Avatar, Profile Cover And Signature Guidelines

Avatars, Profile Covers & Signatures are features that every member can use to be unique and present their content with their unique identity. If you do not know how to use these features, kindly click here to learn. On this page we mention the guidelines that must be followed while using these features.


  1. Your avatar must be suitable for all ages. Please refrain from adding images of adult nature.
  2. We suggest that the avatar you upload is larger than 200x200 pixels.
  3. The maximum avatar size (file size) allowed is 240kb. Avatars exceeding this limit will automatically be rejected while uploading.

Profile Covers

  1. Your profile cover is a piece of image that makes your profile page unique. To learn how to add a profile cover click here.
  2. Your profile cover must be suitable for all ages. Please refrain from adding images of adult nature.
  3. Recommended profile cover size is 920x280 Pixels (width x height). Member profile pages are a part of the "responsive" design, and the images are automatically made to fit the designated area, make sure your images are within the stipulated pixels.
  4. The use of Photobucket or Imageshack to upload your profile covers is prohibited.
  5. Team Oro Jackson holds the right to modify and/or remove your profile cover image with valid reason.


  1. Your signature must be suitable for all ages. Please refrain from adding images of adult nature.
  2. Your signature should not contain links to other websites with the primary intention of advertising/drawing attention to said websites.
  3. You are allowed a maximum of one large image and one small graphic (userbar, tag etc.) in your signature.
  4. We do not restrict the file size of your signatures, but if your signature file size is slowing the loading of webpages on Oro Jackson we will ask you to change your signature.
  5. Maximum signature image size allowed is 500px x 280px (width x height), any image above this limit should be added in spoiler tags on the signature, we do not allow signature images above the height limit of 800 pixels even when inside spoiler tags to keep file size reasonable.


  6. Your signature may not contain videos, not even inside spoiler tags (hidden).
  7. Your signature (including all images, text and content) cannot exceed the maximum height of 450 Pixels. Kindly make use of SPOILER BBCODE if your signature has too much content and exceeds this limit.

    Signature Max Height
If your avatar and/or signature violates the rules, you will be sent a personal message asking you to make the necessary changes. If you fail to make those changes, your avatar and/or signature may be removed.
Jul 12, 2011
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