship = 11
    -Rokushiki = 11
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    Name: Oddman
    Epithet: Punchy McPunchface
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Birthday: April 1st
    Blood type: A
    Height: 180
    Weight: 90 kg

    Odd odd- Lvl 10 x5= 50
    Human- str+5. Spd+2, Vita+2,

    Spd-(2)+12=14 x2= 28
    Vita-(2)+19=21 x2= 42
    MA-(3) x2= 6
    Bare Knuckle Boxing- 6
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    Name: Assassino Black
    Epithet: Ticket to Death/ Blood Seeker
    Occupation: Accountant
    Affliation: The Everything Pirates
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Date of Birth: October 9
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 58 kg

    Physical Appearance:
    Dark skinned. Curly Hair. Freckles. Specs. Black Dress. . Black Blade.

    Calculative. Battle Genius. Thrifty. Introvert. Silent. Patient. Shy.

    Level 10
    10 x 5 = 50
    Strength: 9 + 2 = 11

    Speed: 19 + 2 = 21
    21x 2 = 42
    - Reaction = 21
    - Movement = 21

    Vitality: 17 + 2 = 19
    19 x 2 = 38
    - Durability = 21
    - Stamina = 17

    Martial Arts: 5 + 3 = 8
    8 x 2 = 16
    -Shadow Art Style = 16

    Shadow Art: While fighting, the user doesn’t look at the opponent but his shadow and fight accordingly. This is just the basics of shadow Art as it has more diverse techniques depending on the master level.
    Since opponents cannot see his eyes they feel uncomfortable when fighting against the user as it would be tough to predict what the user’s next move will be.
    - Shadow Leap (Rabbit) (Tiger) (Dragon): The user can make one fast leap and strike the opponent. It is rumored that the leap is so fast that the opponent can’t even see them till they feel the user’s breath in front of them and they strike. While leaping even the user’s shadow cannot follow him for a while as it needs time to react.
    The con of this technique is it gives enormous pressure to the user’s leg and the user cannot move his legs for sometime although he can move his hands.Therefore this technique is used as a finishing move usually.
    (Requires 11 Strength, 11 Mastery, 21 Movement) +5 movement speed, DPR: C (three turn cool down)
    (Requires 21 Strength, 41 Mastery, 41 Movement) +10 movement speed, DPR: B (two turn cool down)
    (Requires 41 Strength, 61 Mastery, 61 Movement) +15 movement speed, DPR: A (two turn cool down)

    - Assassin’s Bliss _The Four Swings of the Devil:
    1) First Swing: Sorrow
    The user adjusts their mind to go on a killing streak and begins to slash with so little mercy or hesitation that it feels inhuman.
    (Requires 21 Strength, 11 Mastery) DPR: C

    2) Second Swing: Hatred
    The user shows no sign of humanity and strikes every hit with such force that the user himself is at risk of breaking his own bone.
    (Requires 41 Strength, 41 Mastery) DPR: B

    3) Third Swing: Despair
    The user literally turns into a Reaper. Once the user goes to this stage, his heart beats so fast that it could be heard outside. Tears roll over like a water fall in this state and he starts screaming whenever he hits someone. Assassino cannot differetiate anyone in this state not even his allies.
    (Requires 61 Strength, 61 Mastery) DPR: A

    4) Fourth Swing: Emptiness
    Only one in thousand shadow art users can reach this stage. Assassino can only use this for 1 minute. If prolonged Assassino could die.
    Note: Assassin’s Bliss is more of a change in mind set and mental composure than a physical technique.
    (Requires 61 Strength, 61 Mastery) DPR: A

    Black Blade: The user doesn’t need to carry his sword physically while not fighting. He can store it in his shadow. When needed he can draw his sword from his shadow.

    Inventory points: Lv 10 = 10/2 = 5 pts
    -3 pts
    Solar and lunar powered Torch Light: Known as the SLT, it is passed down to the best shadow art user of his generation from the school of shadow arts. It doesn’t need a battery and can be used in day and night as it is both solar and lunar powered.
    The torch light is light and has a amazingly cool design that the opponent looks at it with awe while fighting and it distracts them lol. When there is no current in the ship during night, the user can lend this to his crewmates so that they can use the restroom or such other thing safely.
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  5. Stealth Black Sanji

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    Basic Information
    Landayan Morow
    Epithet, Title: The Gambit, Crowned Prince of Diablo andd Lira Kingdoms, Encantadia
    Level: 61
    Bounty: 275.780.000
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Silver Hair Pirates, Night Assasins, Encantadia Kingdoms, Flame Tribe
    Occupation: Tribal Prince, Assassin, Frustrated Musician, Pirate
    Height: 6'2'' (188 cm)
    Date of Birth: June 20, 1986
    Age: 32
    Physical description
    Landayan is a slim, yet muscular man with shoulder-levelled dark hair. He has a diamond-shaped emblem on his forehead and his eyes resemble the eyes of a devil.

    He is often seen wearing a black leather jacket with two black belted collar in the center, a black tucked-in undershirt, solid black jeans, black boots and black leather belt which holsters several decks of metal cards and a jutte.


    Landayan Morow is a human who was born in a tropical archipelago in East Blue, called Encantadia. This country is said to be the land of the fallen angels as the land is rich with minerals and enchanted forest. It has four kingdoms: Adamante, Lira, Sappira, and Diablo. Unlike the Diablo Kingdom, the three are allies among themselves and are equally prosperous. In the 50's, Diablo used to be one of them but because of Landayan's great grandfather, Hisoka, who betrayed them by killed the Queen Haraya of Lira, he became a sworn enemy of the other kingdoms which eventually ignited an all-out war.

    Diablo lost against the three kingdoms for they possessed thrice the number of soldiers they had. With that defeat, this kingdom lost everything including King Hisoka, three of his four sons, the wealth, the resources, and majority of the land. Only one family was left, they consisted of Prince Hisoka II, his wife, Princess Machi, and their son, Lord Ramone. They were exiled in an island prison where nobody resides. For 40 years, nobody was detained in that island. Ramone was already 40 and his parents both died at the age of 70 due to an illness.

    Due to depression, Ramone tried to suicide by drowning himself in the ocean. For 2 days, his body floated in the water until he was found miraculously alive lying on the shore of Lira Kingdom by Princess Lanaya. The princess never knew that it was the former crowned prince. She treated his wounds and took him in a secret place and took care of him until finally, he recovered.

    Ramone knew the story behind their exile but never even cared about it for he knew that it was his grandfather's fault. He didn't tell this secret to the princess until they fell in-love with each other.

    The Queen learnt about this and she ordered the Knights of Lira to capture Ramone and executed him in front of Lanaya. This had poor Lanaya depressed and almost lost her sanity.

    The science and technology department of the kingdom has suggested to treat the princess by injecting a newfound technology which bypasses the effects of depression by erasing its memory. The Queen declined this offer at first but was later convinced by the King to do this as they couldn't afford to lose her. Little that they fucking knew, Lanaya was carrying her son.

    When they knew about the pregnancy, the medical team was alerted as they were aware of the complication it might give her. They tried to reverse the serum by injecting another set of drug in order to diffuse its effect but it only worsen her condition. Notwithstanding, it would guarantee the safety of the child.

    8 months later, she gave birth to a very cute baby. They couldn't talk with the princess because of her condition. As the princess held the child in her hands, gave him his first kiss on the cheeks and the forehead, she smiled and took her last breath. The Queen mourned and almost wanted to kill the child but the king saw her late princess in him. The baby cried and suddenly a mark on his forehead appeared, a glowing diamond emblem, the symbol of peace among the 4 kingdoms of Encantadia. Seeing this, the king then decided to name him after his daughter, Landayan, which means the deliverer.

    He was raised as a fine prince, trained by the finest general of their kingdom, Hector, the Glam Rock, Art of Flaming Jutte. As teenager, Landayan loved going to the mountains of Sierra Madre to hunt deer and search for some spices and ingredients as he also loves to cook, an influence to him by his grandfather. There were times that he went there alone until he discovered a century old man in the mountain, an elder of the Flame Tribe. He was later introduced by this old man to his people who welcomed him. It was also revealed that this tribe is the direct descendant and followers of his great grandfather's younger brother, Hiei who didn't participate in the rebellion against the 3 kingdoms but decided to withdraw their status and citizenship from the Diablo Kingdom. The old man was Hiei.

    Hiei has a son named Killua who taught Landayan the art of cards throwing.

    At the age of 25, he sailed the ocean to seek adventures and desired to challenge strong fighters across the globe, without any consent from the kingdom. However, during his journey out of the East Blue, his ship was destroyed by the marines as he suspected to be a pirate. This started his hatred towards the marines and swore that they will pay for what they did.

    He went to a nearby lawless island. Everything is illegal and every person is dangerous. This didn't shook Landayan as he favoured this type of situation. He met a group of Gamblers who taught him how to play poker. Several years later, his name ring across the island as the famous gambler and assassin and gained the epithet of The Gambit, the leader of the Night Assassins.

    With years of practice, he came up with his own Martial Arts Style called Poker Heat, a card version of the technique introduced to him by the Flame Tribe.
    Poker Heat, Art of Flaming Cards
    Landayan Morow a.k.a, “The Gambit” is highly skilled in Poker Heat Martial Arts. This fighting technique focuses on metal card throwing and several closed-ranged attacks to cut or slash its target. The damage varies generally depending on the amount of speed and force used to channel an attack. Some attacks are being launched in an acrobatic form which boost the damages it incurs to the target and there are also attacks that uses an air-compressed projectile to increase its total destruction.

    The Metal Cards.jpg

    Ranged Attacks Requires minimum: 21 Strength and 11 Poker Heat Mastery. The amount of cards you can carry is determined by your mastery.

