Speculation Will the cake actually fail?

One Piece Speculation

  1. GangMemberLeo
    Will the cake actually fail? Because from my perspective I think Bege poisoned the cake when Sanji and the co wasn't looking and they'll probably give the cake to Big Mom successfully but Smoothie might not trust the cake so she eats it first and when she finds out there's poison she can just suck the poison out and tell Big Mom that the cake is poisoned. And again Bege fucked us up and we're in a big shit again :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Xatch
    1.5* rounded up....

    This is probably better suited for a profile update, it's so short and unsupported...

    I highly doubt Sanji, with the best observation Haki of the SH, and the man who literally knew the ingredients of the cake by smell alone, would miss it someone added poisen or tainted it...

    Kinda sad when reviews run more length and details posts...
  2. Arashirai
    The rate is about the previty.

    Capone may very well have messed up with the cake, and that would screw up things, even without Smoothie being involved, adding poison would change the taste of the cake, making it less effective as a "so good it makes you faint".
    But I really hope that wouldn't happen, since there needs to be a resolution and the arc should be past the point where new developments can start (but it's just an impression)
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