Theory Zoro & Tashigi's Origin: The Secret of Asura

Origin of Zoro, the Truth between Tashigi & Kuina & finally the secret of Asura

  1. Vandenreich
    Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This is probably my most daring & ambitious theory yet and I have to say, I like it.

    Zoro's past and his Asura technique is one of the longest running mysteries in One Piece. The only thing people can say about it is generic stuff like "He is the son of the shogun!" but I think I found something that can used as a very strong framework so lets get started. Before that though, is time for a history lesson!!!

    History Lesson

    Wano Kuni draws many direct inspirations from Edo Japan or more specifically, the reign of the Tokugawa Shogunate from 1603 to 1867.

    The Tokugawa Shogunate is what started started Japan's isolationist laws and throughout this era, leaving the borders was a crime and outsiders were not welcome.

    Its also good to mention that during the reign of the Tokugawa Shogunate, there was no greater power than the shogun.

    Edo Japan hierarchy:
    -The Shogun
    -Daimyo with LOTS of influence
    -The Emperor

    This means that even if Wano has an emperor, his word holds less power than the shogun.

    Before Oden Kozuki was executed by Kaido & the Shogun, his dream was to open the borders of Wano.

    Wanting to open the borders, getting killed......Oden Kozuki is almost a mirror reflection of Sakamoto Ryoma.
    Sakamoto Ryoma was a Japanese prominent figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan. Ryōma was a visionary who dreamt of an independent Japan without feudal trappings. He read about and was inspired by the example of the United States where "all men are created equal". He realized that to compete with an industrially and technologically advanced outside world, the Japanese people needed to modernize. He has also been seen as an intriguing mix of the traditional and modern, symbolized by his preference for samurai dress while favoring western footwear.

    Sakamoto died during the Boshin War & shortly before the Meiji Restoration. The Boshin War was an attempt to dethrone the Shogun and restore power to the Emperor. The Samurai-SH-Heart-Mink Alliance represents the attempt of the Meiji Restoration.

    EXTRA: The Villain

    One thing we can almost guarantee is that there is will be samurai in Wano based off real samurai of Japan. What you probably don't expect however is that no everyone has to be a samurai in order to have similarities to a samurai in real life.

    The samurais in particular are Minamoto no Yoshitsune & Benkei.

    Benkei was a legendary samurai and many give him the attributes of a demon, a monster child with wild hair and long teeth. In his youth, Benkei was called Oniwaka("demon/ogre child").

    Benkei stood 6'7 in tall and resided at a place called Gojo Bridge. Benkei disarmed every swordsman that passed by and took their weapons as a prize(being disarmed in battle is a great shame. Never let go of your sword). Benkei eventually collected 999 swords and on his 1000th duel, was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Because of this, Benkei became Minamoto's retainer.

    Sword collecting after a duel?

    Soon enough, Minamato was betrayed by his brother and with Benkei, wandered as outlaws. In the end, they were encircled in the castle of Koromogawa no tate. As Yoshitsune retired to the inner keep of the castle to commit ritual suicide(seppuku) on his own, Benkei fought on at the bridge in front of the main gate to protect Yoshitsune. It is said that the soldiers were afraid to cross the bridge to confront him, and all that did met swift death at the hands of the gigantic man, who killed in excess of 300 fully trained soldiers.

    Long after the battle should have been over, the soldiers noticed that the arrow-riddled, wound-covered Benkei was standing still. When the soldiers dared to cross the bridge and look more closely, the giant fell to the ground, having died standing upright. This is known as the "Standing Death of Benkei".

    And Benkei's master Minamoto no Yoshitsune? His suicide was never 100% confirmed which led many to believe that he escaped and became the infamous leader of the Mongol Empire Genghis Khan. There is a character who draws inspiration from Genghis Khan(and Benkei).

    Genghis Khan was the pioneer of the Silk Road trade(Kaido means road) and led conquest throughout China, Russia & Japan. he Mongols invaded Japan twice but failed each time due to a typhoon.

    Anyways, now we have a clear connection between Whitebeard & Kaido. When we were introduced to Kaido, he mentioned Whitebeard and called the world mundane & boring. Fighting Whitebeard could've been the only thing Kaido found fun & Whitebeard could've been the only person to ever beat Kaido. This could even explain why he tried to attack Whitebeard as the latter was headed for Marineford.
    The Secret of Asura

    Ok we have a little history lesson on Wano & the connection between Kaido & WB....hmmm.....I say lets get on to Zoro's Ashura.