    Melee Attacks Requires minimum: 21 Strength and 11 Poker Heat Mastery.
    1. At 11 mastery you get a total of 26 cards.
    2. At 21 mastery you get a deck of cards.
    3. At 31 mastery you can create C rank air slash attacks.
    4. At 41 mastery you get 2 decks of cards and can throw them swiftly and rapidly that they can catch fire during the release.
    5. At 51 mastery you can create B rank air slash attacks.
    6. At 61 mastery you get 3 deck of cards.
    7. At 71 mastery you can create A rank air slash attacks.
    8. At 81 mastery you get 4 decks of cards.
    9. At 100 mastery you get 5 decks of cards and can create S rank air slash attacks.
    10. At 120 mastery you get 6 decks of cards and create S+ rank air slash attacks (once obtained from Mihawk).
    Range Mechanics:
    For every Poker Heat Mastery stat point, you have a 2 meter range. (i.e. 120 MA x 2 = 240 meter range)

    ♥♦♣♠ Ranged Attacks ♥♦♣♠
    1. Black Pair: The user launches a single card directly to the opponent's lower hamstrings. requires 21 strength, 31 mastery - DPR: C
    2. Red Pair: The user launches a single card directly to the opponent's upper arm. requires 21 strength, 31 mastery - DPR: C
    3. Three-of-a-kind: The user throws three cards which slashes the body of the target/s. requires 31 strength, 31 mastery - DPR: C (each card)
    4. Straight: The user throws a five cards which slashes the body of the target/s. requires 31 strength, 41 mastery - DPR: C (each card)
    5. Flush: The user throws a single flaming card in a curveball motion, so that the target will be cut from the bottom to the top. requires 41 strength, 51 mastery - DPR: B
    6. Full-house: The user rapidly throws five flaming cards leaving target/s bursting in flames. requires 51 strength, 51 mastery - DPR: B (each card)
    7. Four-of-a-kind: The user rapidly throws five flaming cards to the opponent/s body or weapon or challenge an incoming attack. This technique will blast away the target and anyone behind him with its rocket-like formation of flames should the target's DPR is lower than the user. requires 51 strength, 51 mastery - DPR: B
    8. Dragon Suit: The user rapidly throws 1/4 deck of cards while spinning in order to create a dragon-like formation of flaming cards, slashing and burning anyone inside the 5-meter diameter AOE. requires 71 strength, 81 mastery - DPR: A
    9. Straight Flush: The user jumps in the air and rapidly throws 1/4 deck of cards down to the opponent and anyone inside a medium scale AOE with a barrage of flaming cards. requires 81 strength, 81 movement, 81 mastery - DPR: A
    10. ** Royal Flush: The user jumps in the air and rapidly throws 3/4 deck of cards down to the opponent/s with full speed and power hitting anyone inside the large scale AOE with a barrage of flaming cards. requires 100 strength, 100 movement, 100 mastery - DPR: S
    11. *** Poker Heat, All-in!!: The user ascends away from the opponent through a series of backflips until he's few meters above the ground, then rapidly throws a deck of cards down to the target and anyone inside large scale AOE with a barrage of flaming cards. Gives +20 sub-stat boost in MA. requires 100 strength, 100 movement, 120 mastery - DPR: S+
    ♥♦♣♠ Air Slash Attacks ♥♦♣♠
    1. Crescent Moon: The user unleashes a rapidly spinning crescent-shaped air-compressed projectile by swinging his metal card across the air. requires 31 strength, 31 mastery - DPR: C
    2. Lunar Eclipse: The user unleashes a rapidly spinning round-shaped air-compressed projectile by swinging his metal card while spinning. requires 51 strength, 51 mastery - DPR: B
    3. Joker X: The user unleashes a rapidly travelling crossed air-compressed projectile by a double-arm cross slash, hitting the target and anyone inside the medium scale AOE. requires 51 strength, 61 mastery - DPR: B
    4. Total Eclipse: The user unleashes a rapidly spinning two round-shaped air-compressed projectile by swinging his metal card while spinning. requires 71 strength, 71 mastery - DPR: A
    5. Dances Helical Crusade: The user unleashes a rapidly spiraling helical air-compressed projectile by swinging his card in a circular motion, hitting the target and anyone inside the medium scale AOE. requires 71 strength, 81 mastery - DPR: A
    6. ** Shadow Fang: The user leans forward (or downward if above the target) and launches a lightning fast combination of an upward and an overhead slashes which unleash a large rapidly travelling fang-like air-compressed projectile, hitting the target and anyone inside the large scale AOE. The two moves are so fluidly executed they can easily seem simultaneous to the untrained eye. Gives requires 91 strength, 91 movement, 100 mastery - DPR: S
    7. ** Lucifer Morningstar: The user holds a card in each hand and raises both arms sidewards before he spins rapidly until it creates a rotating column of flames and a highly compressed blast of air, destroying everything inside the large scale area of effect. The mixture of the two elements complement each other which magnify its destructive potency. This technique is both defensive and offensive and can be done while in the air going down to the target area or from the ground rising up. requires 91 strength, 91 movement, 100 mastery - DPR: S
    8. *** Fortress of Darkness, All-in!!: With a card each hand, Gambit recalls all the sufferings he had. Out of rage, he leaps in the air and focuses all his power and speed into his hands. He then swings the cards rapidly over a hundred times which launches the same number of air slashes down to his target and anyone inside the large scale AOE. Gives +20 sub-stat boost in MA. requires 100 strength, 100 movement, 120 mastery - DPR: S+
    ♥♦♣♠ Melee Attacks ♥♦♣♠
    1. Forlorn: A close-range horizontal slash to the opponent. requires 21 strength, 21 mastery - DPR: C
    2. Somersault Edge: With a card in hand, the user somersaults and delivers a deadly downward slash to the opponent. requires 41 strength, 41 movement, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    3. Cyclone: The user spins towards the target in order to block the incoming attacks and distract its vision, so that his upcoming moves cannot be easily predicted. He will continuously advance and dodge other attacks (if there are any) and eventually cutting through the opponent's stomach with the cards he holds in each hand. requires 61 strength, 61 movement, 61 mastery - DPR: A
    4. ** Midnight Boomerang: With 2 cards in hand, the user kicks off towards the opponent and vertically spins rapidly like a boomerang before he lands four nearly simultaneous elliptical slashes to the left thigh, belly, chest, and to the throat. requires 81 strength, 81 movement, 81 mastery - DPR: S
    5. ** Guardian of Shadows: The user rapidly swings his card and spins thrice, slashing anyone inside the large scale AOE. requires 81 strength, 81 movement, 91 mastery - DPR: S
    6. *** Midnight Solitaire, All-out!!: With a card in both hands, the user dashes towards the target/s and starts to slash anyone nearby, one slash after another until he reaches his 52nd slash. If there's only one enemy, he will absorb all 52 slashes. If there are two, they will receive 26 each. requires 100 strength, 100 movement, 100 mastery - DPR: S+
    Rolling Stones, Art of Flaming Jutte
    This martial arts focuses on the use of traditional martial arts weapon known as the Jutte (or Jitte). The Jutte is a two pronged baton which is used by retainers in their country. The Jutte is used to block knife/sword strikes, hit opponents with the shaft, and to trap incoming sword strikes between the shaft and prong by twisting the jutte.

    The jutte is also referred to as the ‘sword breaker’ as in the hands of a master it is possible to not only trap but also to break a sword blade.

    His Jutte is 1.5 meters in length with a one-pronged tine (kagi) about 15.5 cm long starting just above the hilt and pointing toward the tip (sentan). This is made up of sea stone so he could annihilate the devil fruit users.

