Theory What are these 3 Ancient Weapons?

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  1. Erkan12
    Whare are these 3 Ancient Weapons?

    We know one of them; it is Shirahoshi ; Poseidon.

    But if an alive being can be an ancient weapon, then the other 2 can be alive beings as well.

    I know Pluton is said to be a war ship, so technically it can't be a person. But when you think about it; Shirahoshi herself isn't a weapon too, she is the poseidon because she can control the Sea Kings. The Sea Kings are weapons, but Shirahoshi can control them.

    So technically, another 2 people can control also Pluton and Uranus.

    Who could be these 2 people? I've a theory about it ;

    Imu was carrying two bounties;


    This alone is enough to say that both Luffy and Teach were big threats to the World Government, but this alone isn't enough to make a a connection between the ancient weapons, but then ;


    The ancient weapon; Shirahoshi's picture is with them too... Why?

    Because she is an ancient weapon right?

    But if she is there for that purpose only (for being an Ancient Weapon), then why did Imu bring Luffy's and Teach's wanted posters with her too?

    Obviously Kaido and Big Mom are big threats to the Governments as well, like Garp said they are, Akainu was also concerned about them as well, but we didn't see Imu is being concerned about them, but only Luffy and Teach, and with the addition of these 2, we've 3 pictures in total.
    And how many Ancient Weapons were there?

    Is that a coincidence?

    Now, 3 is a number, but it's a number that Teach is interested in.

    We've seen he has 3 skulls on his jolly flag ;


    Why 3 ? Could be because Teach is also interested in 3 Ancient Weapons?

    Then we've seen that Teach is carrying 3 pistols,


    Again, is that another weird coincidence?

    Another one for you ;


    3 scars... Too much for a coincidence.

    3 beard buckles;


    Another one.

    When you think about it, Teach has a very weird interest in 3, and it's really interesting, taking 3 skulls on his jolly flag, giving 3 eye scars, using 3 pistols, and using 3 beard buckles... It's just too much for a coincidence...

    And when you think about the ancient weapons, which is only 3 , I think this is all connected and Imu knows that they are 3 ancient weapons and which is why he is afraid of them.

    Shirahoshi - Poseidon
    Luffy and Teach - Pluton and Uranus

    I know Pluton is said to be that a warship, but when you think about it, Shirahoshi isn't exactly a Sea King as well, she is just controlling it. Luffy and Teach could control Pluton and Uranus in a same way.

    This is just my opinion, thanks for reading.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Donal D. Trump
    Donal D. Trump
    All those "3" hints you get all have to do with Blackbeard and not with the ancient weapons. It would make sense to say that Blackbeard might possess all weapons because of his "3" scheme but you have to actually find a correlation between the ancient weapons and Blackbeard. Shirahoshi has to have something that has to do with "3" and when Blackbeard has it, too you can make a case. You can't just say that Blackbeard IS a ancient weapon when their is no connection whatsoever between them but because of the overstating idea of their being 3 ancient weapons. Their is really no logic here unless I am missing something.
  2. Sakkeru
    There are three ancient weapons + blackbeard has a connection with the number 3 = blackbeard IS an ancient weapon?... we know that Pluton was a ship and that Imu had FOUR wanted posters. Blackbeard obviously has an interest in the number 3, but as most theorists would probably agree this is due to a more personal reason than the fact that he himself is an ancient weapon.
  3. RandaAlzifahri
    At first, I like your idea about the thing that made Im more concerns to Luffy rather tha Big Mom or Kaido is Ancienr Weapon.

    But then you just explain about Blackbear and number 3. You dont explain connection between Luffy and Teach to an ancient weapon, or which ancient weapon could be controlled by each of them.

    Promising idea, sadly, you can't give more than that
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