Speculation Who will defeat Orochi

Someone made a prophesy about this.

  1. kikX
    So I was reading some old chapters and realize something on what Toki (Momonosuke) said:

    "Like the Moon, you are ignorant of the Dawn. If there is one ardent wish that must be fufilled, it will be when nine shadows are cast woven together through twenty years of moonlits nights. Only then shall you understand the radiance of Dawn"

    I think this is the reason why Jinbei was not added in the current story yet. Because those "nine shadows" are the Strawhat Pirates.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheDrStrange
    way to short if your gana post something maybe post something with 300 or more words good idea but its to small to get get the jist
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    Even your title and your content are irrelevant

    Nine shadows here is nine sword of Oden, even recent chapter told it again. Even you write it, "through twenty years", Kinemon and the others are the one who through time.
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