Theory Zoro & Tashigi's Origin: The Secret of Asura

Origin of Zoro, the Truth between Tashigi & Kuina & finally the secret of Asura

  1. Moey Krimz
    Moey Krimz
    2 star for all the effort on linking the dots and 1 for Tashigi and kuina being twins which is possible. But i disagree with everything else such as Ryuma, seriously?? That page on Ryuma's soul isnt even from One piece but rather from a different manga altogether lmaoo. And i believe Kinemons hate for Dragons is because the Shogun is a mythical dragon zoan
    1. Vandenreich
      Author's Response
      Oda said Monster is canon to the One Piece story.....
  2. Shanks1994
    Very great work linking Japan's history to the story. I had the same ideas for Shiryu (his sword) . Very good theory keep the good work
  3. gfunkdaddy
    I like the theory, and it raises some interesting corrolaries:
    Does it suggest that all isolated /insular cultures would have a unique "power" of some kind?
    Why would DF be specifically related to the cultural power of Wano alone? (Perhaps it suggests that the various powers of each culture somehow also find their way into DF across the world...)
  4. Ascaisil
    So there was a lot of information here, and I think your conclusions are pretty awesome. The only thing is that Zoro only used Ashura once in the series so far (Strong World doesn't count as canon.) so until he uses it again it may just be considered a fluke. It didn't seem to fit in with anything else that was happening at the time, so I've always wondered if it was just something Oda tried and then decided against. Only time will tell.
  5. xdz
  6. Ironshinx
    a bit far fetched,you got some great ideas you might be on too samething,
  7. Lothar1399
    It's all nice and dandy how you connected history with One piece but you lost me at the Genghis Khan and Kuina and Tashigi being related. Sorry.

    2 stars for effort.
    1. Vandenreich
      Author's Response
      By lost do you mean lost interest? Oda himself said they are not sisters but they share A LOT of similarities. The only logical option was that their mothers were twin sisters which would explain why they look alike, wouldn't hear about the other & doesn't go against what Oda said.
  8. 99cent Hitman
    99cent Hitman
    i liked your theory it was a good read. And what i actually wanted to point out i have forgotte hehehe
  9. Niyazi YILDIRIM
    Niyazi YILDIRIM
    Wow, that was quite long but it worth it. We know the characterizing style of Oda, he always do that but without whole of these informations no one can figure it out. Thank you for you theory, you the best ^^
  10. DeathWink
    Nice one man... I loved the way you expressed the thoughts... I hope for the same and I'd like to share this theory on my YT channel... :D And would give you a shoutout
    1. Vandenreich
      Author's Response
      If you asked me this a few months ago, I'd say "Hell no" but I appreciate that you asked first(unlike others). Go ahead.
  11. Matoa
    Very good theory
    Actually I want to know if you find any relation b/w kojiro and Dragon
  12. Akiyousei
    I am really sorry, but there are a lot of thins that aren't convincing. Like Yoshitsune becaming Genghis Kahn (it's been proven wrong), Autumn and Winter being the best season (it's Spring), Kuina being a snipe (it's Tashigi), and else~

    But I do appreciate your hardwork alright, so i gave you an additional 2 stars for that ne ヽ(^o^)丿
    1. Vandenreich
      Author's Response
  13. siman
    Amazing theory

    I Like the part of shiryu the rain.
    keep it up
  14. D. Wolf
    D. Wolf
    This is an amazing theory , I respect all the hard work you put into this theory!
  15. Theo Ries
    Theo Ries
    Wow! What an awesome monolith of well connected research! LOL, I could never dedicate my attention to one topic for long enough to produce something this lengthy. That said, you had no trouble keeping my attention long enough to read it! (I guess that's the mark of a good thread.)

    Surely this one's featured... I mean, Captain Cigar is the only one of almost 30 that's given you less than 5*. Well done, one way or another!
  16. monkeydluffy19920
    Couldn't agree more with others, this is a amazing theory and you put loads of effort on this !
    I've always wondered whether it is a coincidence that Tahsigi and Kuina are looking alike but this theory of their mothers being twins sounds as a possible choice.
    Can't wait to see what'll be revealed in the year of Zoro !
  17. Niichan
    The relation between demonic warrior soul and devil fruits surprised me.
    Connection between Tashigi and Kuina is a big guess
    just 'SUBARASHII'
  18. Blue gear
    Blue gear
    just pure awesome!

    Love in particular the connections of zoro and the demon soul and the possible fact that Kuina's and Tashigi's mother are twins!!

    5*, tremendous! congrats
  19. Ichibat
    What a fantastic theory. You really put in a lot of work and that history. Wow.
  20. VentusX
    Damn. An amazing theory. I've had the same idea about Zoro's backstory and Asura. 5/5