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Discussion in 'One Piece Manga Discussion' started by Hades, May 2, 2019.

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  1. Hades


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    While going through some other thread..I had some weird doubt about the timeline of certain events..

    Roger became PK 20 years ago before MF war (reference for time)...and WB was deemed as Rogers equal

    Roger must have invaded Totoland 20+ years before....

    Kaido and Bigmom were once in the same crew under Rox and Garp was the reason Rox pirates got disbanded

    Roger era came after the Rox era...

    So now

    1) How did Yonkou system come into an existence? and who were the emperors at that time? Bigmom/Kaido/WB and Roger???

    2) Why only Rox who was stronger than Bigmom/Kaido/WB at that time got captured ?

    3) Was Bigmom yonkou or part of Rox pirates when Roger invaded totland?

    Please share your opinion...thanks
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  2. kiiro94


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    Yonkou means 4 Emperors.
    Before, there werent 4 Emperor, maybe there were non. And it does not mean that there could only be 4 now, as long as you could hold yourself as an Yonkou, then you are also an Emperor.
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  3. Jo_Ndule


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    Rox was like PK of his era , without reaching Rafael, no one or crew wa equal to him until he fell
    After their era, Roger Shiki WB took over , the Golden trio
    Then BM was growing powerful during this time while WB was renowned as WSM.
    Roger then founded Rafael after edd war against shiki.

    I believe The legendary pirate is WB captain!
    Another crew which Was powerful during Rox era
  4. Awakening_coming


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    Since Shanks likes to work with the WG, I'd say that it started with him, since 13 years ago he was already a yonko.
    Maybe the yonko system came to be exactly to prevent another PK rising.
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  5. Zorofanboy97


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    I think the system of Yonkou only came after Roger's death. It was needed to keep the balance so before there were no Yonkou. Rox pirates were the big scary pirate crew back in the day and after Garp broke them up WB, Kaido and Big Mom were the 3 crews that ruled the New World. Once the Great Pirate Age began, Shanks became the 4th pirate and that's how the Yonkou came about.

    Big Mom wasn't Yonkou when Roger invaded Totland because there were no Yonkou at that time but she was a big pirate back then still.

    We still don't know what happened to Rox. He/she may not have been captured but actually died and that's why the crew broke up or Rox may be an organization that Garp destroyed (like Strawhats did to Baroque Works) but fact is we know very little about Rox.

    I mean the Rox were huge 40 years ago and Roger invaded Totland 20 years ago so I would assume that by that time Rox was broken up (Or it could be Luffy-like situation where it was Roger who broke them up but the Marines gave the credit to Garp but I really don't think that Oda would use the same situation again tbh)
  6. Mohammad211


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    Roger Become PK 25 years Ago and Died 24 years Ago

    About roger i don't remember if it was Filer Or Not But they Said That Roger Enter GL 3 Years Before Become PK (28 years Ago) it isn't match With Rox Defeat (it Was 40 years Ago)
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  7. spitles


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    Dunno ...
    - 'Yonko' are part of the World Governement's funny world balance
    - 'Yonko' titles seem to be given by the World Government ...

    so maybe :
    - 'Yonko' have been existing since the World Governement has been existing
    - so for about 800 years there might have been up to 4 dudes entitled 'yonko' lol ...

    so before Roger's funny adventure,
    about 800 to 28 years ago, some 'yonko' could/might have been :
    - 'Continent Puller' Oars (died about 500 years ago)
    - Rocks/Rox captain (doomed by Garp about 40+ years ago)
    - Happou Navy previous leaders (Chinjao was 12th leader, doomed by Garp about 30 years ago)
    - Giant Warrior Pirates captains (Jarl&Jorl) (Dorry&Broggy) (previous ones?) (disbanded about 100 years ago)
    - Etc... (Vander Decken, Captain John, dudes we don't/will never know about, etc...)

    then during Roger's funny adventures,
    about 28 to 25 years ago, 'yonko' could/might have been :
    - 'Golden Lion' Shiki (biggest pirate fleet) (doomed by Roger about 27 years ago)
    - Etc... (eventual secret dudes we don't/will never know about) ...
    - 'Bigmom' Charlotte Linlin (had about 50 kids already),
    - 'Whitebeard' Edward Newgate,
    - 'King of the Beasts' Kaido ...

  8. Rp4lyf


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    Roger was a pirate for 27 years before he went on his final voyage with Crocus. He was a famous Rookie Pirate like Luffy 54 years ago.

