The Factions

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Proud, valiant, fearless men of justice. The Marines, guided by the legendary Monkey D. Garp are one of the factions in the Davy Back Fight. Protecting the weak and punishing the guilty, they are the men of justice who stand against those who threaten the peace and tranquillity of everyday life. Marines are for those who fear none and never run. They go through days and nights of training and take their duty seriously!

The Marines, led by Fleet Admiral Simovich had secured victory in Davy Back Fight 1. They have since then proved that the Marines are strong and brave, they may be outnumbered but they aren't out-skilled. The Marines are currently led by Fleet Admiral Ruffeh and aim to light the torch of Justice in this era of war.

It is not a sin to be weak, as Marines it is our job to protect the innocent and punish the guilty! Can we stand by when countless Pirates and Revolutionaries disturb the peace of the commoners? Can we stand by and watch them slaughter the parents of innocent children? Can we stand by and watch this injustice? NO! We shall light the flames of justice in this era of war, join the Marines and stand for what is right!

Adventurists and Jolly Men of the sea! Pirates guided by Monkey D. Luffy are one of the factions in Davy Back Fight. Never ending adventures and happiness awaits those of you who chose his side! Pirates have no fear and they dream big, they never give up and never turn back!

The Pirates, led by Captain Rex were defeated in Davy Back Fight 1. They have come back for revenge and to restore their honor, with Captain Rex leading them again! The Pirates want to show the world that the age of dreaming isn't over, and will never end!

Gol D. Roger began the great era of pirates, he found out the truth about the world and sparked a great fire that couldn't be controlled. If you want to be legendary, if you want your names written down in the books of history, join the pirates, and we'll conquer this era of war!

Freedom fighters and protectors of the weak, the Revolutionaries lead by Monkey D. Dragon are one of the factions in the Davy Back Fight. They don't stand for injustice, they have no fear facing the ones in power! Revolutionaries use all their might to protect the weak!

The Revolutionaries, led by Boss Bluue, were defeated in Davy Back Fight 1. They are rising from the ashes of defeat, in order to change the world with Boss Bluue leading them once again! They Revolutionaries will end this era of war by taking control of the world powers.

What has the world shown you? Suffering, injustice, abuse, has it shown you anything good? Have those in power ever done anything good? We, the Revolutionaries shall change this era and bring the power to us, the people! Do not be fooled by the high and mighty talks of the Pirates and Marines, barking dogs seldom bite. If you wish to be the change, join the Revolutionaries!
Jul 27, 2013
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