Bounty Points

Oh how infamous those with high Bounties are in One Piece. And on Oro Jackson? The Same! Those with Bounty Points are infamous, but for all the right reasons! Bounty Points is a prestigious currency system that powers the Oro Jackson economy, and Team Oro Jackson fuels the economy by awarding Bounty Points to those members who stand out and influence Oro Jackson in a positive manner.

Support Oro Jackson
You will be rewarded with Bounty Points for having a positive impact on Oro Jackson in terms of content, behavior and nature. Other ways to earn Bounty Points are:

Events: Participate in Official Events and Member Organized Events.
Media: Contribute with Media, content that is approved by Oro Jackson to be shared on its social networks will be rewarded.
Content: Contribute with engaging and interesting content. Authors of discussions, theories and speculations that stand out will be rewarded.
You can either save up and let your Bounty Points accumulate or spend it to purchase and redeem goodies. You can also trade Bounty Points with other users.

Events: Sponsor Member Organized Events and boost activity in events you are interested in.
Shop: You can purchase or gift various items via the Member Shop.
Redeem: You can redeem your Bounty Points for items such as Steam Games, Manga Volumes and more via the Member Shop.
Bounty Points

The Wanted upgrade is a special account upgrade which can be purchased for a limited amount of time via the Member Shop. The Wanted upgrade unlocks special privileges for your account.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Username color and special tag.
  • UNIQUE: Set a custom user title that will show under your username.
  • LARGER AVATARS: Upload larger (file size) avatars to your account.
  • CONVERSATION LIMIT: Add up to 40 participants in existing and new personal conversations.
  • UPLOAD: Ability to upload images directly to your posts.
Mar 22, 2012
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