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Discussion in 'The Promised Neverland' started by TMWRS, Feb 4, 2019.

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    For those who have read 120, you'll all know that to put things bluntly, Norman's plan is to wipe out the demons as a means to save all the human children in the demon-controlled side of the world. In defence of Norman, he probably didn't come up with his current solution as a matter of revenge but as a matter of it being the most effective option out of all the options he may have considered, and it clearly has majority support.

    It's all good to oppose a solution that has some glaringly obvious ethical problems but mere opposition isn't enough if there is not an alternative solution, which is the purpose of this thread: coming up with alternative solutions to that of Norman's. Factors recommended for consideration include time, resources, viability (chances of success), moral/ethical considerations and costs (as in lives).

    Emma (when she finds the courage) might propose that they should find an (ethical/moral) way to not make it necessary for the demons to eat humans as a means to maintain their form. Clearly such a solution would not have time on its side nor would it be very logical but it would be consistent with Emma's character and is still within the realm of possibility since they can visit Mujika who hasn't eaten humans for a long time but is still very much maintains a clear mind; getting to her would be difficult since they have to avoid various adversaries.
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