    Brook remembers Roger from when Brook was alive and sailing with the Rumbar pirates.
    Roger is 9 years older than Big Mom.
  9. Nessos


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    • Rox Era ended ~ 40 years ago
    • Roger/WB/Shiki Era ended ~ 25 years ago
    • WB/BM/Kaidou/Shanks Era startet to end 2 years ago and ist about to end completly now.
    • Era of the worst gen is about to begin
    Big Mom and Kaidou were already known as part of Rox. After the fall of Rox the Era of Roger, WB and Shiki began. In this time BM already manage to make herself a name andnformed her Crew with Family members.
    After Edd war and Rogers execution. Kaidou made his comeback and Shanks became famous.
  10. Flower


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    The entire power balance system was only created after Roger's execution and the announcement of the great Pirate Age. In order to prevent pirates from becoming PK the WG established the Yonkou and Shichibukai systems, so that those powerful pirates would stand in the way of those who want to reach Raftel because that meant that the Ancient History would get known to more and more people (you know since the ability to read poneglyphs is mandatory in order to even reach Raftel).
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  11. Buusatan94


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    The Yonkos most likely came to existence after the Great Age of Piracy began when of all the pirates competiting for the One Piece or dominance over the New World or both, the four pirates captains that would be called Emperors and their crews proved themselves to be far more powerful and influential than any of the other pirates and became the real authority in the New World by crushing or cowing into submission the other pirates who challenged them.
    The WG of course didn't have the means to take on the four of these pirates captains and their crews and allies but they in turn sought to reinforce their power by granting more means to the WG scientific division and by producing more and more of Vegapunk's inventions like the seastone used on the bottom of the marines ships to allow them to go on Calm Belt, the items eating df technique and the lineage factor and human weapons like the Pacifistas to increase the powers of the Navy and by creating the Shichibukai system hoping that having seven very powerful pirates at their side would help to dissuade the yonkos from being tempted to try to overthrow the WG. They also tried to prevent any meeting between the yonkos as an alliance between two yonkos alone would be a terrible threat.

    Thankfully for the WG the yonkos were not interested into joining forces with each other and are stalemating each other creating some stability in the NW by controlling most of the pirates there and eliminating those who had the potential to find the One Piece and to create future problems for the WG and they weren't interested into going in a full war with the WG until they had reached the means to achieve their personnals ambitions in Kaido and BM's cases or were simply happy to live their own lifeand protect their territories as long as they weren't bothered in Whitebeard and Shanks' case.
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    As for Rox he was most likely the most powerful pirate in the world when Roger, Newgate, Shiki, Linlin and Kaido were young and he likely took Linlin and Kaido under his wing after seeing their potential and made them part of his crew much like Roger later took Shanks and Buggy and Whitebeard took Squard and Ace under their wing. It was likely his downfall that allowed Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki to become the new most powerful pirates and to bring a new age of piracy around 30 years ago.
    After Rox's defeat Linlin most likely came back to Totto Land to increase her crew and family's power and Numbers and it was during this time that Roger came to Totto Land and read her Road Poneglyph. Meanwhile Kaido was most likely beggining his own crew and recruiting the young King, Queen and Jack into it.
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  12. Shanks You

    Shanks You

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    It was Rox era then Roger era than yonko era. There was no such thing as yonko during Rox and Roger era. Just very powerful pirates in the new world.
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  13. Travolta


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    do we even know if Rox was a single person and not a syndicate?
  14. Yasu


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    I think there were no Yonkos at that time..... after Roger died the WG called Yonkos these 4 pirates that they saw closest to the OP, they were reign like Kings but they were no Kings..

    I'm still with the idea that Rox was not a person but a fleet (like Luffy's grand fleet with more crews allied/under a captain) cuz 40 yeas ago BM was 28 and she was already an hell of a pirate with her crew her territory (Katakuri/Oven/Daifuku were 8 yrs old Perospero 10) she was not strong as today ofc but still it was BM....
    Kaido was most likely younger (I'd say between 15 and 20 yrs old? And sure he was no joke too

    Maybe the Rox's captain had some dream like conquer the World or some sh** like that and formed this alliance with very strong pirates of that time i mean the Navy at that time had prime
    Sengoku Garp Kong Tsuru and who knows who it makes more sense if a very charismatic figure at that time formed this alliance to do that....

    We know that the Navy don't engage fights with Yonkos if they don't do something crazy so probably the Rox's captain did something like idk declare War to the WG or something else and the Navy decided to take him down
    And since (as my idea) they were an alliance maybe the captain had his own ship/crew and Garp somehow get to isolate him from the others and when he got captured/defeated the alliance disbanded. ...

    I think she was not a Yonko nor Rox
    Cuz at that time she was planning to reach Raftel like Roger so it was probably during the very last part of Roger's journey Rox were defeated already and Yonko was not a thing...
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