    The biggest question about Ashura is what the hell is it!!!!!!? Sanji's Diable Janbe has an explanation for it but Zoro? Its a complete mystery....until now. The answer was in front of us the entire time: Ryuma.

    The similarities between Zoro & Ryuma is obvious.

    Aside from the obvious, the most important piece of "evidence" is this:

    The swordsman with the strongest "Warrior's Soul." Soul.........a soul is the same as a spirit...

    Big Mom's Soul-Soul Fruit, Brooke's Yomi Yomi no mi that is powered by the soul....the power of soul/spirit definitely more important than we realize but this got me thinking.

    The Skypians of an isolated civilization has the special ability of Mantra or CoO along with unique technology. The Minks of an isolated civilization has the special ability of Electro that is unique to them.

    What if....what if the unique ability of the samurai of an isolated civilization is Warrior Soul?

    The special ability of the Wano samurai is Warrior Soul. This truly makes the samurai fearsome and keeps the World Government at bay.

    With this in mind, could Mihawk's Warrior Soul be that of a hawk? Just throwing it out there.

    I'm guessing that the samurais with demon warrior souls were quite dangerous/important. Certain swords were created to support/counter them just in case.

    Could it be that only someone who has a demon soul like Zoro can wield a Kitetsu sword without being cursed?

    The blacksmith Kitetsu is based off the infamous Japanese blacksmith Muramasa. Muramasa was a brilliant blacksmith who was deemed mad by the Tokugawa Shogunate and fell out of favor with them as his weapons compelled its wielders to crave blood and commit suicide.

    I think I know of another character who probably has a demon soul & cursed blade.

    That's right.
    Shiryu of the Rain or should I say, "Death Dragon" of the Rain(Shi=death, Ryu=dragon).

    Shiryu is the only member of Impel Down who had an epithet.

    "of the Rain" which directly implies that Shiryu is from Wano since we have FoxFIRE Kinemon and Jigoro of the WIND(both samurais from Wano).

    Why was called "of the Rain"? Because he uses water? Not quite....liquid yes but not water.....

    Shiryu makes it rain blood and he does it because he has to.

    Shiryu immediately cut down his fellow guards and apologized. Also, Shiryu slaughtered prisoners seemingly on a whim and noticed all the blood in the panel below.

    All this because Shiryu has a cursed sword which I think is either the Muramasa Juuchi Yosamu or Nidai Kitetsu. Lets compare it to the Wado Ichimonji & Sandai Kitetsu.

    Also note how Shiryu means dragon and possibly carries a demon cutter along with the ability to use demon warrior soul. Also note how Zoro used a dragon technique to take out the hero Ryuma.

    Could they be one of the reasons why Kinemon hates dragons?
    Zoro's Origin & The Emperor

    As for Zoro's origin, he is most likely from Wano after all. However, if Zoro is from Wano, what was he doing in East Blue at age 10? I say Zoro was banished from Wano Kuni.

    Why would be banished? Because of his Warrior Soul and violating Wano's iron law.

    These discoveries lead me to the popular Asian folklore Journey to the West. This story is about The Monkey King Sun Wukong and has an important character in the series known as the Jade Emperor.

    The Jade Emperor is a heavenly duke & monarch of all deities in heaven. The Jade Emperor shows his might by vanquishing evil even if its among his own family. The Emperor of Wano could represent the Jade Emperor.

    Zoro's warrior soul is that of an Ashura. Asuhras are demi gods who represent the following:
    -The Anti-God
    -The Fallen God
    -Enemy of Gods
    -Prince of Evil
    -An important deity in the religion Zoroastrianism

    Zoro falls into a lot of these categories.Zoro's arrogance & superiority complex made him believe he was the best & kept him from admitting defeat & has no honor.

    Zoro as a kid.

    Lets compare him to Momonosuke.

    Momonosuke at age 8 was more disciplined than Zoro at age 10. Zoro's inability to follow the samurai code could've made the Emperor consider banishing him unless Zoro proves just how great he was and of course, Zoro lost and was banished. The fact that Zoro was a demonic asura only made the decision easier.

    Question is how did Zoro make it to East Blue from the New World? If Zoro is from Wano, I'm sure we'll get an explanation like how we got one showing how Sanji made it to East Blue from North Blue.

    Overall, I'm saying that Zoro is at least from the CLAN of the Emperor. Oda said that Zoro(along with Luffy & Nami) are the core of One Piece. With this, Zoro's abilities & backstory has to at least be something like I said earlier. I'll go as far as to say that the demon soul ability is one of the reasons devil fruits exist.

    Lastly, could the Jade Emperor be a hint to the Emerald City?