    Gambit's Jutte.jpeg Gambit's Jutte2.jpeg

    Requires minimum: 21 Strength and 21 Rolling Stones Mastery..
    1. At 61 mastery in strength, movement, and Rolling Stones, your Jutte can catch flames by twirling it rapidly which helps you to increase the damage of an attack.
    2. At 81 mastery in all three stats, every swing or strike created by the user enables the weapon to catch flames.
    ☼☼☼ Attacks ☼☼☼
    1. Slade: A simple thrust to the opponent's body. requires 11 strength, 21 movement, 21 mastery - DPR: C
    2. AC/DC: A downward pound to the opponent. requires 21 strength, 21 mastery - DPR: C
    3. Bon Jovi: The user spins and strikes upwards, knocking the opponent to the ground and inflicting damage. The attack is similar to Shoryuken of Ken/Ryu. requires 21 strength, 21 movement, 21 mastery - DPR: C
    4. Wolf: The technique is used strictly in close range situations. This is a lightning fast combination consisting of a hard upward strike to the chin followed by an overhand strike to the skull. It must be stressed that there is virtually no delay between the two blows. The combination is portrayed as a wolf's fangs as they sink into their victim. requires 41 strength, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    5. Alias: The user holds the staff in reverse grip with the other hand on his wrist and lands a deadly horizontal blow to the body, sending them flying. requires 41 strength, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    6. Aerosmith: The user jumps and holds the staff in reverse grip with two hands, so that its tip is facing the ground, then performs an overhead strike to the opponent. requires 41 strength, 41 movement, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    7. Toto: A counter-attack to an incoming attack. He hits the opponent’s weapon with the shaft and waxes it off before landing a rapid thrust onto them. requires 41 strength, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    8. Slapshock: The user dashes forth the opponent and lands a four solid left and right bitch slaps to the opponent’s face using the Jutte. requires 41 strength, 41 movement, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    9. Rage Against the Machine: The user strikes an opponent's weapon almost instantaneously. This technique is primarily intended to disarm the opponent by destructing whatever weapon they might be wielding at close range but subsequently damages the wielder, too. requires 41 reaction, 41 strength, 41 mastery - DPR: B
    10. Guns N' Roses: A multi-thrust technique. The user starts with rapidly twirling the jutte until it catches flame, then thrusts it to the target ten times wherein it creates a highly compressed blast of air mixed with flames as if fired from a cannon, hurting anyone inside the medium scale AOE. requires 71 strength, 81 mastery - DPR: A
    11. Firehouse: The user rapidly twirls the jutte with his two hands as if seeing a propeller in flames, then swings it up launching a circular formation of flames approaching the target. requires 61 strength, 71 mastery - DPR: A
    12. Def Leppard: A two-handed downward strike. The user twirls the jutte rapidly and performs a devastating overhead strike which releases a compressed blast or air and flames which affects anyone inside the medium scale AOE. requires 71 strength, 71 mastery - DPR: A
    13. Styx: Could be a form of block, disarming technique, or preparation to counter an attack. The user traps incoming attacks between the shaft and prong, disarms it by twisting the jutte, then launches a quick thrust to their body. requires 61 strength, 61 reaction, 71 mastery - DPR: A
    14. Glam Rock: Being his ultimate defensive technique, it gives mastery/5 boost in durability. requires 61 durability, 61 mastery
    15. ** Metallica: The user focuses all his energy, speed and strength into his Jutte until it catches flames, then starts with a diagonal strike on the body; then swings his weapon to the other side - as if forming a curve - to land a horizontal strike to the ribs; followed by thrust to the belly. After that, he swings the jutte upwards, forming an arc and spins and lands a vertical strike to the shoulder; he then spins to the other side and lands a diagonal strike down to the knee and lands a finishing upward blow to the head, sending them flying. requires 81 strength, 81 mastery - DPR: S
    16. ** Wolfgang: A multi-hit version of Wolf. The user fires a barrage of 6 Wolves followed by a spinning strike to head to send the target counter-spinning in the air. The combination is portrayed as a pack of werewolves as they sink into their victims. The attack is rapid enough for the attacks to catch flames during the process which then increases the damage incurred. requires 81 strength, 91 mastery - DPR: S
    17. ** Chicago: The user leaps in the air then flips multiple times while falling down to the target before launching an overhead strike to its head which leaves them bursting in flames. requires 81 strength, 81 movement, 81 mastery - DPR: S
    18. ** Bohemian Rhapsody: The user leaps in the air while rapidly twirling the jutte until it catches flame. He holds the staff in reverse grip, so that its tip is pointing at the ground, then strikes powerfully and launches a compressed blast of air and flames which blast anyone inside a large scale AOE. The technique uses the fall and gravity to its advantage in order to magnify its strength. requires 91 strength, 91 movement, 91 mastery - DPR: S
    19. *** Nirvana: The user focuses all his energy, speed and strength into his Jutte. As the weapon catches fire, he will dash forth the opponent and starts with an upward strike to the chin sending them mid-air. Jumping above his target, he will launch a downward strike to the head sending them back on the ground. Finally, he will propel down to the target and strikes their heart. Gives +20 sub-stat boost in MA. requires 100 strength, 100 movement, 100 mastery - DPR: S+
    20. *** Rock n Roll, All-star!!: This attack should be considered the ultra-skill of Juttejutsu. The user jumps in the air in a lightning speed.. Then channels all his energy into the weapon.. And as it catches fire, he will propel down to the opponent spinning hardly like a drill and will launch a corkscrew strike to the skull, pinching down the target on the ground. Jumping above his target, he will launch a downward strike to the head after spinning, pushing them further into the ground. Finally, he will land a barrage of elliptical strikes to the head of the target like a drum roll in fire. Gives +20 sub-stat boost in MA. requires 100 strength, 100 speed, 100 mastery - DPR: S+
    ** S Rank Attacks
    *** S+ Rank Attacks
    Level 61
    61 x 5 = 305
    • MA Boost: 5, 5 (str, spd)
    • Human Bonus: 12, 12, 12, 18 (str, spd, vit, MA)
    Strength: 68+5+12 = 85
    Speed: 64+5+12 = 81
    • Movement: 81
    • Reaction: 81
    Vitality: 69+12 = 81
    • Stamina: 81
    • Durability: 81
    Martial Arts: 73+18 = 91
    • Poker Heat: 91
    • Glam Rock: 91
    Haki: 31
    • Armament Haki: 62
    Future Level 67
    67 x 5 = 335
    • MA Boost: 5,5,5 (str,spd,vit)
    • Human Bonus: 12,12,12,18 (str,spd,vit,MA)
    Strength: 68+5+12+15 = 100
    Speed: 54+5+12+20 = 91
    • Movement: 100
    • Reaction: 82
    Vitality: 54+5+12+20 = 91
    • Stamina: 82
    • Durability: 100
    Martial Arts: 82+18 = 100
    • Poker Heat: 100
    • Glam Rock: 100
    Haki: 31
    • Armament Haki: 62
    Vampire Fruit: 46

    Few years later, Gambit went to Alabasta where he met three of Silver Hair Pirates cabin crew in the middle of the desert and helped him get into the city. He assisted the crew in defeating Mr. 1 and became a crew under Larsi's command.

    Gambit is NPCing Teodoro "T-Bag", "Tee" Bagwell, Gambit's Whip Hand whom he adopted during his haydays as Gambler in East Blue. Tee calls Gambit as "Pretty" most of the time.
    Rope Action
    Requires 11 Mastery
    • Top Knot: T-Bag throws a rope that spirals upwards and ties around his target's body. Then, when the rope is pulled with enough force, the enemy spins like a top, eventually collapsing from dizziness. Requires 11 Mastery, 11 Strength - DPR: D
    • Timber Hitch Tug: T-Bag jumps into the air, somersaults, and unleashes several ropes that grab an enemy, with the force of T-Bag's fall pulling the target down into the ground. Requires 21 Mastery, 1 Strength - DPR: D
    • Figure of Eight Knot: T-Bag shoots out eight ropes, knotted heavily on the ends, like fists in eight directions. It can be used to hit multiple targets at once. Requires 31 Mastery, 31 Strength - DPR: C
    • Shrouds and Rat-Line Knot: T-Bag creates a large net out of ropes and slams it on top of several enemies. Requires 31 Mastery, 11 Strength - DPR: C
    • Round Turn: After positioning himself between several enemies, T-Bag grabs them with ropes and pulls them inward, slamming the victims against each other. Requires 21 Mastery, 21 Strength - DPR: C
    • Bowline Knot: T-Bag launches a rope that ties around an opponent's wrist, restricting their movements as long as he creates tension. Requires 11 Mastery, 1 Strength
    • Punishment: After snaring an opponent with rope, T-Bag throws them and slams them head-first into the ground. Requires 11 Mastery, 21 Strength - DPR: C
    • Half-Knot Air Drive: T-Bag ties a rope around an opponent's neck, choking them, and slams them into the floor. Requires 51 Mastery, 41 Strength - DPR: B
    • Pipe Hitch Knives: T-Bag launches a rope with a spiraling row of knives tied to it to cut or slash his target. Requires 41 Mastery, 41 Strength - DPR: B
    Requires minimum: 21 Reaction Speed and 11 Gunslinging Mastery.
    • 11 Gunslinging Mastery: C-rank bullets. 5 bullet magazine.
    • 21 Gunslinging Mastery: Two guns.
    • 31 Gunslinging Mastery: Semi Automatic. 7 bullet magazine.
    • 41 Gunslinging Mastery: B-rank bullets. (Max 1 per 2 mastery)
    • 51 Gunslinging Mastery: 10 bullet magazine.
    • 61 Gunslinging Mastery: Fully automatic.
    • 71 Gunslinging Mastery: 30 bullet magazine.
    • 81 Gunslinging Mastery: A-rank bullets. (Max 1 per 3 mastery)
    • 91 Gunslinging Mastery: 45 bullet extended magazine.
    • 100 Gunslinging Mastery: S-rank bullets.(Max 1 per 10 mastery)
    • 120 Gunslinging Mastery: Bandolier - doubles ammo for A rank bullets and below
    The amount of total ammunition you can carry is determined by your mastery. Mastery=Ammunition slots. Regular ammunition takes one slot.

    For every Gunslinging Mastery stat point, you have a 1 meter range. Meaning at the very least you will have 11 meters at the basic requirement of 11.
    Level 50

    50 x 5 = 250
    Human Bonus: 10,10,10,15
    MA Boost: 5
    Strength: 46 + 10 + 5 = 61
    Speed: 51 + 10 * 2 = 122
    • Movement: 61
    • Reaction: 61
    Vitality: 51 + 10 * 2 = 122
    • Stamina: 61
    • Durability: 61
    Martial Arts: 51 + 15 * 2 = 132
    • Rope Action: 61
    • Gunslinging: 71
    Haki: 51 * 2 = 102
    • Armament Haki: 61
    • Awareness: 41
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  6. FudgeeTora


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    Rifleson Brig
    Epithet: White Face
    Affiliation: Marines
    Occupation/ Rank: Ensign
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (large human)
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: June 16
    Height: 297 cm (9'7")

    Physical Description
    He stands 9 ft. 7 inches tall, has bulky physique and what's very recognizeable from him is what earned him his epither, the white color that covers half of his face. This is what's supposed to be a scar or a "remembrance" for Brig from his suffering since a child, a memory of his beloved city. He wears nothing on top and a jumpsuit for lwer garment with pockets for his tools as a shipwright. He has an elephant tattoo in his right arm given to him by the people from a certain sky island he went to.

    At first glance, he can be a bit intimidating (kid of like a Ben Beckman type of guy, but he is caring once you get to know him. When the going gets tough, he is sure to be serious about it.


    A cross-like dial with the tubes as big as a water pipe, it also serves as his personal tool, a wrench

    Brief Description
    -Brig is the second survivor from the "White City" Flevance, after the mass outbreak of the amber lead disease.

    24 years after the current One Piece timeline (Strawhat Luffy's Era), Brig became a member, as shipwright, of the Green Robe Pirates led by "Green Robe" Capper. He is 52 years old by then.

    History/ Background

    -His story began 16 years ago from the 2 year timeskip, right after the mass outbreak of the amber lead disease at Flevance.

    Brig is a 12 year old boy with his mother as a craftsman who specializes in making weapons made of amber lead. His father on the other hand died when he was still 9 after getting burried alive when the area where they are mining amber lead suddenly collapsed.

    Eversince, Brig had helped his mother in their business while constantly dreaming of going out to venture at the sea. He had heard of rumors about a train capable of traveling to the sea being built at the place called Water 7. He badly wants to go there and see the train of his dreams.

