Theory What Causes Devil Fruit users to become weak in Sea.

Will give the cause for DF users to lose power in sea.

  1. vikas
    This is something i wrote as a comment in someones post which i disagreed strongly. And hopefully you will agree with my thought process.

    海楼石 Kairōseki which literally means 海Sea 楼 tower 石Stone. Translated as sea stone or ocean stone Another meaningful translation would probably be sea floor stone which makes sense 楼 is floor in original Chinese. We should get the idea that Kairōseki is something which is formed in or obtained from sea/ocean floor.

    Island Clouds are a special type of cloud. They are fluffy, but dense enough to carry all kinds of things. They form islands in the sky seas.
    Island Clouds, as well as Sea Clouds, are created when a Molecule in Seastone called "pyrobloin" is ejected into the air by volcanic eruptions and comes in contact with water vapors.The density of the water vapors determines whether Sea Cloud or Island Cloud will be created. Both these types of clouds are not normally able to survive on the Blue Sea.

    Pyrobloin パイロブロイン Pairoburoin is a fictional word. Its made up two words pyro and bloin.
    well that is what the VIz translated it as pyrobloin, doesnt mean spelling is correct.

    pyro is as we know fire and bloin is nothing but there is a word called
    Blouin derived from old french word blou ‘blue’. probably meaning fire and blue sea. As we know pyrobloin is ejected into air by volcanic eruptions from the sea we can expect it being named because of fire in sea causing it to be released and separate it from other impurities.
    They then mix with water vapors.

    we know density of water vapors is higher in sea clouds since its more liquid compared to island clouds.
    water density is 997 kg/m³, water vapor density is 0.554kg/m³.
    And as expected Sea clouds have slightly less density than sea water.
    From this info again the only thing which effects DF user was the sea cloud which has water which should not really be sea water since its the H20 from water vapor which is sterile.
    Now if we add sterile water + pyroblouin which also are present in sea stone and the fact that DF users are effected by it then we can conclude it is most probably because of pyroblouin that DF users are ineffective in sea.
    Sea stones also contains them as already confirmed and they are hard as diamond and i guess they are formed at sea bed i.e. on the floor. And also salts contain it obviously.

    In real life the most dominant ones in sea water are Cl− and Na+ ions which we obtain as sodium chloride. So i guess the most dominant might be pyroblouin. Not necessary but highly possible.

    EDIT - About table salt not effective against DF users. tldr quantity is very less in salt used for it to effect DF users and we use very less salt in food too.
    edit - most probably the pryoblouin like sodium and chloride ion is abundant in sea being the reason as to why its dangerous everywhere, there is no place in sea where is no pyroblouin present and if you make salt from sea that would mean it has pyrobloun like sodium chloride...think that either sodium or chloride is pyroblouin it would make sense then. And yes that was zombies r weak to salt but he gave a reason. He cant randomly do that without any reason or else it would be a plot hole and brook said it works against zombies instantly it might work on DF users too but is negligibly in its effect so maybe not much pyrobloiun. assuming its not hole in writing.
    So we can think the salt is obvioulsy NaCl in one piece too but pyroblouin is also present like other ions like silicate maybe.

    Brook clearly says the salt has power of sea so if we have to make an excuse salt made for eating is mostly contains NaCl like in real life. And also the table salt we use also is not pure NaCl, it atleast contains Iodine so its a homogeneous mixture maybe. And pyroblouin used is like i said a very scarce one present in sea.
    no need to take these numbers seriously though. So yeah if we want to make an excuse we should say the power in salt is not strong enough because they bring salt from kitchen in TB and it works. That would be a lot hole unless we say its not much effective against them since concetration of pyroblouin is very low. I mean how do they get drinking water out in sea. They can filter it maybe that process removes pyroblouin for drinking since fresh water doesnt has pyroblouin. Its similar to how in alabasta they were being flooded but it doesnt mean they were drowning like in sea but still were effected just to a very small degree. Two reasons could be the surface area in contact and concentration of pyroblouin is very sparse in ocean water and having less water will make it even less in quantity. If we make salt would mean we are collecting every ion and would make pyroblouin to be collected to which is one of the lowest composition in the salt and we use very less salt compared to the food, so its probably ineffective, like soaking someone with sea water doesnt make them faint etc. Its probably not a hole since it can be explained with some or other reason.
    Remember for Oars they used large quantities of salt.