    Kidd(Tinman), Hawkins(Scarecrow) & Apoo(Lion) is in Wano after all.

    I should also mention how the Emperor during the Tokugawa Shogunate period hated outsiders and those who didn't practice Shintoism. The Emperor gave the order to "Expel the Barbarians" where many foreigners & Christians were executed or expelled.

    EXTRA 2: Koshiro

    Before I can get to Tashigi & Kuina, I'd have to get Koshiro out of the way.

    Zoro eventually stumbled upon Koshiro's dojo and guess what? Koshiro has references to Masamune.

    Earlier I mentioned he blacksmith Kitetsu is based off the infamous Japanese blacksmith Muramasa. Koshiro however, is based off Muramasa's master & his opposite, the blacksmith Masamune. Masamune created holy swords and it was favored by the Tokugawa Shogunate. Koshiro believes a true swordsman only cuts what he wants to cut.

    Koshiro means "White Child" or "Child of White." His sword Wado Ichimonji has a pure white scabbard and means "Straight Path of Harmony." The sword also has the ability to produce blue flames. Blue flames are a symbol of purification. Zoro had a fire sword all along.

    Since we're on the topic of Wado Ichimonji, apparently it is a very famous sword and despite using it for 9 years, Koshiro never even told Zoro its name? Tashigi had to tell Zoro about it.

    Kuina & Tashigi's True Relation

    Kuina & Tashigi's connection has also been one of the longest running mysteries of One Piece and I got something good(I hope).

    In an interview, Oda said tha there is no backstory like Kuina & Tashigi being sisters. Kuina & Tashigii are NOT sisters and neither are they one and the same. Tashigi is 23 and Kuina would've been 22 if she were alive. The age is different. So....why do they look so much alike and coincidentally become swordsmen? What if....just what if...

    What if Tashigi's mother & Kuina's mother were twins? And what if they took after their twin mothers in appearance which would explain why Kuina & Tashigi look alike? This makes Kuina and Tashigi cousins & technical twins. This explains how Kuina & Tashigi could be so similar without ever knowing of the other.

    Also, have you notice how Kuina & Tashigi are opposite despite having similar interests?

    Koshiro is also based off the famous samurai Sasaki Kojiro.

    Sasaki Kojiro was feared for his signature technique known as the "Swallow Cut." Note how this move is named after a bird with an elegant flight pattern.

    Kuina & Tashigi are named after flightless birds.

    The Snipe(Kuina) is a bird that can fly for a very short but crashing hard. This directly reflects Kuina being a prodigy and having everything swiped away in a instant after falling down some stairs.

    The Rallide(Tashigi) is a bird that can fly but its flight pattern is very sloppy & irregular, causing to crash into thing & the preference of not flying. This directly reflects Tashigi constantly running into roadblocks along her journey and having her pride shattered.

    Kuina was the daughter of a master swordsman and the best in her dojo. Because of this, she was sassy. Tashigi on the other hand probably didn't have a father who was a master swordsman but took a liking to swords(and probably went to a dojo to train). However, she was never allowed to practice with real swords because she was clumsy, had poor vision and was timid. She instead hit the books.


    Kuina was a prodigy but believed that being a woman meant she wouldn't be as strong as the guys in the long run. She was putting herself down.

    Tashigi likely struggled as a kid and because she was clumsy, no one took her seriously.

    Kuina wanted to be the world's strongest swordsman. Tashigi doesn't want to be the best. She just want to collect all of the famous swords from bad guys.

    Oda said that just becuase some birds can't fly doesn't mean they never will. In Wano, Tashigi will fly.

    Extra 3: Whatever....(info that I could've shove into the theory effectively)

    In Japan, Autumn & Winter are the most beautiful seasons.

    Zoro's sword Shusui means "Clear Autumn Water." Tashigi's sword Shigure means "Autumn Rain the Signifies the Coming of Winter."

    Sasaki Kojiro is famous for his defeat at the hands of the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi was famous for using dual swords which was Zoro's preferred way of fighting when he was a kid.

    The Boshin War was a war aime to take down the Tokugawa Shogunate and restore power to the Emperor. The incident became known as the Meiji Restoration and mirrors the current events in Wano.


    -Zoro's Asura is a special ability among Wano Samurai known as Demon Soul
    -Zoro is apart of the clan of the Emperor or Shogun
    -The Demon Cutters were created to counter/assist the demon souls
    -Kuina's mother & Tashigi's mother are twins
    -Shiryu can use demon soul & possibly has a demon cutter
    -The Warrior Soul ability is directly connected to devil fruits

    Next time for your entertainment:

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