    One night, and a week before the outbreak, he and his mother had been indulged in a fight when Brig tried to ask permission to go out the sea. Much to his dismay, his mother rejected it, saying that dreams cannot fill one's stomach. Brig left their home out of anger, without knowing that his mother had always known about Brig's dream. And so she had to push Brig away, as his son will never leave himself if she told him to.

    That night, Brig saw a small boat offshore and his things packed in it. From there, he knew that his mother had supported him from the time he first dreamt about traveling.

    Then a week has passed . . . .

    The amber lead disease outbreak happened. Everyone got infected. Then the World Government had to put a stop once and for all. Every citizen were wiped out.

    Brig was on an island somewhere at North Blue. He also started to show symptoms of the disease. White pigments appeared in his head and all over his body. Soon the news about the killing of the people of Flevance began to spread in some parts of North Blue. And eventually it reached Brig.

    Brig had to postpone his travels and tried to return to Flevance. Upon arriving, all that greeted him was emptiness. His once home, was now an abandoned island in white. Brig was now filled with sadness and hatred towards the World Government.

    Flashbacks of his father's death started to come up. How the Royal Family of Flevance did the same hideous acts just like what World Government did to his fellow people.

    -"Father . . . Mother . . . Friends . . . The World Government will pay !"-

    Fired up with his revenge set in mind, Brig set out once more to look for a cure in his disease and some information about the World Government's insides.

    Brig knows that his life span is limited to only 38 months so he needs to find a cure right away. Although the disease is not contagious, yet as expected, the false news about the amber lead disease spread out by the newspapers mixed with the fear in the people's minds made it hard for Brig to accomplish neither of his goals with ease.

    2 and a half year has passed . . . .

    During those times, Brig has associated himself along the black markets he comes across to. Then, he finally received a certain information about some lunatic who comes into every island with hospitals in it, in order to cure a boy who suffered from amber lead disease.

    -"What? A boy with amber lead disease you say?"-

    -"Yes. In fact they too, were looking for a certain cure for it."-

    -"Listen to me you. I have spent the last span of my life, searching for a cure for amber lead disease ! So far I've found hoodlooms!"-

    -"But it is true. Of course, it is what you expect from them."-

    -"Them? What?"-

    -"Yes. I am talking about, a devils fruit."-

    Minion Island
    -Brig then went to Minion Island, where the pirates holding the said devil fruit are. But when he arrived, he saw Marine ships and so he quickly when into hiding.

    -"What is that? It looks like a giant cage."-

    And so it happened. Corazon died, and after that, Trafalgar Law wandered all alone. Trying to master his new power to finally cure him from his sickness.

    It was bitter work. But finally, after almost 2-3 months, Law grasped the power and cured himself from the disease. He ventured out to avenge Corazon from Doflamingo.

    Peepingshire Village
    -Then, a month later, Law came across a barely alive and breathing Brig. He confronted Law for the devil fruit, until he passed out. Law immediately performed the surgery on Brig. Then Brig woke up for a bit, and asked Law to leave the marks on him.

    -"Hmmm. Where am I?"-

    Brig was surprised he was still alive. Law revealed to him that he had cured the disease. Law asked Brig as to why he wanted the marks to remain.

    Brig's tears fell down . . .

    -"Sniff. I want to be reminded of how I almost died and lost everything even my life. And how this disease that almost took everything, made me push myself to continue."-

    -"This is a sign of my resolve. A man's resolve."-

    Law invited over Brig to join his crew, but he rejected it saying that eventhough Law's revenge and his are same, it leads them to separate direction. Brig gave his vivre card to Law, then the two bid farewell to each other.

    A year has passed . . . .

    Water 7
    -Brig is now seen headed to his dream, to see the Puffing Tom. Brig spent his years there learning everything about being a shipwright as he could. While also, becoming an underground boss at Water 7 still continuing his information gathering abiut the World Government. He also witnessed how the greatest shipwright he idolizes, Tom, died.

    -"I said I don't know anything. I swear."-

    -"If I am to talk more, "White Face" is gonna be mad !"-

    He earned the title "White Face", for everytime he asks on someone, inspite him telling his name, the only thing people remembers about him, is his trademark bald head with white coloring in half of his face.

    After almost 6 years at Water 7, Brig thought that all the revenge business ain't giving him some slack. Then he heard about some island in the sky. They say that no one has yet proven anything about it. He thought it'd be good to check it out and use that for his revenge against the World Government.

    Mock Town
    -Brig arrived at Mock Town, where the rumors about the Sky Island are loud. He then heard of a guy on a small island, saying he is looking for evidences about Sky Island.

    Brig went to see the guy which is Montblanc Cricket. Cricket and Brig saw each other at first glance. They just stared at one another until . . . .

    -"So. What's your business here?"-

    -"Looking for a crazy guy. Says he is looking for an island that many said doesn't exist."-

    The two fought and did an arm wrestling . . .

    -"HA . . HA . . HA . . HA !"-

    Cricket told Noland about his story and Brig did too. After that, Cricket just told some information on how to get to Sky Island somehow.

    Then, one day, Brig tried it out and when Cricket was up, Brig was already gone.

    -Brig then finds himself surrounded by white and soft stuff. To his shock, he was standing on a clouds. Brig immediately thought that this was the Sky Island he was searching for.

    Then someone came to him and greeted him. It was a bald guy with white color on half of his face. Brig was shocked as it looks like him. He thought it was another survivor from Flevance.

    Turns out, it was a man wearing a sort of white mask. He then led Brig with him thinking that Brig was one of them, but a lot bigger.

    Brig happened to have landed on one of the sky islands called "In-Ligh-Ten". It was named like that because it was believed to be the tenth sky island among all there is. Also, it is made up of 10 layers of 10 different color of clouds. It was inhabited by a group of monk-like sky people who believes in peace too much that they wear a smile in their face no matter what expression they make.

    Brig asked why do they look a lot like him. They explained to Brig that in order to live they make ceramics made from hardened clouds. They use a large eisen dial to create those ceramics. And they also wear costumes in the form of a half white mask that looks like Brig to add humor in their work.

    They said that, news about a white faced man was popular at that time so they adopted it.

    Brig was intrigued with the dial system used at sky island and so he did everything to learn about it. There he built a weapon of his own. He designed it as a wrench-like dial with a main pipe system that has 4 mouths.

    After 4 years of staying at the sky island In-Ligh-Ten, Brig bud farewell to the monks who had thought him about self-peace and inner strength.

    After leaving the sky island, a loud bell ring was heard and a giant shadow can be seen below Jaya. It was the time Monkey D. Luffy defeated Enel.

    Brig finally landed. Cricket was then relieved to know that such sky island does exist and that his friend Brig accomplished its own goal too.

    After the 2 year timeskip, Rifleson "White Face" Brig was already 28 years of age.

    10x5 = 50 Race bonuses: +2 strength, +2 speed, +2 vitality, +3 any)
    Strength: 15 + 2 = 17
    Speed: 15 + 2 = 17
    17x2 = 34
    -Reaction: 24
    -Movement: 10
    Vitality: 10 + 2 + 3 = 15
    15x2 = 30
    -Durability: 18
    -Stamina: 12
    Martial Arts: 10
    10x2 = 20
    -Dial: 10
    -Rokushiki: 10

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  7. Heavenly Yaksha.

    Heavenly Yaksha.

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    Name: Ivan Kassander
    Epithet: Unhinged Fox
    Affiliation: Slender Pirates
    Occupation: captain
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: April 1st
    Height: 6ft6
    Weight: 190 Pounds
    Bounty: 25,000,000 beri

    Physical description:

    Quick to anger, impulsive and develops quite a thrill in the act of fighting opponents much stronger than he is.

    Wield two katana's of medium length . One on each arm.
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    Name: Jin
    The Mad Ronin
    Affiliation: The Backyard Pirates
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Birthday: September 11
    Blood type: AB+
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Bounty : :afrokappa:
    He is of average build for One Piece world and has long hair. His attire consists of a simple indigo blue haori and a white keikogi, and hakama. The haori is adorned with multiple symbols that are four squares in a diamond formation on the right pecs , sleeves, and back of his haori. Also, he wears a teal beaded bracelet on his right wrist.

    Even though known as the "Mad Ronin" , he seems to be well cultured. His epithet has to do with is background and his sudden rage during a heated battle .Jin also seems annoyed by those who use their martial arts skills to oppress people, especially those who proclaim that they are doing it in service of their lord.
    He likes to play Shogi .

    Born in the Wano, his parents were exiled from the country when he was 5 years old . They went to the Paradise part of Grand Line. Tragedy seems follow him again as his parents were killed by Marines under orders of a Tenryubito ,his hatred of marines and Tenryubito arose from that . This incident happened when he was only 10. At that moment he hated the Tenrybito but growing up,he understood why they were able to do so . He understood one absolute thing that holds in the world : Power . So he just one to attains enough power so that no one bothers him from his adventures.

    His parents were very liberal and freedom loving ,which led to their exile . He seems to inherit that . Being in pirate ship as a cabin boy to feed themselves,they learned how free they were . Once old enough to wield his sword properly he ventured on his own to become a pirate by interacting with the people all around and fully explore the world without any hindrance .

    He wants attain the Kinjustu " Sea Sword Style ". This Sword style requires Nitoryu ,Ittoryu and Haki to control any sword like a form of the Sea . It has an adverse effect on Devil Fruit User and can cut Kairoseki .

    He is presently traveling with the Backyard Pirates as its crew member . They are currently on still stuck on Little Garden :angerypuppo:.