    Did we miss something about ussop. Were his marbles made of sea stones. Wonder if its going to be something very simple which he always played with unknowingly.

    One thing which i wonder is that whether oda will scientifically explain as to why Devil fruit users are weak to this. Or it will be kept as a supernatural mystery. Like davy jones being cursed by sea since it makes things more interesting to pirate like stories.

Recent Reviews

  1. Buggys Delivery Service
    Buggys Delivery Service
    Always great to see some chemistry in a One Piece theory! And it's even better to see it in such a good one! The only (very very minor issue) I noticed, is that when you mention the denisty of water and water vapour, you state their densities according to STP, meaning that if the temperature or pressure is changed, the values will differ. So technically the values listed are incorrect, as they will slightly vary outside of the lab, especially in the sky. This is just my chemistry autism coming through, it really is a minor point and does not affect the theory at all. This has to be one of my favourite theories i've read so far! 5 star + from me!
  2. Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose
    sterile water + pyroblouin that actually makes a lot of sense. With how it got to sky islands, from volcano eruptions. (lol took me a while to digest your explanation, am slow)
    1. vikas
      Author's Response
      yeah its basic chemistry. Even without that pyroblouin is a suspect since oda said pyroblouin from sea stone not just pyrobloiun when explaining it being the weakness for DF users. Like water can come any source both fresh and sea like in IRL. So water or source of water is not really the culprit. I mean people drink water too after purifying sea water.
  3. Rej
    Awesome take on that! I even didnt knew about this Pyrobloin.
    This makes upcomming reveals in Wano even more hype.
    Your theory presents a very godd possibility on that, deliverung as alot of possible background, nothing highly complicated that Oda could have used as inspirations.
    Keep up!^^
  4. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    I am not quite sure what you tried to prove with this one. Is it that "Pyrobloin" is causing devil fruit users to lose their power? Then you missed the point because that is certainly not the case. The point was that Pyrobloin is the hardening agent of sea clouds/stone. Pyrobloin is caused by volcanic eruptions and is therefore not always in the seas. It is only emitted during a volcanic eruption and then its the substance which hardens whatever it comes in contact with.

    We even kinda know how their respective substance is created by this explanation. When the volcano is above the sea level it goes into the air and sea clouds are made and when the volcano is on the sea bottom sea stone is produced. Why? Because the magma/pyrobloin come in contact with the sea water and it hardens immediately.

    It is only the hardening agent and not what causes devil fruit users to lose their power for a certainty. I give you a direct causation as proof . When you throw a df user into the sea, he/she loses his/her power. The same is true for sea clouds/sea stone. The causation is the sea and the what hardens the later two. The same is true for salt which has absolutely nothing to do with pyrobloin and disproves your case. It is caused by whatever is in the sea which produced the salt. Their is no volcanic waste in salt, I am sorry, but that is certainly not the case.

    I hope I explained it proper enough and didn't misrepresent your idea here.
    1. vikas
      Author's Response
      The idea is simple. pyroblouin is something present in Sea stone as a fact. And during eruption it gets mixed with water vapour which is a pure H20 i.e. its not DF weakness. And then sea clouds and island clouds are formed, Luffy was weak in sea cloud too meaning pyrobloin should be the suspect. So this pyrobloin should be present sea too which is a weakness. And this is again proved by salt used in thriller bark which brooks quotes as having power of sea. You make salt from sea water has certain quantity of pyrobloin too.
      Reply in discussion if did not understand.
  5. flappy
    It is a very good explanation, but I wondernif Oda would go this far in scientifics.
    1. vikas
      Author's Response
      I wonder too. I personally like supernatural ones. But oda already started explaining how DFs effect bodies through gene and blueprint, so we can expect him to be scientific with this too.
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