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Some frequently asked questions regarding Davy Back Fight are answered here. If you still have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to ask us.
  • What Is Davy Back Fight (DBF)?
  • Davy Back Fight is an event where you, the users get to join one of the three factions, The Pirates, The Marines and The Revolutionaries and compete in a series of events under that faction with other teammates towards a common goal of victory.

  • How do I join a faction?
  • To join a faction, you need to be a registered member. If you are a registered member, you may go to and select which faction to join. Chose wisely! Once you join a faction you cannot leave the faction and/or join another faction until the end of Davy Back Fight 2.

  • What is "Beli"?
  • Beli is the primary currency of Davy Back Fight 2. It is awarded to factions for completing tasks, earning achievements, winning events etc. 1 Beli is converted to 5 Bounty Points.

  • What is the ultimate prize? Why am I participating?
  • As this is a team game, each faction as a whole earns Beli and not any individual. The "Beli" is converted to Faction Bounty, and at the end of Davy Back Fight 2, the total "Faction Bounty" will be divided equally within all faction members. I.E, if you have 10 faction members and 20,000 "Faction Bounty", each faction member will get 2,000 Bounty Points. This requires you to work as a team, since you earn more Bounty if your team earns more Beli!

  • How do I communicate with my faction members?
  • Communication is made easy, all factions have their own private sub-forums where they can discuss and plan along with other faction members. As per the DBF Rules, you are supposed to communicate only via the faction sub-forums.

  • How much Bounty can I earn being a part of Davy Back Fight?
  • It purely depends on how your faction performs, the more Beli your faction earns, the more bounty you individually earn. Last year, the Marines won and each Marine faction member was awarded with 12,000 Bounty Points.

Jul 27, 2013
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