Speculation zoro's trade with fujitora

how he will get his new swords

  1. amirkasem
    hello ,

    now i know this is pure speculation and i have no evidence but i think this is the only way zoro will become the strongest swords man. its just a light hearted wish i guess . just thought itd be cool.

    Facts we know:
    • zoro has the national treasure of wano. this being the sword ryuma gave him in thriller bark
    • fujitora is is not allowed back to the marines unless he has the head of luffy and law.so he will most likely follow them.
    • fujitora in one of the last scenes expresses his positive attitude for luffy
    • zoro is at wano kingdom (on his way)
    • devil fruits can be imbued into inanimate objects
    • zoro has showed interest in a "fire sword". this can be seen after he attacks mr.2 with his sword covered in fire and remarks how a "sword covered in fire" is not that bad. also he mentions his want for a "fire sword" again some time after seeing kinimon use his.
    • zoro follows the swordsmen's code of conduct. its why he lets mihawk cut him in the front because its a shame for a swordsmen to have a wound on their back.(possibly because it might indicate he might have turned to run away from his fight/enemy)
    • zoro has said that he is not looking to be able to cut diamond as its a waste.
    • diamond can not be cut but it can be crushed or grinned.

    speculations :
    • fujitora's DF is in his sword , this maybe the reason for the need of contact to apply pressure to a specific person
    • fujitora is from wano (he looks and dresses like a samurai )
    • zoro's need for better swords , having haki on the sword does not make it indestructible it just increases the durability. A better grade sword + Haki = more sword durability
    • zoro is not willing to give up kunia's sword.

    zoro will be unwilling to give the national sword back to wano because he has already rejected kinimon;s request to give up his sword. its a very good quality sword and he uses the 3 sword style. so to lose a sword like that would compromise his ability to use his signature 3 sword style. now this is where my theory can split 2 ways. we know zoro has three swords currently.
    1. the cursed sandikatsu
    2. kunia's sword
    3. the national treasure of wano
    now i dont know if zoro will lose 2 or 1 of his swords. he will most likely trade the sandikatsu with a native of the wano kingdom(fujitora). the 2nd sword he could possibly lose is the one kunia gave him. but i think kunia will show up in wano. "but she died you scream" i dont think she died and i have no proof for it. the only possible explanation i have is that maybe since she mastered what the teacher could teach her she wanted to leave to train her swordsmen ship. knowing that this would be dangerous she faked her death with the help of her teacher to pervent zoro from coming and possibly to give up the dangerous dream of wanting to be the greatest swordsmen in the world knowing how dangerous that could be. post the confrontation and beating he will return the sword because it is no longer his. this will give him only one sword.

    now the new swords

    version 1:

    He does not trade the national treasure with fujitora but gives it back to the people of wano becusea just how he gave kunia's sword back being not his anymore he will also return the sword of wano. he has explained early in the story how his swords are an extension of his body. knowing this why would he feel at a sword is an extension of his body if it does not truly belong to him. in return knowing he uses the two swords they will give him two. they will give him the fire sword he longs for and they will give him a sword made of the same material the ponglyphs are because they are also said to be indestructible. if the were able to be broken the world government would have done it by now. so this sword will possibly help him face the predicted future opponent of the diamond fruit which would wither have to be stolen by black beard or jozu died during the revenge war with blackbeard and his fruit reincarnated .

    version 2:
    not wanting to give up the national treasure because of how good a sword it is he would have to be given a better sword. now i think he will reject all there offers but he will take fujitoras offer after he reveal that his fruit is in the sword. he offers zoro the sword in exchange for the treasure. now it is scientifically impossible to slice a diamond. but you can grind and crush them under high pressure. i believe zoros statement after daz bones asking him if hell try to cut diamond is waste because he knows its impossible. so how will he cut diamond , hell do it with the gravity sword given to him by fujitora. he can concentrate the gravity at the edge of the blade giving it insane "crushing" ability. At this point he'd make the slash mihawk threw at white beard look like a complete joke.

Recent Reviews

  1. Cinera
    I have a much lower tolerance for speculation now, and your theory has a lot of baseless speculation as its foundation.
  2. Marshall D Tim
    Marshall D Tim
    I made a theory a while ago (a few years) that Zoro would give back Shuusui and that Sandai Kitetsu would be upgraded or broken in Wano.
    1) I think Fujitora giving Zoro his gravity sword would be a way bigger deal than you make it out to be.
    2) Zoro will never give up Wado Ichimonji because his master gave it to him after Kuina's death/ apparent death, that is his treasure.
    3) Now is the time for something like this to happen. 2017 is the year of Zoro.

