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Davy Back Fight is one big event that has many sub events within it. Factions compete against each other in these sub events, in Davy Back Fight 2 we've introduced a new way on how the events are played after feedback from various members on the Davy Back Fight 1 events.

There are two categories of events, they are "Islands" and "Lone" events. Below we will explain more about these two type of events.


Lone Events are those type of events that have one common goal for all factions and generally have no deadline and are considered ongoing for the entire length of the Davy Back Fight. They usually come to an end when the Davy Back Fight itself comes to an end.

These events give factions one goal and the winner is selected at the end of Davy Back Fight based on certain criteria. An example of a Lone Event would be Event Zero.


Unlike Lone Events, "Island" events are a group of events ranging from 3 to 5 events per "Island". Each faction has access to all events of an "Island" and can complete the events in any order. This eliminates the need to complete events "one by one", because you have the freedom to choose which event you complete and when. You can take on all the events at once or approach them one by one, the choice lies with the faction.

Each "Island" has its own unique story that continues on the main Davy Back Fight: The Era Of War story. Each Island also has "random events" that can have a positive or negative effect based on your actions on the Island. Factions must complete all the events on the Island to move on to the next Island, at certain stages if a faction is early in finishing a particular Island they may be allowed to proceed to the next Island regardless of the progression of other factions, thus completing the events fast may be advantageous.
Jul 27, 2013
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