Closer than we expect and at the same time farther than we expect !!

    What is Yasu's real identity?
    I apologize for any spelling and language mistakes

    Today we will talk about a new character very exciting (ヤス Yasu) who is he ?
    How did he get to know Kanjuro and Shinobu? How does he know about the final battle?
    How could nobody recognize him?

    The important question now is: Does Yasu have a relationship with the Kozuki clan? Is it one of the Nine Red Scabbards, for example?
    the answer : No...why ?
    Because if he had anything to do with Kozuki, he would have understood the card of revolution...He said he did not know the meaning of the crescent tattoo on the ankle.
    I finished the first point :yaaa:


    How did he get to know Kanjuro and Shinobu? How could nobody recognize him?
    Because he was close to them and at the same time far from ??
    The writer in the previous chapter hinted that Yasu had been an important person in the past.


    This person really did not serve Kozuki Oden but he was serving Toki !!
    I think it's as simple as Kozuki Oden has followers (Nine Red Scabbards) ... The same applies to Toki.


    But some will ask how he serves Toki but he does not know the crescent tattoo ??
    Because he simply does not belong to the Kozuki clan, he serves toki only and this tattoo is highly secretive and associated only with kozuki.
    Kin'emon is not stupid to publish a tattoo known to all on a card may fall into the hands of enemies...Even shōgun described Kin'emon as a smart person.


    Yasu did not understand the meaning of the revolution card, but what happened was that Yasu heard the rumors about the return of the Kozuki clan And also because of his service to toki before and his knowledge of some secrets. He knew that the time had come for the final battle and Again he was not understanding the card of the revolution assures us that he is not from the Kozuki clan.
    Therefore, I think that he did not meet the Scabbards so much for this reason some of them do not know him because he does not show a lot ,he is basically not serving Oden ... Perhaps the Scabbards met him but very few times...But perhaps Kin'emon and others know him.


    The other thing that assures you that Yasu knows a lot and that he is close to the Kozuki clan that he talked about the final battle and no one knows about this only the relatives of Kozuki ... For example when rumors spread in the capital no one talked about the final battle but they said Kozuki has returned.


    Tonoyasu, commonly known as Yasu (ヤス Yasu), is a taikomochi !!


    The taikomochi (太鼓持) or hōkan (幇間), were the original male geisha of Japan.
    The Japanese version of the jester, these men were once attendants to daimyō (feudal lords) from the 13th century, originating from the "Ji Sect of Pure Land Buddhism", which focused on dancing. These men both advised and entertained their lord and came to be known as doboshu ('comrades'), who were also tea ceremony connoisseurs and artists. By the 16th century, they became known as otogishu or hanashishu (story tellers), where they focused on story telling, humour, conversation. They were sounding boards for military strategies and they battled at the side of their lord.

    What if Yasu was doing this work (taikomochi) to tolki ?


    We recently learned that Toko is Yasu's Daughter and we also know that Toko serves Hiyori. Does the history repeat it self ?
    Yasu serves Toki=====Toko serves Hiyori


    Hiyori said previously that there are few friends who know her truth...One of these friends is Toko...why ? Is because she knows that Yasu was serving her mother previously...That's why she revealed her truth to Yasu's daughter ??


    Tonoyasu, commonly known as Yasu (ヤス Yasu?), is a taikomochi who lives in Ebisu Town near the capital.

    Ebisu , also transliterated Webisu or called Hiruko (蛭子) or Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami (事代主神), is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune , and the only one of the seven to originate purely from Japan without any Hindu influence.


    is a Shinto kami, Kotoshironushi is the principal deity of the Asuka shrine, and is associated with the god Ebisu. In mythology, he was an adviser to Empress Jingū during her invasion of Korea, and was one of the eight deities charged with protecting the Imperial Court.


    Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami = god Ebisu = Yasu
    Empress Jingū = Toki


    There is something mysterious that has happened, and I do not know if any of you were aware of it ?
    Kin'emon previously explained to the straw hat crew the story of their journey through time, Hiyori did the same thing with Zoro, Raizo is also explaining the story to the old Hyogoro.

    hfgjhgjghjghj.jpg hfghjghj.jpg khkhjkhjkjh.jpg

    The strange thing is that Yasu, when he saw Kanjuro, was a normal reaction and was not surprised by the fact that the shape of Kanjuro did not change even after 20 years ... Why ? Why did not he show any reaction after all these years? how you came back and where you were and many other questions !!
    Because he simply knows everything and specifically the story of travel through time and only a few know about the power of toki.


    Rumors only !!!!
    Even Kin'emon did not know but learned in the last moments of the fall of the Kozuki clan.


    But Yasu's behavior was normal , as if knew everything from the beginning, but with the spread of that card and also the spread of rumors , Yasu understand that the time has finally come.


    See you later :yaaa:
    twitter : @odacchi_san

Recent Reviews

  1. Scretch
    Outstanding theory. Well done with all your research and information you found. I personally think Yasu is somehow related to Orochi, with the fact they both look alike and also that in the recent chapter it was revealed that Orochi is related to him somehow. Anyway, good job in this theory.
  2. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    I haven’t seen someone making a theory that yasu is ”only” toki servant ,sounds possible and good.
    I specially liked all the references
  3. Rej
    Wow this theory was awesome!
    You took some interesting points twisted it up and made it surprisingly fitting with both manga and real life references! Good job, best Yasu theory hands down! Hope it comes true. Cya and keep up!
  4. Sadistic Senpai
    Sadistic Senpai
    Yooo, it's a great theory man! Also, are you by any chance Odacchi from Youtube? Same guy with theories that are Kohonfosaeia hahahaha. Or am I talking about a different person?
    1. ODACCHI
      Author's Response
      نعم أنا أوداتشي الخنفسائي
  5. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    Very nice deductions about his loyalties and past. Everything was fresh and original. Keep it up!
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