    1) Fujitora is a world government admiral. He is not on our side. He may temporarily side with the strawhats again in Wano, which is totally where he is from, to defeat Kaido, following his own ideals about justice. In the end, the execution of Oden could be why he enlisted in the Navy. Nevertheless, Vegapunk totally made his sword have gravity powers. It is property of the World government. Issho would be in huge shit if he gave it to pirates. We are talking discharged, imprisoned, and executed for treason against the World Government. In order for this to be plausible Issho would have to either be dying or only have enlisted to save Wano from Kaido.

    The other problem I have here is that Issho's sword is a kodachi and Zoro weilds Katana. They are vastly different swords used for different purposes.

    2)Wado Ichimonji (his white sword) is his personal treasure. Zoro says this back in East Blue. Kuina never gave it to him. It was bequeathed to him upon Kuina's death being announced to his dojo by his master. Koshiro has ties to the revolutionaries, as we have seen. Ivankov is an idealist. Kuina was struggling with her ability and fate as a female swordsman. Her own father told her time and time again that a woman could never be the world's best swordsman. We see that when the revolutionaries are at Koshiro's Dojo, Zoro is on his training binge from his flashback. He was doing this to overcome Kuina. The night Kuina dies Zoro was training. It could be that Kuina begged Ivankov to change her into a man so that she could achieve her dream. When Koshiro found out he banished her from his dojo and disowned her as his daughter. This resulted in Koshiro taking back Wado Ichimonji from her and announcing the "death" of his daughter to his dojo. Because of the code of honor they both adhere to it would be understood that Kuina has no claim to Wado Ichimonji. Or if he/she did want it upon meeting Zoro again, they could duel for it.

    3) 2017 is the year of Zoro. As we saw with Sanji's arc, so many of our questions surrounding him have been answered and his strengths are really beginning to be showcased. The same will happen to Zoro. Zoro's ties to Wano are hugely important. His inspiration is japanese, and so is Wano's. He currently carries the country's national treasure. He defeated a zombie of their greatest warrior. Kitetsu was a renowned swordsmith in Japan's feudal era.

    Zoro has lost 2 swords before. As you know they were replaced by Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri. Yubashiri was also destroyed. It is not uncommon for Zoro to replace his swords. Zoro has a high likelihood of doing so again in Wano. If it were to be any time, it would be in the Samurai Country, fighting a Yonko, During the year where his true strength will be shown.

    Shuusui is a certainty, i really do think it will stay in Wano, unless Zoro is revealed to be Ryuuma's descendant.

    Sandai Kitetsu is his lowest grade sword. We haven't really seen a clash between swords of different grades since Mihawk shattered Zoro's 2 common grade Katana with his Supreme Grade Sword, Yoru. Sandai Kitetsu is actually a lower grade sword than even Yubashiri which is a Skillful Grade, it is a Wazamono grade or Sharp Sword. One would assume that Wano has the highest concentration of Meito in One Piece. Sandai Kitetsu will not be able to stand up to superior swords and will, in all likelihood meet its end in Wano.

    I do think it is very likely that Zoro will get new swords in Wano. I just don't think that your speculation of what they may be is plausible.
  3. Mayu
    I mean you said it yourself, you have no proof that Kuina is alive. A core part of your theory/speculation that won't make a reader believe you will invalidate your entire theory/speculation :3

    Maybe once you can find more proofs, try again ^^
  4. Tatsu D. John
    Tatsu D. John
    Zoro is an honorable swordsman, and he will very likely give Shusui back to the Wano people. However, I've got several problems with this development.
    - Zoro has a fire sword already in Wado Ichimonji. He defeated Ryuma's zombie by cutting through it as it erupted into blue flames. Wado symbolizes his humanity and the purity of Kuina, and the flames are what happens when the he channels that purity into a strike with it, which is the same reason he used Wado to learn the Breath of All Things and defeat Daz Bones.
    - Kuina. Is. Dead. You said yourself you have no proof she is alive.
    - Fujitora's ability comes from his Devil Fruit, yes. But if he gives Zoro his sword to use, that not only makes Zoro WAY too OP but it destroys Fujitora's relevance for the future.

    Good try bro.
    1. amirkasem
      Author's Response
      i just feel as if the world government is hiding some of their own developments.i mean no one would reasonably reveal all of their tricks. To be able to battle against the yonko who seem to have endless high ranking crew members i feel as if each strawhat to make up for it needs to become "op". shit look at Rayleigh he was not even the captain and garp advised to not go after him when he was captured by the slave auction. zoro needs to become a swordsmen capable of slicing a whole island. their crew eventually will face the entire world government along with all the other competing pirates. i think a good forshadowing of this levle of conflict ffor the strawhats was the fight they had at fishmen isalnd. it was 10 vs 100000. if they were their pre-timeskip selves theyw would have lost. all im saying is that for them to have any resonable impact in the op universe like oda has been setting up for them the primary fighters atleast have to become insanely strong. what chance do they have right now at beating kiado , big mom , blackbeard , shanks or the 180 countries of the world goverment. they have just under 5000 followers. all im saying with this theory is that the strawhats need to get stronger and fast.
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