Rules Of Engagement

Guidelines all participants must follow.

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The following are the guidelines all participants must follow. Please keep in mind that the forum rules and regulations also apply.

1. Member Conduct

a) All participants must respect each other, no personal attacks will be tolerated.
b) If you find that something/someone is personally attacking you or trying to instigate you, please click the report button and let the staff handle it without personally getting involved and multiplying the problems.
c) Users may not reveal any content that is discussed inside the privacy of a faction sub-forum in open public or anywhere outside the faction sub-forum. Doing so compromises the privacy each faction is equally provided.
d) Users found sharing private information will be removed and will not be allowed to participate in Davy Back Fight 2.
e) The staff holds the right to modify/remove any content.

2. General Rules

a) A user may not create multiple accounts for the sole reason of joining Davy Back Fight. Users found with multiple accounts will face consequences.
b) You may only discuss about Davy Back Fight 2 either in "The Central Hub" forum or in your own faction sub-forum. Discussion of Davy Back Fight 2 elsewhere is prohibited. Members found doing so may face consequences.
c) You may recruit members for your faction, but in doing so remember the general rules of anywhere you are trying to recruit from.
d) You may only join one faction, and you are not allowed to leave the faction until the end of Davy Back Fight 2.
Jul 27, 2013
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