Speculation WTF IS CAESAR DOING???

Hasn't been seen since 872... hmmm...

  1. TheAncientTheorist
    So, not a long one today, just wanted to get anyone else's thoughts on our favorite gas guy with the weirdest laugh...

    As we saw in the last chapter, the germa 66 have regrouped, gotten their army and have entered the fray...

    Oda obviously tried to suppress their story to make their arrival that much more dramatic...

    My question is what is Caesar clown doing???


    So bege gave him his heart back and said he was free to go, obviously Caesar doesn't seem to have any wishes of meeting back up with the straw hats or bege...

    But how did Caesar get off the island??

    Remember big mom is after him too, and with the big mom pirates monitoring the island, the mirror world, and the sea, it doesn't look likely that he's gonna make it out on his own, I think he either joins the Germa or is forced to tag along with the straw hats until he's out of totland...

    But this is more of a observation speculation on the fact that oda is definitely trying to make us forget about the clown...

    What do you think?
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rej
    I like how this theory is still intact somehow. In the end he didn't tag along with the strawhats, but you could be right with oda trying to make us forget about him, with the recent manga stuff. Maybe Wano will be different and Ceasar might come at a moment we never would expect Oda-like. Same like Mjosgard ya know. Good one! Keep up!
    1. TheAncientTheorist
      Author's Response
      Keep your eye on the clown!!!

      I'm telling you lol
  2. Buchaj
    Good theory, I you made me think about what Caesar is doing, I also think that he might tag along with Germa good job man!
    1. TheAncientTheorist
      Author's Response
      Fun fact: this is actually my second post titled "Wtf is Caesar doing" the first time was around the time big mom showed Caesar his new lab on whole cake and then wasntt heard from again... he later surfaced as a "member" of the firetanks... oda definitely is hiding him somewhere again...
  3. Re.D Haired Mihawk
    Re.D Haired Mihawk
    He should stick with the strawhats imo otherwise he’d end up dead by kaido or Big Mom
  4. RikuD
    Really interesting thought. I do believe however you could've speculated about the possibilities a bit more (hence the 3 stars).
    My opinion: There hasn't been a single reason why the copy of Ceasars lab on WCI was added to the story. BM needed to have some resolution with Ceasar after the mess he made but is she had imprisoned him in her book nobody would've looked at it weirdly. Instead, there coincidentally happens to be an exact copy of his lab. This is quite a peculiar and remarkable thing to add to the story. Since this lab hasn't had any usefulness whatsoever up until this point, I bet Ceasar is going to the lab to get something he made while he was imprisoned there.
    1. TheAncientTheorist
      Author's Response
      Yeah, it was late, and I was a little, let's say whiskey peaked at that point (:[D
  5. Rorouni Zoro
    Rorouni Zoro
    I like the Germa idea since they’re the only people he might still have good will with at this point. Since they’re both secondary villains with a connection to Vegapunk, it’d make sense for him to go to the nearest world power with money and a lab (he’s got Luffy level luck on that one).
    1. TheAncientTheorist
      Author's Response
      Judge is scientist... maybe Caesar will be recruited to germa 66?
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