Speculation Welcome to Hell's Kitchen: Featuring Sanji's Cosmic Cooking

Answering the question "How will Sanji's cosmic powers manifest?"

  1. Theo Ries
    HEADS-UP: This post is in response to a number of comments contemplating the nature of Sanji’s cosmic powered attacks theorized here. If you haven’t yet read the post titled “Sanji’s Hidden ‘Cosmic’ Powers”, please do so since the following information depends on what is said there.

    What does cooking have to do with the cosmos? NOTHING! Right? With every attack named after elements of cooking, Sanji is taking Vinsmoke Judge’s judgement of Sanji’s so-called superfluous hobby and rubbing it in his face. The rebel prince may not feature attacks with space-themed names, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility that they could still be sourced from that celestial power. Keep in mind that the following is a speculation; nonetheless, we can still draw evidence from One Piece and other relevant sources.

    (I just thought I’d share this work by a famous artist who spent a lot of time in France. It happens to feature a swirling Starry Night that follows Sanji’s rebellious clockwise pattern. Connections? …probably not, but you never know!)

    Now, lets look at Sanji’s development in battle and see if we can find any support for the attacks he may feature in the future by harnessing his cosmic power. (In case you don’t want the constant distraction of infinitely repeated clips, I will attempt to hide the following gifs using the “Spoiler” feature Oro Jackson supplies. Thanks for your patience while I'm learning the ropes!)


    *Party Table: Kick Course
    Let the spinning begin! This is the beginning of Sanji’s rotation-connected attacks. Like how everything in the universe rotates, most of Sanji’s attacks involve some sort of spinning motion. It’s interesting how his enemies revolve around him like planets in a solar system. Add cosmic heat and increased spiraling speed using the potential powers from his genetic modifications, and you have a livid vortex of burning blasts.


    *Mutton Shot
    This interesting kick foreshadowed Diable Jambe at least once by deliberately featuring the spinning action. While it won’t be directly linked to this speculation, Mutton Shot is evidence that Oda does suggest future attacks with subtle hints from early battles. (Please ignore the fact that the gif sources non-canon material and just use it as an example.)


    With this strike that was strong enough to overcome Blueno’s Tekkai defense, Sanji rotates his entire body before landing a concussive blow to his opponent. There is no post time-skip equivalent yet, so there’s still room to speculate how it might translate into a cosmic-fueled attack. If encased in flames, Sanji could resemble a comet careening into impact adding immense heat to the force of the blow.

    *Diable Jambe
    Diable Jambe is likely the first true use of this sizzling celestial energy. The first time I saw this in action, I remember noticing that Sanji didn’t seem surprised in the least. It’s almost as if he had been long aware of this ability. I think it’s more likely that he withheld utilizing the powers imbued by his father’s efforts out of spite. When the need to protect his crewmates was great enough, he finally relinquished and unleashed the fire within.

    Cooking is a gift from the gods; spices are a gift from the devil.”

    As royalty in the One Piece world, Sanji will be automatically likened to a god. However, much like Doflamingo being called “Heavenly Demon” by Fujitora, Sanji is also related to the opposite of his natural “god” status. Even though Sanji gets fan grief from his encounter with Doflamingo, it’s no mistake that Oda featured that brief battle. Just like with Pearl and Jyabura, Sanji’s attacks are foreshadowed by his opponents (think Fire Pearl = Hell Memories and Geppou = Sky Walk). Sanji’s future Diable Jambe may catch inspiration from Doflamingo’s Overheat.


    *Anti Manner: Kick Course
    I still hear “antimatter” every time I watch this attack rocketing at Gecko Moria. Like Concasse, this attack is also without a post time-skip counterpart, so we’re free to speculate! When matter and antimatter collide, they annihilate each other. So unless Sanji reserved this for a desperate suicide attack, he would not represent antimatter in the attack. Instead, he could produce a photon blast (light particles) that temporarily separates the matter and antimatter before they come together and annihilate themselves. (This is an actual method used to separate matter and antimatter with the same destructive outcome.) It would appear like a brief afterimage before generating a huge explosion. By the way, even in the attack against Moria there is a flash of light emitted on impact.


    *Sky Walk & Blue Walk
    Neither of these attacks seems to do more than launch Sanji through space, regardless of the medium. How can this be improved? He has yet to apply the flaming intensity of his Diable Jambe to deliberately increase his propulsion like a rocket. (Although I’m aware that he has used Diable Jambe and other flaming attacks while doing both Sky and Blue Walk.) Increasing his inertia would certainly increase the force of his attacks. He may even garner enough energy to rival Kizaru’s light speed!


    *Hell Memories
    His entire body is covered in flames (without first spinning like with Diable Jambe) and can envelop his opponent in flames. Remember Sanji’s battle against Wadatsumi? Like a solar prominence, an attack could completely envelop his enemy. The more energy he absorbs, having mastered the method, the more powerful it would undoubtedly be.