    Still fine tuning . Not proper stats ,stated only for my own reference .
    Level 50

    50 x 5 =250
    Human Bonus (+2+2+2+3 = +9)*5=45

    Strength : 6
    5+10= 75
    Speed : 61+10= 71

    71x 2= 142
    -Reaction = 71
    -Movement = 71
    Vitality : 56+10 = 66
    66x 2= 132
    -Durability = 71
    -Stamina = 61
    Martial Arts : 22+15= 37
    -Ittoryu/Nitoryu = 74
    Haki : 46
    -CoA =71
    -CoO = 21

    Katana, Wakizashi

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  9. Herr Krokodil

    Herr Krokodil

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    Name: Hans
    Occupation: Ensign
    Devil Fruit: none
    Bounty: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Date of Birth: July 31st
    Height: 6 feet 6 inches

    NPC speech

    A tall human, he is long and lanky but well-muscled. His hair is pale blonde that appears white and he wears a Marines cap pulled low over his eyes to hide his face. This combined with the high collar trench coat he wears obscures his face. He is long faced with a larger than average nose.


    Stoic is most circumstances how he interacts with people is best described as follows. Kind to civilians, indifference to comrades, and homicidal with pirates or any other law breakers. What this results in is savage attacks of the enemy in battle often to the indifference of all other things.

    That is not to say he is unkind, as far as civilians are concerned he is a gentle and quiet soul. He leaves his fellow Marines to their own devices in battle, trusting them to handle themselves.

    : For the East Blue, Hans had an unremarkable childhood, but idolized the Marine he though kept him and his family safe.

    Carriers two semi-auto handguns. He fires accurately but tend to overwhelm his targets by firing off a quick series of shots. With tougher opponents, he’ll use his speed to get in close and unload both guns into the target and retreating to a safe distance to reload.

    10x5 = 50 Race bonuses: +2 strength, +2 speed, +2 vitality, +3 any)
    Strength: 9 + 2 = 11

    Speed : 19 +2= 21

    21x2= 42

    - Movement Speed:21

    - Reaction Speed:21

    Vitality:9+2= 11


    - Stamina:11

    - Durability:11

    Martial arts: 13+3=16


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  10. Shizzy


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    Name: Shizzy The Kid
    Birthday: 2nd January
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Likes: GunFights, Strawberry

    Occupation: Piracy

    Affiliation: Formerly Redhaired Pirates... Now a Full Time Pirates in search of New Territories

    Stats: Human

    Level 10x5=50 (+9)
    Strength: 15+2=17
    Speed: 9+5=14
    -Reaction: 14
    -Movement: 14
    Vitality: 9+2=11
    -Durability: 11
    -Stamina: 11
    Mind: 6
    - Medicine: 12
    Martial Arts: 11
    - Gunslinging: 22

    Physical Appearance: Well Built, Tall, Blue Eyes.. Though Wears Dark Shades. Stitched Scar on the left Cheek

    Personality: Full of Pride and a Total man of his Word.. He is stoic, Focused on his Goal and Respect his Crew..

    Equipment and Weapons: A medium Luger Gun.
    Though Adept
    in Long range attacks.. He can Make up in close Range with Learning Rokukishi
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  11. RobinGloriousBoobs


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    Name: itou Makoto
    Nickname : Thot Slayer.
    Gender: Male
    Birthday : 13 April.
    Occupation : Pirate.
    Affiliation: Everything Pirate Crew. Wano Country (former),
    Age : 21
    Motto : "If she breathes she is a thot. if she is not a thot, then she is not breathing"
    Weapon : ZanTHOTsuken. A simple black blade katana with red colored sharp edge.
    Race : Human.

    Physical Description.
    Makoto is 2 meter tall young man. He have a slick back blond hair.
    His appearance is that of a regular man without any excessive muscle.
    He used to wear kimono a lot but because he don't want people to know his past affiliation with that country he choose to dress up as a regular person with a skinny jean and a hoody jacket.

    Makoto was a one of Wano influential feudal lord, he ruled part of the outskirt of Wano Country. Even tho its a small village, it's still a highly developed place. His influence to the people he rule was really big and the Shogun didn't like that. Shogun planned to strip him of his title and take his land. But using force will be counter productive and it will only made the people to get behind him, so the Shogun devise a plan to strip of his title using woman. Knowing that Makoto is a pretty young man with not much experience with woman, The Shogun send a woman to win his heart and become his lover. The woman succeed in winning his heart and they become a lover. One day, when Makoto fall asleep, the girl, Yuno, cut off his knot and leave his side.
    Makoto woke up realizing he lost his knot and start panicking, he feel like his whole world is falling on him. He realize that nothing can save him and he can't let no one sees him without his knot.
    Knowing that he can't do anything about it, he choose to leave Wano instead of telling his people what happened and lost all of their respect. So he cut his hair short and bleach it, and change his hairstyle into slick back.
    After that incident, Makoto wander around from island to island mostly by tagging along a merchant ship and offering his service to protect it and Makoto grow a big hatred toward woman. She started to hate woman in general, but Makoto is not gay, so he don't want to do it with men either. So he started to go around raping woman, not to satisfy himself but just to make the woman feel bad about it. He especially love raping virgin woman because it give him the chance to say "Your first time was me, Makoto!" to the woman he raped.
    But no matter how beautiful the girl he raped, he just can't seem to get off of it and started to sexually become frustrated, and afraid of getting prostate cancer because he can't ejaculate. So he have an idea that maybe he can ejaculate if he do it with a woman he actually love. SO Makoto started to look for girl that he can fully love and trust but is yet to find her. His type of woman is a black haired busty woman on her late 20s and early 30s, basically a milf. During his journey to find true love, he still raped a few woman here and there to satisfy his hatred of women.

    He is an easy-going young man. Thanks to his overwhelming strength, he usually late at identifying danger and take things wayy to lightly sometimes. He didn't particularly hate kid but he really hate them when they cry to the point that he once behead a 5 year old child just because he keep crying even tho he told the boy to stop. He likes watching a brother and sister getting along because it helps him fantasize about them having incest relationship when no one watching them.

    He is one of Wano most talented swordsman, and was touted to become the future general of Wano's Army at a very young age.
    His favorite sword style is Battou-ryu, a quickdraw style, but he can do any sword style at will.
    His strongest attack is a no named one arm full power diagonal swing from the opponent shoulder to their hip.

    After he leave Wano, He once have a skirmish with Mihawk and actually able to stand toe to toe with him, but he withdraw halfway because he felt like Mihawk's sword is way stronger and it might break his own sword if they keep exchanging blows.
    10 x 5 = 50 (+9)
    Strength = 19 + 2 = 21
    Speed = 10 + 2
    -reaction = 12
    -movement = 12
    Vitality = 9 + 2
    -durability = 11
    -stamina = 11
    Martial Art = 12 + 3 = 15
    -Swordsmanship = 30
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  12. Jo_Ndule


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    Name: Bowell Bongatsho
    Race: Human
    Age : 27
    Motto : " be you no matter What "
    Weapon : iron red Pipe

    Strength: 18
    Speed: 20
    Vitality: 21
    Durability 21
    Stamina 21
    Marital arts: 21
  13. Dango


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    Name: Dango
    Nickname : Donut Man
    Gender: Male
    Birthday : August 1
    Occupation : ??
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Age : 21
    Height: 7'11
    Weight: 190 pound
    Weapon : Uses a Bow and a Trident with a Donut custom Trident
    Race : Human
    Favorite Food: Donuts & Frozen Yogurt

    Physical Description: Dango is pretty well build guy for a slim guy. He Is always spotted wearing black joggers with Crocs.

    He wears an open black leader Jacket with a Donut logo spotted on his back. Carries a camping bag everywhere he goes. Inside it is a soft and Comfy blanket in case he falls asleep, a pack of Donut he made himself, Mp3 player, and his remarkably Heavy Trident that sticks out of his bag.

    Personality: Is Lazy, relatively calm and charismatic. Very blunt and doesn't hesitate to say what comes to mind at the moment. When something is not interesting him he is likely to go to sleep. Creative and Innovative, in which he will even change his fighting style if it does benefits him. Although he might come as friendly man, he is a savage on the battlefield and wont hesitate to kill anybody who mention themselves as enemies. Seeks for challenge for boredom.

    Background: Dango was born on the 100th floor of death in a Tower that was said to be made by God. It's located in Elbaf of the New World, and was said to be inhabitable by Mankind.

    It soo dangerous that many notorious pirates went inside and never lived to tell the story.
    what's in it? nobody knew and most Giant inhabitant where not inquisitive to want to know.

    The tower remain undefeated until one certain day one Giant who goes by the Name Brett beat all the level of the tower and manage to beat the legendary 100th floor of death and became known as the Legendary Warrior of the Tower.

    Along his Journey in the Tower Brett manage to find a baby who was almost unconscious if it weren't for him arriving there. Brett then decides to raise the Kid as his own.

    Notorious he was, nevertheless was feared by many fellow Giants and often be an outcast of the society.

    Dango grew to look up to Brett as a father, and will often times be excluded like his said Dad. A lot of Kids called him demon child who is plaque to the World, often times it really didn't bother him except the times when the Kids tried to throw rocks at him which was so big that he had to call Brett.

    As years move on Dango was regularly trained by Brett in the art of the snake where you focus more on agility and try to be lightweight and focus on your speed.

    "Focus on your breath, maintain your balance and be with your surrounding until you become one with nature" is what Brett would always tell him.

