Faction Achievements

Your faction earns achievements for feats they perform, look here to know what they are!

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All factions can earn Beli by completing achievements, not only do achievements earn faction Beli, the faction also would earn ribbons for certain achievements.

Current Achievements

  1. It's Time To Begin Our Journey! - 50 Beli
  2. Your faction has 5 members, you are ready to set sail!

  3. Let's Go To The Grand Line! - 100 Beli
  4. Your faction has 10 members, you are ready to take on the challenges of the Grand Line!

  5. We Are Ready To Rock And Roll! - 100 Beli
  6. Your faction has participated in their first event.

  7. We Face Our First Threat! - 150 Beli
  8. Your faction has 16 members, you are now ready to take on your first serious threat!

  9. Let's Party! - 200 Beli
  10. Your faction has won their first event.

  11. Why Not We? - 200 Beli
  12. Your faction has caused disturbance to another faction by using a shop item.

  13. Moving On...! - 250 Beli
  14. Your faction has advanced to Island 2.

  15. Moving On, To The Next Island! - 300 Beli
  16. Your faction has 25 members, you are moving at a great pace!

  17. That's What I Call A Team! - 400 Beli
  18. Your faction has won 3 events.

  19. Let's Conquer The Grand Line! - 600 Beli
  20. Your faction now has 40 members, you are strong enough to conquer the Grand Line!

  21. Winning Is A Habit... - 600 Beli
  22. Your faction has won 5 events.

  23. We Trust Our Leader! - 600 Beli
  24. Your faction has excellent team work, you and your faction leader are a true team!

  25. It's Fine, We Learn To Win By Loosing, So Keep Loosing Suckers! - 1000 Beli
  26. Your faction has annihilated the others by winning 8 events!

  27. It's Time To Enter The New World! - 1000 Beli
  28. Your faction now has 65 members, you are ready to head towards the New World!

  29. In Fate We Trust - 1000 Beli
  30. Your faction has dominated an island by winning all events on it.

  31. While We Laugh, They Cry! - 2500 Beli
  32. Your faction is unstoppable, you have dominated two islands by winning all events on it!

  33. The Legendary Crew - 3000 Beli
  34. Your faction is LEGENDARY! They have won 12 events!

  35. A Team Is A Team, No Matter What! - 3000 Beli
  36. Your faction has shown exemplary team work during a time of crisis, keep pushing forward!

  37. It's We Who Shall Put An End To This Era - 5000 Beli
  38. Be the last faction standing, as the victor of this era.
Jul 27, 2013
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