Questions & Mysteries Ace's promise - Luffy and the Wano tyrant

Discussion in 'One Piece Manga Discussion' started by Bogard, Jul 14, 2018.


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  1. Bogard


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    Well well where to start??? We knew since Marineford that Ace already was in Wano

    From that moment i was always wondering what Oda would be planning concerning Ace in Wano

    In Zou as well, we had Momonosuke who hinted at the possibility as having met Ace


    He talked about having an acquaintance of Roger before, but it is impossible due to his age and on the other hand, similarities between Ace and Roger have been mentioned countless times before, suggesting he may have mistaken Ace to him

    And from the latest chapter, we were introduced to a girl coming from Kuri(same village as Momo)


    know that a girl named O Tama decided to stay there as the only inhabitant(with her curious master) because Ace wanted to come back there

    And funnily enough both Momo and O Tama are 8years old

    So that instantly brought questions into my mind with one of them being why exactly did Ace want to come back there?

    Well if you re-read her words towards Luffy before hand, she said

    1- There are pirates she like and others she hate
    2- Big Brother, you are one of the kind and strong ones

    I think from this, it's likely Ace was one of the pirates she liked and considered as a Big Brother due to his kindness and strength.

    And based on the promise to stay here until he came back, it's not impossible that with his strength, Ace may have wished to come back here to deliver Kuri from a tyrant. The tyrant in itself is uncertain yet because it can either be Kaido or Orochi, due to both hating th kozuki clan considering it as a crime just to talk about them

    But it'd make more sense to me if it was Kaido because i can see Oda creating this opportunity to make Luffy fulfil the wish Ace wanted to in his place. In either case, i'm very interested in the way things will go from now on :)
  2. vikas


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    no it was not...kaidou recently took wano not like 3 years ago. there was no tyrant or was probably just a normal childish promise.
  3. Deleted member 24959

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    Aye, the shrine called for you.:kappa:
    Luffy beating Kaido for Ace would be too much for me.
    He has already Sakazuki and Blackbeard on his "beat for Ace"- list.
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  4. Cinera


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    I can only say "as expected of Bogard". However, I get the sense that Kaido only recently occupied Wano.
    • Oden was killed only a few (around 8 IIRC) months ago.
    • Tama says when the Kozuki family comes back, implying that when Oden was around this wasn't the climate.
    Given the above, I think Kaido occupied Wano less than a year ago and executed Oden shortly after this occupation.
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