    Level 10 x 5 = 50
    Strength = 5
    Speed = 10
    -reaction = 10
    -movement = 5
    Vitality = 10
    -durability = 5
    -stamina = 5
    Martial Art = 10
    -Trident = 20
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  14. Don Raijin

    Don Raijin

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    Name: Croco Pike
    Alias: Poseidon
    Race: Tigercroc Fishman
    Occupation: Pirate
    Motto: "I do what I want"

    Level: 15 x 5 =75
    Strength – 24+4 = 28
    Speed – 20 + 1 = 21 x 2 = 42
    -Reaction - 22
    -Movement - 20
    Vitality – 20+ 3 = 23 x 2 = 46
    -Durability - 25
    -Stamina - 21
    Martial Arts – 11x2 = 22
    - Fishman Karate – 22

    Pike is the son of Fisher Tiger, who was born in secret on Fishman Island but spent most of his time in the New World training under Jinbei. He knows of, but doesn’t know his father. Pike doesn’t hate all humans but, he will kill anyone who gets in the way of what he wants to do. Although brutal he is said to one day become the savior of all Fishman. His goal is to become the king of the pirates because I will always do what he wants and when he wants. Pike has an unbreakable will and lives without regrets; he laughs in the face of death, and is fearless. According to Pike anyone that is from the sea isn’t fit to rule it, so for his people he must take the reins.
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  15. NARDsSs


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    Name: NARDsSs
    Epithet: "flawed always"
    Affiliation: The Everything Pirates
    Occupation: pirate
    Devil Fruit: none
    Bounty: N/A
    Race: human ( 3 eye)
    Age: 30
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 10 ft
    Favorite Food: meatloaf
    Least Favorite Food: fried pickles
    Life-motto: "life's a garden dig it"
  16. Luna <3

    Luna <3

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    Name: Brandon Heat
    Epithet: Gungrave
    Affiliation: Revolutionary army

    Bounty: ???

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 33
    Date of Birth: 2nd March, 1985
    Height: 180 cm

    [​IMG] Brandon is a mascular guy who looks a little taller than an average human and he always wears dark clothes. He wears grey Shirt and black pant with a blue leather jacket and a Hat. His hair is of neck length and greyish in colour. He also wears white gloves so as not to lose his grip on his guns.

    Brandon has a cold personality and he doesn't really care about most of the things in the world Unless he sees some kind of injustice being done to someone. He won't help someone who gives up in the face of fear. He don't like cowards. He is a man of few words but his actions speaks a lot louder than his words.

    Brandon Never really knew his parents. He was brought up by a nun with other war orphans. He always thought of her as his mother. But the nun was killed by some pirates who came to loot his hometown 20 years ago. Brandon was 13 years old at that time. Then remained him and three other guys. He always thought of them as his brothers.

    After the pirate incident, they all started training in boxing which was more like brawling so as to become stronger than anybody else. Fear of losing each other made them work harder than people around them. They never wanted to lose anyone important to them ever again.

    After 5 years, One of the older brothers enlisted himself in the marines. He soon climbed the ladder and made a name for himself. He was promoted to the position of vice admiral. Brandon and other two brothers were happy for him.
    One day there was a rumour that a girl named Nico robin with a bounty of 79 million has snuck into their island. Marines were searching for her. Then an order of evacuation was issued by the marines. Brandon and two brothers boarded the ship, where all the civilians were present. When he took a look around , he saw his sworn brother ( who was a vice admiral now) on a marine ship not too far away. He was relieved and Then he heard his voice.. "Fire the canons"
    Brandon was shocked to hear those words.
    Because the canons were not pointing at the island but the civilians ship.
    The marine ship fired, people screamed , some were burning, Some tried to hide, some tried to jump in the ocean and nothing worked. Brandon soon lost his consciousness.
    When he woke up he found himself lying on the sand. He was gravely injured. One of the fisherman of the island saw him. He called for help and they took him to a hospital. After his treatment , his physical wounds started healing but the despair was greater than anything he could ever imagine.

    Finally, he realised that he has to stand up again, to fight for what is right. He took up the arms and he started fighting back. Against the pirates, the marines and anyone who stood in the way of righteousness.
    The more he learnt about the world government the more he started hating them. He never understood why his sworn brother did what he did. Was it because he was ordered to do so ?
    Or did he just wanted to erase his own past ?
    And after a few years, he met the second in command of the revolutionary army, a guy named Sabo. Sabo offered him to work with them.
    There was no reason to refuse. Because the revolutionary army was fighting for the same things and with the same principles.
    A few years passed by and now the same guy he once considered his sworn brother is the fleet admiral of the marines and brandon is working with the revolutionary army fighting for the innocent against the corrupt.

    he uses two 15mm caliber handguns.
    Level 10
    5x10= 50

    Strength :19 + 2 (bonus for human) =21

    Speed :15 + 2 (bonus for human) =17
    2x17= 34
    ~Reaction- 21
    ~Movement- 13

    Vitality :8 + 2 (bonus for human) =10
    2x10= 20
    ~Durability- 10
    ~ Stamina- 10

    Martial arts :8 + 3 (Bonus for human) =11
    2x11= 22
    ~Gunsling- 22
  17. Dr_Ali


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    Name: zeus
    Thunder god
    Occupation: blacksmith
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 8th of january
    Height: 9 meters
    Weight: 600 Kg

    Zeus is a 9 meters tall giant, but has a fit body. he has a three line scar on his left eye in which he got while playing with his neighbors baby bear right before he brutally kills the poor bear. he has black eyes and a blackbeard. since he is a demigiant benig born from a giant father and mortal mother his hair is of two colores white and black. he also has a couple of black horns which grew up in the age of 20. he wears some light clothes and light sandals.

    the least you can say about zeus's personality is changeable. although he usually has that cold grin on his face, sometimes you find him very open minded and talkative. othertimes, you find him making fun of his crewmates. and there is also that side of his personality when he simply wants to break anything in his way. he can becone very angry at times to the point his veins start to pop up on his forhead, but even in the most upsetting situations he is always patient because he thinks patience is key to everything. some of the people who know zeus like to describe him as a " bomb set to explode". the only thing that can calm zeus's temper a lil bit is "zepton" tea. socially, zeus relays on his commrades a lot, he sees the crew as his family. zeus never abuse his powers aginst civilains, nor he ever torture his enemies. zeus never feel mercy for his enemies. all these things are in zeus because he carries a huge pride in himself being a giant, thinking that the honour of a giant requires him no to do such things. he likes to keep his body fit, so he trains everyday and he never drinks.

    not much is known about zeus's past. he is a demi giant who lived for a short time in Elbaf. his family decided to leave albaf after the tragic death of his father Reis in mysterious circumstances. the young zeus travelled the world shortly after his mother death. he worked many jobs for more than 10 years and finaly he found what he was good at, being a blacksmith. first, he worked for a group of world nobles and started to make them some handcuffs which he thought would be used to arrest criminals. when zeus saw the world noble use the handcuffs to handicap one of his friends and saw that celestial dragon smash his skull like if it was a watermelon, he decided he does not want to work with them anymore. he made a deal with the nobles that if he makes them a special hammer they would declare him free of service, so he made a hammer named mjolnir and put it in the center of an island named thoria. unfortunatly, zeus never promised the nobles he would make them a hammer that they can use, and that's why the nobles were angry and issued an order for his arrest. that's when zeus ran from the world. accedintly, he found two blacksmith brothers and started working with them. zeus gained many knowledge there and the two brothers told him about the sea and how interesting a journey can be out in the big ocean. the two brothers asked zeus about his origins in which told them that he is a giant and son of reis the giant, the two blacksmith brothers were shocked and told zeus that his father was a victim of a big conspiracy and he had to find the truth on his on. this lead him to grow ever determined to become a pirate and sail the seas to find the truth about his father.

    Zeus like to Call them cursed blades of chaos. These chain blades are special, being forged in the depths of hades, they can reach multiple upgrade levels. including fire of hades and winds of hell.

    Martial Arts:

    Rushing Chaos - While sprinting, Zeus executes a powerful double-slash attack. To perform it he swings the blades in a 45 degree angle from his chest at both sides of the opponent (requires 21 mastery, 11 movement, 11 strength) - DPR: C

    arms of olympus: Zeus swings his blades around him self in incredible speed to deny incoming small throwables up to 10 at a time.
    11 mastery, strength: clashes with DPR: D
    31 mastery, strength: clashes with DPR: C
    51 mastery, strength: clashes with DPR: B
    71 mastery, strength: clashes with DPR: A
    91 mastery, strength: clashes with DPR: S

    Chain Haymaker : Zeus wrap up the chains around his fists and delivers a huge haymaker (a close-fist over the shoulder arm bash). Zeus bends the blades underline his wrist and forearm to serve as an additional lever (requires 11 mastery, 21 strength) - DPR: C

    Rising Fury - Zeus performs a powerful attack that launches his opponent into the air. To start his single blade first makes contact with the ground. Then he pulls it with magnificent power to hit his opponent from an inferior angle, a follow up attack via the 2nd blade is also done to launch the opponent even higher up from the ground. the blades hit the opponent so fast from a 20 degree angle but the hit is not particularly “ staggering” but rather with the handles so that it can serve the purpose of this move ( launching the opponent flying in the air ) (requires 21 mastery, 21 strength) - DPR: C

    Spear of Chaos - First aiming, Zeus throws his chained blade to impale his opponent and yank him towards him. If Zeus is able to hit the opponent from the first blade hit then he pulls him and delivers a huge slash by his second blade. If Zeus is unable to hit the target from his first blade throw, he uses his second blade to do the same mechanism and if the second blade hit, he pulls his opponent and simply shoulder tackle him. (requirements 31 mastery, 31 strength) - DPR: C (each hit)

    out of the blue : Zeus uses his chains to grab an object and throw it towards his opponent. Using both of his blades, Zeus can throw heavier throwables such as boulders. (requires 21 mastery, 31 strength) - DPR: C

    Plume of Chaos - After the light attack “ Rushing chaos” Zeus can add a another Combo Finisher if there is an opportunity. This finisher includes 4-8 hits in a row with the last hit being a leap by Zeus in the air where he pulls his blades back, stretching his arms as much as possible and the pulls it back forward towards his opponent smashing him into the ground. (requires 41 mastery, 41 strength, 31 movement) - DPR: B (combined)

    Chaos Slam - While sprinting, Zeus leaps into the air and perform a powerful chain-slam attack. the attack does not hit with the chains, but rather the blades. This is to increase the speed of the attack. So Zeus grabs his blades from the handles and not from the chain as in " Plume of Chaos " and rains down a double blade slam on the opponent from a superior perspective. (requires 31 mastery, 41 strength, 41 movement) - DPR: B

