1. powerslave87
    Hey, as i remember this is my first theory.
    I hope i can explain my theory with good english . Hahaha

    Okay lets begin

    1st. Flower capital.
    You can check this picture first
    This is himeji castle
    You can check the detail here

    And lets check flower capital on wano[​IMG]
    Its look similar. My speculation is oda sensei create this story based on story of himeji castle.

    2nd Himeji Castle
    Himeji castle is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of japan. Looks familiar name right?
    Yeah i think there is relationship between hyogo perfecture with hyougorou the flower.
    Maybe someone know about that . Feel free to share here.

    Okay lets continue. Himeji castle was given bye tokugawa ieyasu to his son in law

    "Following the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu granted Himeji Castle to his son-in-law, Ikeda Terumasa, as a reward for his help in battle"
    From Wikipedia

    I believe yasu based from tokugawa ieyasu.
    Yeah we can also see on this
    I ve read this chapter about 3-4 times. And after that i write this theory

    Yeah there is small note yasu play like tokugawa ieyasu, daimyo and later shogun.
    If yasu can escape from this situation he can be the next shogun after orochi death
    And also i think orochi castle was yasu palace 20years ago, before orochi revolution plan.

    3rd O-Kiku
    We can found a deep well name O-kiku at himeji castle. Yeah we have same character name at one piece again.
    There is a story about this well
    Based on this story i think okiku was the traitor. She betray the alliance.

    1. Flower capital looks similar with himeji castle
    2. Himeji castle located on hyogo prefecture. Its looks related with grandpa hyogorou the flower
    3.yasu inspirated from tokugawa ieyasu
    4. Tokugawa ieyasu give himeji castle to his son in law.
    Maybe orochi was yasu son in law. And yasu was owner of flower capital castle before orochi
    5.there's a well name okiku at himeji castle, i believe okiku well story related with character okiku. I think she is the traitor or maybe okiku will be death like the story.

    Yeah finally i' ve finish this theory. I hope you enjoy to read my theory and i really apologize with my bad english.

    Thank you


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Recent Reviews

  1. Hades
    All is well and good but you need to make proper connections regarding your hypothesis...I am giving you 4 stars because of your effort...we need more detailed analysis and explanation on why you are pointing out certain thing and how you are relating that thing to make your own point...
  2. Rej
    5 stars because its your first one here, hope its motivating you. You did nice research you got a feeling for structuring and you stay close to mamga events. Indeed a cool plot theory wirh background! Keep up!
  3. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Really great connection you pointed out! The part with OKiku could be traitor is interesting idea if go based of connection you pointed out.
  4. Xatch
    I like this theory, it just needs a bit more or something special to push it over the top, too similar too other conclusions.. otherwise keep up the good work
  5. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Nice theory,i like it
    But it would be even better when you explain it a bit more :)
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