Theory Will of D -2 :Truth of Mariejois

Darkness of World Govt

  1. Dave
    14R137f.png Hi there Guys this is another sequel to one of My best works till date ‘Will of D’ So I’ll recommend plz give it a read for a detailed take on will of D and what does D means ….


    [Standard disclaimer: this is gonna be long as hell be patient and read till end thank u ]
    Now Let begin

    Where is the Ancient Kingdom ?
    Answer is Mariejois Why ?

    Religious References : there are lot of references to Christianity and bible


    • Holy Land mariejois – Holy land is reference to Jerusalem , and Mariejois can be split into Mary’s joy .
    • Hence Joy boy is symbolic to Jesus son of mary ,Jesus was also executed by priests similar to how current Gods or saints AKA celestial dragons killed Joy Boy
    • Jesus had 12 disciples also foreshadow to Mugiwara No Ichimi ?
    • Ichi mi (Ichi = 1 Mi = 3) = 13 Mugiwara no Ichimi = 13 strawhats
    Geographic references: Ancient Kingdom draws lot of references from China
    • Land of Dragons – china and mariejois is were is Celestial dragons
    • Shoalin Kung Fu –some countries has there unique marital arts forms like
    • kano kuni – hasshoken ,Fishmen Island – Fishman Karate
    • Similarly Ancient Kingdom had Rokushi style which now adapted by world Govt and centre were kids trained martial arts is inspired by shoaling monastery Rob lucci and other CP 9 members trained here

    • Why Anicent Kingdom had Rokushi ?

      Because its styles are inherited by luffy in his gears, and Sabo’s Dragon claw techniques is also part of shaolin Kung Fu
      2.jpg caption.jpg
      The tower in the background of the CP9's unnamed homeland is based off of the East Tower on the Jiang Xin Yu (River Island) in Wenzhou, China. Oda took a cue from this landscape because he grew up watching Kung Fu movies
    • Monkey King and Jade Emperor [Chinese folklore ]
    • Monkey King AKA the inspiration for Monkey D Luffy while Jade Emperor is for world Govt

    So Why does Celestial Dragons Live in Mariejois so called Anicent Kingdom ?

    One Piece Origins

    Think about it 20 kings from 20 different major Kingdoms became the 1st celestial dragons then how can there be Only one National treasure that they all protect ,Answer is because the treasure didn’t belong to them
    20.jpg R2mIqOp.png 12.jpg
    Again 20 Kings who lived rich and prosperous lives Ruling Low class people in their kingdoms moved to Mariejoa to live together? , they could have formed world Govt while staying in their respective Kingdoms like real world

    In one piece world there one common language which is followed all over the World which we see everybody reads in newspapers and speaks then why is language on poneglyph different ?

    Real Celestial dragons :
    As I mentioned above Ancient kingdom is heavily influenced by Ancient china
    Chinese culture is said to have begun with the Yellow Emperor a possible inspiration for joy boy (and conveniently strawhat is yellow also as symbolic representation to Yellow King ), over 5,000 years ago. He was a cultivator of the Tao (or the Way), and was said to have great power and wisdom. He taught his subjects how to live in accordance with the heavenly Way.
    Red Dragon
    Why am I bringing up Red dragons bcoz of symbolism that Roger ,Shanks and Luffy are Showed in Red dress and following the order they inherit Yellow strawhat is symbolism is they inheriting the Yellow Emperor AKA Joy Boy’s will of Ancient Kingdom

    "By above history lecture in simple terms I wanna say that Ancient kingdom is Mariejoia and ‘D’ clan are real celestial dragons "

    Origin of Dragons
    Early they were regarded that stuff of only legends but they do exist in One piece From
    So where are these Dragons ?
    Anicent Kingdom was a place Humans and dragons existed at same time and lived Hence the residents of Ancient Kingdom were know as celestial Dragons 13.jpg
    Current Crest of slavery which is Used by Celestial Dragons is Hoof of Soaring Dragons ,Which was probably representing symbol on Flag of Anicent Kingdom

    These dragons along with D clan Left Mariejoia and stayed at Raftal protecting the Ancient Kingdom’s secret and treasures until the true King returns evidence to that as we closer to Raftal that in new world foreshadows on dragons has became heavier like
    One_Piece_JollyRoger_New World_Ryugu
    Luffy_vs._Punk_Hazard_Dragon_in_Unlimited_World_Red.png Momonosuke_Dragon_2_.png Vegapunk's_Second_Dragon_Flying.png
    From above I have a conclusion that luffy probably will have his own Dragon .
    In my theory Ancient Beast and Royal Bloodlines I have mentioned that ancient Kings of certain kingdoms have Ancient Beasts and their Royal Haki Enables them to control such ancient beasts
    Skypeia –Kashigami
    Shirahoshi – sea kings
    Momo –zunishia
    Luffy – Dragon
    For details on this read

    Where did this dragon come from ?
    Remember the Mysterious Egg on Roger’s Ship ?
    He had that Egg before Edd war with shiki and shortly aftr he defeated shiki he reached raftel and became pirate king ,so where is the Egg ? the egg Must be on raftal along with other dragons waiting for his true master which is luffy .

