Speculation Was Teach really afraid of Akainu?

Marshall D. Teach

  1. Erkan12

    Blackbeard : ''To the Marines, to the World Government !! And to the all Pirates out there !! (...) THIS IS MY AGE !!''''

    - Manga Chapter 577

    As you can see, the manga author specifically draws that Akainu is there to hear Teach's claim, and Teach doesn't afraid of Sengoku and Akainu when he challenged the entire Marineford...

    And let's see why Teach ''retreats'' when he hears Akainu is coming ...

    Blackbeard : ''Let them laugh ! If you're aiming for the top you don't always need your fists to show your might!!'

    - Manga Chapter 225

    Blackbeard makes it clear that he isn't interested in pointless battles, and sometimes you don't need to show might with your fists.

    Blackbeard was doing the same thing against Ace,

    Blackbeard : ''Ace had been chasing me because I committed a terrible crime aboard Whitebeard's ship.''

    - Manga Chapter 544

    Blackbeard was obviously not trying to fight with Ace as well despite being more powerful than him.


    Blackbeard : ''How did you know I was here?!''

    - Manga Chapter 440

    And then his crew starts to get boring because they've waited so long.


    Vasco Shot : ''We're running out of grog ! When are we going to find an island with a town ?!''
    Catarina Devon : ''Right ! Forget the ship ! I need some new clothes ! I am sick of these prison rags !''
    Van Auge : ''I will go take a look. They are taking too long.''
    Blackbeard : ''Aye! Even they are getting impatient here !''

    It's clear that Blackbeard's crew was getting impatient for waiting in that burning island.

    Another interesting thing that, Akainu as a Logia user, had an environmental advantage in that location where Blackbeard waits. Akainu is a magma devil fruit's user, he would be in advantage against anyone in a ''BURNING ISLAND'' ...


    San Juan Wolf : ''It's so hot !''
    *Burning Island in the New World*
    - Manga Chapter 595

    It was hot enough to hurt someone like San Juan Wolf, who is one of the biggest living things in the world.

    Crocodile as a Logia user, states that ''no one has a chance against me in a desert battle'' ... Which indicates that Logia users has an environmental advantage in time to time.

    Crocodile : ''No one has a chance against me in a desert battle!''
    - Manga Chapter 178

    So wouldn't be the same for the likes of Ace or Akainu ? In a ''burning island'' battle ?

    Let's look what Akainu turned into an island in a battle after 10 days long battle ;

    ''The entire place is burning''
    - Manga Chapter 655

    Akainu turned the half of the PH into a burning island in 10 days with using his logia powers. So in a natural burning island, Akainu as a logia user, would be in advantage against anyone, that includes Blackbeard as well.

    So far, we've a confirmation about Blackbeard's challenge on every in MF battle that includes Akainu, and we've confirmation about Blackbeard's principles as a pirate which involves not fighting in pointless battles, and we've confirmation about Blackbeard's crew was getting impatient to wait in that burning island and fighting in a burning island against Akainu would be in disadvantage against a magma user Admiral.

    So, why fighting in that island would be pointless ? Because Teach was trying to make a new bargain for a battleship, but they understand that they are not going to make a bargain, because of Akainu.


    - Manga Chapter 595

    Auge : ''I don't think it's a present for us !''

    The bargain was off, they couldn't take the warship, and Akainu would use it against them in combat. So what was the point of fighting while his crew was getting impatient, in an environmental disadvantage and when they can't even get a warship ?

    In short ;
    • Blackbeard showed that he had no fear to challenge the entire Marine army before in Marineford battle, that includes Akainu.
    • Blackbeard was trying to avoid from a confrontation with Ace as well, despite the fact he could defeat Ace with his power.
    • Akainu as a Logia user, had an environmental advantage in a burning island.
    • Blackbeard's crew was getting impatient to wait, they already wanted to go another island with a town even before Akainu appeared.
    • Blackbeard isn't interested in pointless battles, and Teach knew that WG wasn't going to make a bargain with them for Jewelry Bonney.

    Blackbeard just made a strategical retreat against Akainu.

Recent Reviews

  1. AnonymousStrawHat
    It can be said that he was scared of Akainu because he left Bonney. He let Akainu run him off and he left her as like a peace bargain or something. He did have time to take her, anybody on his crew could have snatched her up. If he didn't get what he came for why would he leave Someone who can be useful? He collects DFs so if he couldn't get the ship he could have still used her and why would he let Akainu, the bully have something. Someone who isn't scared would have Scooped Bonney up and made getaway with him in pursuit if they weren't trying to get into an all out battle.

    With that said, I like your analysis though.
  2. Lothar1399
    I don't think that he was afraid of Akainu either. However I think he was afraid of different people in the Marineford.

    I like Blackbeard's character because he's kind of like a dark version of Luffy (and fatter) but when he fought Whitebeard you could clearly see his face when the old man knocking him on his ass.

    That's fear, not what he showed Akainu, but what he showed Whitebeard. That's why Whitebeard said that Roger wasn't waiting for him. Because Roger wasn't waiting for a fearful weakling, which is how Whitebeard saw Teach.

    Plus Shanks was already there, so I think that added to his 'fear'.

    Anyway, nice theory. :)
  3. Pirat3hunter
    I'd still say he was scared because at marine Ford he was feeling himself and thought I can beat anyone then seeing shanks brought him back to the real world with his head no longer so full he was aware that akainu would burn him to death at that point in time
    I wouldn't say Teach was afraid to face Akainu, it think it has more to do with the level of his crew at that point in time. He stated they weren't ready to take on Shanks and his crew during Marineford so I don't think his crew was ready for someone on Akainu's level. As well as only clashing with CP-0 after going after Dragon and the Revo's. Knowing Teach is cunning and actually really smart despite appearance I believe he is a true tactician and doesn't really go into fights or battles half assed I believe he actually plans things out similar to Whitebeard and his Marineford battle he had a great plan to oppose the Navy in their own territory which is where he could have learned this useful trait.
  5. Larsi
    Agreed, but even if he was afraid, he was at least a year away from even being considered a yonkou, so you should not consider that bad for him as a yonkou, what he did before reaching that point. Luffy told his crew to run away from Kizaru and tried himself too, but if he become PK will you hold that against him?
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