    *Poele a Frire: Spectre
    This attack is different from Diable Jambe because his attacks rain down like meteors. Furthermore, let’s remember that the Spectre style is reminiscent of “Ganmen Spectrum” used by Ivankov under whom Sanji trained during the time-skip. Iva’s Galaxy Wink attack may be a figurative “wink” at Sanji’s future powers. Envision a massive collective of flaming attacks (reminiscent of Final Fantasy’s ultimate spell: Meteo) crashing down from all around.


    Also, as pointed out by @El-pachineko in a comment, the look of Poele a Frire changes from a purely flame-like appearance to one that is more star-shaped. The color is even changed to one that is more “cosmic”, both in Film Gold (not strictly canon) and the battle at Fishman Island. This is valid since we have been told that Oda has a say regarding the color schemes used in the anime. Interestingly, in chapter 833, the same look was forming on Sanji’s leg just before Judge blocked his attack with minions he planned to sacrifice. It is likely that Oda wanted to save the moment when Judge realized that Sanji wasn’t actually a “failed experiment”.

    Now, It’s Time to Change Gears:
    It’s fun to speculate how celestial inspiration may play a part in Sanji’s battle power and development, but let’s get serious for a moment. HOW would Sanji operate these attacks?

    The key to all of these attacks delivered using what I have termed “cosmic power” is summarized best with something said by Usopp (whom we can count on to provide a guaranteed future forecast). When Sanji demonstrated his blue walk, leaving the ship to attack Surume, Usopp said, “He’s like a Fish-man!” Finally, this adds purpose to the seemingly unnecessary fight that paired he and Jinbe against an opponent that both totally outranked – even if solo.


    Fish-man karate manipulates water from the area around them, gathering and pulling it (like a water bender a la Avatar) before using the deluge to direct an attack. Sanji’s attacks begin by gathering the heat from friction and force from spinning motion. The universe is propelled into infinite spiraling rotation by immense kinetic energy (the energy of motion). He would gather this energy (present throughout the universe anywhere from a galactic level down to the tiniest atom) around his attacks in a way that is identical to Fish-man karate.


    If my previous theory proves accurate, Sanji’s ability could gather this energy like a black hole (which gathers stars to form galaxies revolving in a massive starry spiral). Not by burning hotter but with more condensed energy would this manifest by burning black (properly utilizing his epithet of “Black Leg”). Could THAT be the potential of Uranus?

    Obviously, I do not believe that Sanji is the original Uranus. He could be the destined recipient of that power like Shirahoshi was the inheritor of the title “Poseidon”. More likely, his power would be similar to the potential to duplicate the original ancient weapon (like Franky’s blueprints would allow him to do with Pluton).

    I also do not believe that Sanji is likely to begin adding space-themed attack names to his arsenal. Like I said in the beginning, focusing on his cooking as his primary power is a subtle slap to his father’s disapproval. Nonetheless, his genetic modification is a reality that he will likely use increasingly for the sake of helping his crew and advancing the future Pirate King. As pointed out by @Gumshoe in review of my previous theory, Sanji said it best: I’m just following the rules of the universe since before the time of the dinosaurs.”
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Recent Reviews

  1. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera
    A really structured and possible theory, I love the idea.
    By the way, Sanji's "Brochette" technique is also about spinning (first used against Jerry, he jumps over his opponent and then spin like a drill onto them).
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      Vera, that's an awesome move that would have fit nicely in this Speculation because it does diverge from the others somewhat in its style. I knew it wasn't an all-inclusive list (and may already be too long/text heavy). Anyhow, I just went and watched the fight vs Jerry and had almost forgot about it, so I'm grateful for the reminder. Also, thanks for a positive review!
  2. El-pachinko
    Another great job , i really like how u said sanji will stick to his cook & fighting skill without needed to add a space theme attack..and he only inherited a part of uranus power without being the original weapon itself..btw its not needed but thanks for mentioning me anyway :-) ..looking forward for ur next work
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      I always want to "give honor where honor is due". Anyhow, I promised to include the info you mentioned. I hadn't even planned to do a follow-up speculation until you and a few others mentioned what you did, so I'm grateful for the incentive! ...and the review!!!
  3. King Tempest
    King Tempest
    Sorry for the late review.

    I've already commented on this thread, so I'll just say good job.

    One more thing.

    I think Sanji has a deeper connection with the Fishmen/Mermaids and there were many hints thrown around during the FI arc that they might be "modified humans" like Sanji and his siblings.

    I'll post about it later.
    1. Theo Ries
      Author's Response
      WHOAH! I'm really looking forward to that post! No worries about the "late" review. You've already given me more attention than I deserve. Sincere thanks, King!
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