    Truth of Void Century :
    Now majority of people believe that Ancient Kingdom was destroyed and erased from history which wrong in my opinion they were Just replaced By 20 kings who called themselves celestial dragon
    This has happened many times in current timeline

    • Crocodile wanted to rule arabasta by replacing cobra with Mr 2
    • Enel replaced Gan Fall and ruled as God and people accepted it
    • Doffy replaced King Riku and people accepted it again
    Same thing happened after losing war of void century D Clan were chased out of mariejoia and 20 Kings took their place in order to completely replace D clan they named themselves the Celestial Dragon and replaced the language of Ancient Kingdom with their own and made it Common language of World ,They also made a fairy tale story dat world Govt was founded 20.jpg
    World Govt branded everything which was against them as evil
    The D clan and its allies where branded as pirates as they opposed to ideals to world govt [Pirate King is Biggest enemy of world govt] even name and char of roger was presented in such way that people will hate pirates and Pirate king (also one of reason why Ace Hated Roger ) but given wat we know he is care free man same as luffy
    As I also mentioned in My theory Journey to Uranus that Devil fruits were made by Winged Race so in a way its should be Named as angel fruits as Winged race are angels by representation and also have same life style like heaven’s Gate ,angel beach etc….but world Govt calls them Devil fruits

    Nico robin and scholars of Ohara were branded as demons of Ohara

    Kids of Different races are sold to World govt who are then brainwashed under their brand of dark justice {shout out to @Spoiler Alert } to be trained under best example would be Rob lucci who under such young age mass murdered an entire army
    d.jpg 1-3.png
    Most of CP9 members are orphans raised by the World Government, the only exceptions being Kumadori, Spandam, and Kalifa. [SBS Vol 54]
    Preparing for the war
    Even aftr gaining immense power world is afraid of Joy boy’s prophecy .They experiment for gaintfications ,they bring orphans and turn them into solders ,weapons etc… why are they afraid of this so much ?
    Bcoz they know prophecy will happen as also hinted by whitebeard that world Govt is afraid of that war
    Joy Boy probably was great master of Haki or had abilities like Madam Shirley as her prophecy have gone wrong and there is no time limit to it ,it maybe 2 days or 2 years to 800 years the prophecy still stands hence return of Joy Boy is inevitable
    Summary :
    Anicent Kingdom is marijoia D’ clan are real celestial dragons ,20 kings took their kingdom and erased the existence along with their language so basically entire foundation of world Govt is a lie

    Special Thanx to @Adimas for cover and @MasterD and @Cyrenz98 for their help and support


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Recent Reviews

  1. Theo D Oros
    Theo D Oros
    The transfer from elements in the One Piece World to Chinese Mythology and religious aspects was really good. I also thought that Mary Geoise was the Ancient Kingdom. I also like the connection to your other theories, the D as meaning for the japanese word of slave catched me. I am considering this as a highly possible, the meaning of D was before that clearly „Deus“, the latin word for God, connecting it to Jesus and Mary Geoise for Jerusalem aswell.
    Amazing theory
  2. MainManMagellan
    This is the bacon right here. This has to be the truth i feel. Luffy king of the dragons. Riding his own dragon. Just gives me vibes of Game of Thrones!!! So freaking kewl. Maybe Vegapunk is creating dragons because of this. Maybe Luffy's Dragons will be so powerful that they'll be like haki users themselves or giants. They have to have some power to make Vegapunks dragons look like playtoys.
  3. Den_Den_Mushi
    Ahh I thought I'd reviewed this already but I forgot! Great theory mate, especially the references to dragon mythology and Chinese culture. Makes me so hyped for Reverie where we could learn more about the D from Kureha and the Gorosei.
  4. VergoManiac
    "Now majority of people believe that Ancient Kingdom was destroyed and erased from history which wrong in my opinion they were Just replaced By 20 kings who called themselves celestial dragon"

    Professor Clover himself said in 395 that the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed and nothing remaining of it, there was a war in the 100 years of void century, it wasn't a simple change in power structure.
  5. Ziosa
    amazing as usaul, great connections with the mythology, bible connections etc. it would make sense if the ancient kingdom was replaced by the celestial dragons rather than just be destroyed and erased from history
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx ziosa ^_^
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