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Big Mom's Devil Fruit And Character

She's A Witch!

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  1. dizzy2341


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    This theory is preety similar to what it actually is. Congrats!
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  2. Indra


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    a type of soulsteal,hard to tell for now
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  3. Divvens


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    Haha, I did state this in my theory:
    But I didn't guess Soul stealing, or the Soul Soul fruit :D My points were pointing to something different.

    But I'm still happy! Almost everything in this arc has the fairy tale feel and involves reference to magical and fun stories.
  4. FrankyG


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    Even though one could say that its debunked now since you did not think of the right fruit I still feel the assumption is right. What is after all a witch? Yes I know the whole old, fat woman, big nose, big cauldron and broom to fly on thing but what role does a witch play?

    A witch mostly comes into stories on 2 occasions:
    1. the first one is the witch hunt, this is where things seem to go wrong, people getting sick, animals dying, drought etc, and people want somebody to blame. Hence the old lady living alone becomes a good target. Even better if she has been using herbal medicine or things like that.

    2. the second one is when unnatural help (let's call it that) is needed. Somebody is sick or dying, something is lost or any other kind of wish.

    With point 2 we have to remember however that there is a reason why they are called witch instead of just sorceress or something. Witches would in all stories want something in return.

    With Big Mom this can be seen with all the inhabitants overing part of their soul (lifespan) to Big Mom for her continued protection. It has a Halloween kind of vibe to it, which is also often linked to witches.

    Now this might seem a strange comparison to make but Big Mom and the whole Jimbei thing kind of reminded me of that sea witch Ursula in Ariel the litle Mermaid. She gave Ariel legs and as a price took away her voice. We don't know yet what Jimbei had to pay as price but hopefully we will find out soon.

    Anyway, to sum it up, even though the DF is wrong I still feel that the Witch thing stands :cigar:
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