    Quick Retreat : Zeus sticks his chains in a nearby wall/ object and uses the pulling force to evade. Zeus can either stick one blade into the wall to evade and use the other blade to stick it to an throwable object to throw at his opponent. or he could use both blades to evade x2 times quicker. Movement speed is equal to weapon mastery during this technique or 1/2 weapon mastery with one blade and can be at most one tier higher than the users movement speed. (requires 41 mastery, 31 strength)

    chain stance : Zeus changes his stances quite rapidly, thus, giving a very small window for countering or evading for all of his attacks. (requires 51 mastery, 51 movement speed)

    Fire of Hades : the blades of chaos were forged at the depths of hades, with enough development, the blades can activiate " the fire of hades " which increase all damage and " burn effects " on the enemies. (requires 61 mastery)

    inferno blades: ( while fire of hades is activated ) Zeus ignites up his blades by friction, runs towards the opponent, jumps in the air, and brings his flaming blades down on the ground inflicting burn damage. (requires 61 mastery, 61 strength, 51 movement) - DPR: A

    hell gates: ( while fire of hades is activated )
    Zeus throw his chain blades in a manner they are wrapped around his opponent, completely paralyzing their movement. Zeus ignites his blades inflicting massive burn damage. The opponent can break out of the chains if their strength is equal to or greater than Zeus's weapon mastery. (requires 61 mastery, 41 strength) - DPR: B

    meteor attack : ( while fire of hades is activated )
    zeus grabs a huge rock with his blades throwing it up in the sky rushing towards his opponent, here he ignites his blades to from a huge meteor, he can either add additional heat to shatter the rock converting it to several falling meteors or keep it as a single giant flaming rock. it ignites and directs the rock, but this time it can carry heavier things and deal more damage with burn damage. (requires 71 mastery, 71 strength, 51 movement) - DPR: A (meteor) or B (each small piece)

    Level 10 x 5 = 50
    Giant racial (+8 strength, +7 vitality, -2 mind)
    Strength: 13+8=21
    Speed: 21
    -reaction: 21
    -movement: 21
    Vitality: 3+7
    -durability: 10
    -stamina: 10
    Mind: 2-2=0
    Marital Arts: 11
    -Hades Blades: 22
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  18. SageDGod


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    Name: Nordstrom Thresher
    Epithet: El Tiburón
    Affiliation: Revolutionary Army
    Occupation: Revolutionary
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: 6/03
    Height: 6'00"
    Weight: 183 lbs.

    Thresher is a dark skinned male with a short black afro atop his head and fiery amber eyes. He stands at 6'00" tall, and has a slender swimmers build. He has facial hair in the form of a thinly trimmed goatee. He wears a grey button down shirt with black cuffs and collar, black pants with black shoes as well. He can often be seen puffing on a cigar.

    He is a very calm and collected young man, hardly ever getting visibly excited. However, he is not aloof, as he can be very social and respectful to most. He enjoys keeping people guessing and thus, hardly ever tells most people what's on his mind. He enjoys antagonizing both friend and foe, though he knows when he is taking it too far. It just depends on the person whether he cares or not. He likes to study people and at times he treats people less like individuals and more like puzzles.

    Nordstrom D. Thresher was born on an island in the West Blue. His hometown couldn't afford to pay the heavenly tribute, but it managed to thrive without fear of pirate invasions all the same. His island was directly above a small fishman island below. The people had long since negotiated a peace with the underwater folk and thus gained protection from the superior combatants. Nordstrom had made a friend of one of the younger fishmen, a clownfish named Amagumu, and they enjoyed playing with each other on the surface. One day, hehe followed Amagumu into the ocean and pointed out a bright glowing bubble deep at the bottom of the ocean, cutting through the darkness. Amagumu explained that this was his home. And while fishmen often populated Thresher's island, no human has ever made it to his own.

    Thresher promised to get strong enough to swim right down to the bottom of the ocean and be the first human to visit his home. As they got older, the beneficial friendship between human and fishman propelled the island's prosperity. The Gorosei and the world government decided that news of a healthy, self sustaining island in one of the weaker seas no less would possibly bring question to the necessity of the WG's protection. So they dispatched Cipher Pol to disrupt the flow of abundance.

    Within a year, the island was fooled into believing they had the support and backing of the WG. However, the only thing that occurred was almost 75% of their exports were being secretly "requisitioned" to the Navy. The villagers were no longer in prosperity but poverty with no rational reason of why. One day a world noble made a trip to the island, and unfortunately, Thresher and Amagumu were training together along his path. The celestial dragon noticed Amugumu's unique color pattern and requested to keep him as a pet.

    His royal guards attempted to capture him, but he and Thresher fought hard for his freedom. Eventually, they made it to a large cliff side to make sure Amagumu could jump into the ocean and flee. However a net gun was used to capture him, and Thresher was shot into the ocean. He would have bled out and died in the ocean but was saved by two revolutionary spies. They were gathering proof that the world government was siphoning resources illegitimately from the island when his body came sailing past their hideaway.

    Thresher explained what happened as they bandaged him. He begged them to help him rescue his friend but they couldn't abandon their mission, however, they offered to recruit him to prevent this from happening to anyone else. He took them up on their offer, to fain the strength to bring his friend home, and to take revenge on the WG for what they did to him and his home.

    level 10 x 5 = 50
    (+2 strength, +5 speed, +2 vitality)
    Strength: 10+2 = 12
    Speed: 16+5
    -reaction: 21
    -movement: 21
    Vitality: 13.5
    -durability: 6
    -stamina: 21
    Martial Arts: 10.5
    -Falcon Sumo: 21
    Custom fighting style: General description: This fighting style makes Use of the users flexibility and speed to evade and maneuver around the enemy in a display of areal grace while using your strength and endurance to attack your enemy with full power or use their own weight and momentum against them the minute your feet touch the ground.

    Starting Pose- the precursor to the fighting style, starts off in a sturdy horse stance with one fist on the ground. When the other touches the ground, the user throws themselves forward, usually into a headbutt aimed for the face or collar bone. Can be used in battle to quickly evade attacks and increase your momentum

    Hiyaku (soar)- the user uses one arm to almost weightlessly push themselves into the air gracefully. Can be used after vaulting off of an opponents arm or upper body.

    Diving shoulder throw- the user flips over their opponent and maintains wrist control over their opponents arm, and the minute their feet touch the ground, the user flips them over their shoulder and slams the opponent face/back first onto the ground in a devastating shoulder throw.

    Talon Tsuppari: a series of deadly open palm strikes aimed at the solar plexus, collar and throat, and the face, however the fingers are hardened and forward facing like the talons of a bird of prey. This can be used in midair.

    Feather dance: the user fashions their body like a feather and glides around the opponent's strikes. Unlike Kami-E, the user has to maintain full control and serenity to maintain this technique or they could unconsciously twist their body a way it shouldn't and damage themselves.

    Falcon's Eye Hariate: a well aimed palm strike that sucks all the momentum from the users almost ballet like movements as their feet slam to the ground in a firm horse stance and strikes out wherever they chose to aim to blow all of their energy into one strike. This strike will send the enemy flying from the force upon impact. This fighting style is all about shifting your momentum so if the attack is used, the user must return to the starting pose to gain that momentum and continue the martial art.

    Dive Bomb Suplex- like the Falcon's Eye Hariate, this move saps all previous momentum as the user shifts it all into their opponent, making them feel lighter than air, even should they be a humongous individual. The user throws the opponent into the air and jumps after them, latching onto them from behind. They then begin a decent and the user begins to spin and flip to disorient the opponent before the user lands on their feet and either throws the opponent a fair distance or they complete the arch and slams the opponent neck first into the ground.
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  19. Fire Tiger

    Fire Tiger

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    Name: Kilij Dao Odachi
    Affiliation: The Backyard Pirates
    Race: Tiger Mink
    Gender: Male
    Epithet: The Fire Tiger
    Occupation: Blacksmith
    Age: 21
    Date of Birth: February 21
    Height: 6 ft 2 in (187.96 cm)
    Weight: 230 lb (104 kg)
    Laugh Style: tora-tora-tora

    Physical description: As a Tiger Mink, Kilij has orange and white striped fur all over his body. He used to be bulkier when younger, but has slimmed down since he started travelling the seas. He has burn marks and scars on chest and arms as a result of his history as a gladiator. His most current clothing is Arabian style robes in earth tones that he got on a desert island. When travelling to a new town he usually hides his identity as a Mink with a hood, a scarf, and some bandages to avoid trouble with those who have never seen a Mink.

    Personality: Kilij Dao Odachi is a rather calm laidback Mink who prefers to avoid trouble whenever possible. Yet in combat he can be extremely vicious. When fighting or forging weapons he always focuses all of his attention on the present task. But he can also be quite clumsy at times. In fact he got the nickname “The Fire Tiger” for his tendency to often catch his clothes on fire without noticing it.

    Background: Kilij Dao Odachi grew up as a slave gladiator on the ship of an underworld broker. Ever since he could remember they would stop on some shady island to have him and some other slaves fight for the entertainment of the locals and then set sail to some other island to repeat the whole ordeal. Most of the slaves were exchanged or sold quite often, except for him and old man Strepen. They kept Kilij for the novelty of him being a Mink, which was easy to market in the arena. On the other hand, old man Strepen was a well experienced blacksmith slave whose creations would often lead to hefty profits.

    Malleus Strepen was also a Tiger Shark Fishman who could be counted as the closest thing to family that Kilij had. At first Kilij, who never knew his parents, thought that he was the same race as old man Strepen since they both had stripes. He even named himself after blades that Strepen had made. Malleus Strepen at first didn’t like the attention he got from the young Mink, but as he grew older and closer to death he decided to take boy as an apprentice and teach him everything knew about blacksmithing.

