Discussion Baam's 2nd Thorn Fragment Confirming Baam's Perfection of Arie style attack

Discussion in 'Tower Of God' started by GUDUman, Nov 28, 2018.

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    We know that Baam is a wave controller and also have 2 out of 4 fragments of Thorn after departing from Floor of Death.

    • What we saw till now 1st thorn has the power to control shinsoo :
    1. In Baam vs Reflejo fight Baam could perform reverse flow control on Reflejo ( whose body was made up of Shadow ) only when he used 1st thorn fragment. That is controlling irregularites in shinsho.
    2. The 1st fragment of thorn boosts Baam's attacks in all fights like initially it was shown in the fights with Yura and Buelsar at Train Station, where it boosted his physical capabilities or shinsoo resistance.
    3. Baam could also use 1st thorn fragment to manipulate shinsoo of the surrounding as we saw in the Name Hunt Station during the fight with La Po Bia Alpine and in fight with Hell Joe in Floor of death.
    4. Then Baam also used it to kill the immortals in Floor of Death ( as per Garam Zahard thorn was the was the cause) to break the spell of immortality. I am trying to rule out the cause being Shinwonryu saying that Gustang also considers the release of all the soul from the spell to be difficult for him.
    • As for the Power of Blue Thryssa we saw it gave the following powers to Baam
      1. Its power boosted the power of Baam to read better shinsoo and enhance
        1. His fight with Bang-type family who had Hendo Family Blood too boosted his shinsoo attack ( season 2 chp 154)
        2. His ability read movements shown during his fight with rabbit-type opponent in the 36th floor test, Hoaqin's fight just at the time he was going to enter that Hell Train and also the 35th floor test.
        3. Read shinsoo to catch the invisible weapon in the fight with Kaiser or La Po Bia Elaine.
    • The powers of 2nd White we saw that white's Sword is "Space itself controlled by shinsoo".
    The 2nd Fragment of Thorn was delivered to Baam by Po Bidau Gustang in the Floor of Death. If we look into its ability it seems like it has space control abilities as we saw in the fights in Hidden Floor and during the training of Baam with God of Guardians of Hell Floor post Hidden Floor.

    So i feel like if First thorn's Shinsoo control along with the Blue Thryssa's Shinsoo readability and the Space control skills are combined together by Baam then Baam could Learn Arie techniques perfectly.
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