    From that point on Kilij would spend his time either fighting in the gladiatorial arenas or forging weapons on the ship under the tutelage of Malleus Strepen. That lifestyle continued for years until one stormy night were the ship was attacked by pirates. Cannon fire rained down on the ship and blew the brig wide open. Old Strepen took advantage of the chaos to escape into the sea with Kilij. After a week of being pull through the sea by the Fishman, Kilij and Strepen made landfall on a desert island. After this Strepen decided to head towards Fishman Island to enjoy his last few years as a free man. While on the other hand Kilij Dao Odachi wanted to travel the world to see new types of blades, swords, and weapons and learn the techniques to make them. Which one day would lead him to forge the strongest weapon in the world and be known as the best blacksmith to ever exist.

    Equipment: At the moment he has a shamshir sword that he forged on a desert island and a set of three throwing daggers. Since the shamshir is a curved blade, it can be used in a similar fashion to a katana. He wears light desert style robes that don’t hinder his movements. He has a backpack that contains some living supplies and some forging equipment.

    Abilities: As a bladesmith and an ex-gladiator he has knowledge and experience in using all types of blades including knives, throwing daggers, short swords, long swords, curved blades, rapiers, katanas, two handed swords, and bastard swords. Presently he uses a gladiatorial combat version of Ittoryu with a curved shamshir sword.

    -Ittoryu Iai: Tora Sonson ( meaning "One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Tiger's Song"): Placing the sheathed sword upright and listening to the "breath" of his opponent, the attacker rapidly unsheathes, attacks, and resheathes their sword. An interesting note is that the user does the technique back-handed as opposed to from the waist with a standard grip on the sword. (21 Strength, 11 Mastery) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Sanjuroku Pound Ho (三十六煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Sanjūroku Pondo Hō?, kanji meaning "Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires"; furigana meaning "Pound Phoenix/Cannon"): This attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance. To initiate it, the user first holds one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performs a circular swing that launches the air compressed projectile spiraling towards the target. (31 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Hiryu: Kaen (飛竜火焔 Hiryū: Kaen?, literally meaning "Flying Dragon: Blaze"): Using one sword wielded in his left hand with his right hand gripping his left wrist for support (or vice-versa), the user jumps high up into the air and slashes his opponent. After slashing them, the user's opponent then bursts into flames from where they were slashed. (31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 21 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: C
    -Yakkodori (厄港鳥 Yakkōdori?, literally meaning "Disaster Harbor Bird"): The user launches from his sword a crescent moon-like projectile of compressed air to the opponent with great speed, similar to 36 Pound Cannon.(31 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C
    -Sanbyakurokuju Pound Ho (三百六十煩悩鳳 Sanbyakurokuju-Ppondo Hō?, literally meaning "360 Pound Cannon"): The user delivers a stronger version of his 36 Pound Cannon, which is presumably 10 times stronger than the original.(51 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

    -Ittoryu Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson (一刀流 “居合” “死・獅子歌歌” Ittōryū Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson?, literally meaning "One Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Lion's Song of Death"): A stronger version of his original "Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson". The user swings his sword in a very quick and powerful unsheathe move to slice his opponent. This attack is strong enough to easily decapitate a legendary beast like a Dragon.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

    Daishinkan (大辰撼 Daishinkan?, literally meaning "Great Dragon Shock"): Daishinkan consists of the user running towards his opponent with their sword held outstretched in one arm. He then executes a two handed overhead swing used to split his opponent into two from the top down.(61 Mastery, 61 Strength and 61 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: A
    Baki (馬鬼(バキ) Baki?, literally meaning "Horse Demon"): After raising his sword above his head, the user delivers a powerful vertical slice to his opponent. This attack can easily slice through solid stone.(61 Mastery, 81 Strength and 41 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: A

    Taka Nami (鷹波 Taka Nami?, literally meaning "Hawk Wave"): While airborne, creates a powerful gust of wind to knock opponents over. It can be done while standing on the ground. The user says this attack is very useful against a group of weak enemies.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength)

    -Sai Kuru (犀回 Sai Kuru?, literally meaning "Rolling Rhino"): The user holds his swords in front of him pointing up, like rhinoceros horns, and spins quickly.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon (二刀流 「居合」 羅生門 Nitōryū Iai: Rashōmon?, literally meaning "Two Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Castle Gate"): A dual sword drawing technique so powerful that it can split large obstacles in half. The user draws his swords, and sheathes them quickly, able to split two train carriages in half.(41 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

    -Nanajuni Pound Ho (七十二煩悩(ポンド)鳳 Nanajūni Pondo Hō?, kanji meaning "Phoenix of the 72 Earthly Desires"; furigana meaning "72 Pound Phoenix/Cannon"): Same principle as the 36 Pound Cannon. Holding his two swords horizontally above the shoulder, the user then performs a circular swing that launches two air compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target instead of one, making it twice as powerful.(31 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Nigiri (弐斬り Nigiri?, literally meaning "Double Slash"): A stance where two swords are held parallel so that the tips are pointing to his right or left side, this move is like a pre-requirement to perform: Toro, Otoro, Hirameki, Samon, and Maguma.(41 Mastery)

    -Toro (登楼 Tōrō?, literally meaning "Climbing a Tower"): Two air-based projectile slashes are sent upwards while jumping as the user swings his swords in an upward motion.(31 Mastery, 21 Strength and 21 Movement Speed) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Otoro (応登楼 Ōtōrō?, literally meaning "Reply Climbing a Tower"): Two air-based projectile slashes are sent downwards while falling as Zoro swings his swords downwards, with the gravity complimenting the force of the attack.(51 Mastery, 41 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: B

    -Hirameki (閃 Hirameki?, literally meaning "Flash"): Two air-based projectiles are sent forward after swinging both swords from the left or right side.(41 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Samon (砂紋 Samon?, literally meaning "Sand Drawing"): Two air-based projectiles are sent diagonally down and to the left or right after swinging both swords from the left or right.(41 Mastery, 31 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    -Maguma (魔熊 Maguma?, literally meaning "Demon Bear"): A simple downward pound into the opponent with both swords.(21 Mastery, 21 Strength) Destructive Potency Rank: C

    Electro: a mink martial art combat available only to the mink race.
    1-20 mastery: basic electro on touch
    21-40 mastery: full body electro
    41-60 mastery: electro can coat weapons
    61-80 mastery: 1/10 turn sulong at night
    81-99 mastery: 1m ranged electro, 3/10 turn sulong at night
    100 mastery: 2m ranged electro, 6/10 turn sulong at night
    120 mastery: 3m ranged electro, 10/10 turn sulong at night

    Basic Electro (requires 1 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their hand.

    Full Body Electro (requires 21 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink shocks an opponent with their body.

    Electro Coating (requires 41 mastery): channeling energy through their fur, the mink covers their weapon in a layer of electricity that will shock on contact.

    Sulong (requires 61 mastery): using electricity the mink shocks their body function at limit breaker capacity giving +10 speed and strength. It can only be used at night

    Sulong Shock (requires 81 mastery): while in sulong form the mink can shoot electro at a 1m range.

    48x5 = 240 Mink Race Bonuses: +16 speed (4x4=16), +16 strength (4x4=16), +4 any (1x4=4), +5 any (MA mastery lvl. 41)
    Strength: 45 + 16 = 61
    Speed: 40+ 16 = 56
    56x2 = 112
    -Reaction: 50 +5(Mind) = 55
    -Movement: 62
    Vitality: 37 +5 =42
    42x2 = 84
    -Durability: 43
    -Stamina: 41
    Mind: 45
    45x2 = 90
    -Science: 42
    -Beast Mastery: 48
    Martial Arts: 57 + 4 = 61
    61x2 = 122
    -Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 61
    -Electro: 61
    Haki: 16
    16×2= 32
    -Armament Haki: 21
    -Observation Haki: 11(Awareness)
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  20. BKumafangirl67


    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Bounty Points:

    Affiliation: Backyard Pirates
    Race: Human/Cyborg (Pacifista)
    Gender: Male
    Epithet: PX-67/ The drifter
    Occupation: Explorer
    Age: ?
    Date of Birth: ?
    Height: 22'7.3½
    Weight: ?
    Motto: "Tomorrow is a chance to be better".
    Favorite food: Beef skewers
    Least favorite food: Yams


    Mamoru looks like any other pacfista, an exact look a like of Bartholomew Kuma. Mamoru though wears different clothing mostly a sand colored bandana with a paw print, a light blue T-shirt with a gaint black paw print , plain sand colored shorts, and sandals.

    Mamoru is a curious individual with the curiosity of a child though he can be rather shy and nervous at times especially when meeting people. Mamoru's curiosity causes him to become distracted very easily even during battle.

    Mamoru is afraid of the World Government and has fears of being caught and reprogrammed back into a default pacifista.

    He likes being helpful though sometimes his help can be more of a calamity as he might misinterpret what someone asked and he can be a bit clumsy.

    PX-67 was a typical run of the mill pacifista but during a fight with a giant pirate PX-67 sustained a massive blow to the head and was knocked out. This injury somehow gave PX-67 free will. At first PX-67 freaked out over this new experience and ran wild nearly destroying a nearby village but the villages librarian tracked the pacifista down and managed to calm him down. The elderly librarian took the pacifista in and taught PX-67 on how to be human.

    One night the village was attacked by a group of forest bandits and when word of the attack got out PX-67 stood up and protected the village. Due to his bravery the village chief renamed the pacifista Mamoru which means "protector".

    Eventually Mamoru grew curious of the places outside of the village and decided to leave and explore the world.

    Shipwrights sledgehammer:
    A very durable sledgehammer that is crafted from iron, steel, and wood.

    Mamoru's backpack: Mamoru uses this to carry around his belongings which is usually a few cans of food, a water canteen, a medical kit, robotic parts, and his old pacifista uniform.

    Pacifista uniform: Mamoru uses this to sneak into Marine/ W.G. affiliated areas. He only uses it to sneak in and grab supplies.

    Level 25
    Strength: 37 + 4 = 41
    Speed: 37 + 4 = 41
    -Reaction: 41
    -Movement: 41
    Vitality: 37 + 4 = 41
    -Reaction: 41
    -Movement: 41

    Cyborg: 14 + 6 = 20
    -Destruction: 20
    -Armoring: 20
    -Energy: 20
    -Utility: 20

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