Speculation Wano's war

Luffys power up and Gorosei's spy

  1. Roronoa RoRo
    Kyoshiro is a member of cp0 that was sent by the samurai gorosei to plot a rebellion against Kaido, while Luffy's alliance and their plan to take down Kaido is happening.

    Kyoshiro will lay out baits and will speed up the process of the upcoming war so the world government can step in and attack once both parties are weak.

    Kaido will figure out Kyoshiro's true identity and will team up with Big Mom and take down the alliance, re activate the Rocks Pirates and start the war with the World Government.

    Luffy's greates power up will be against Big Mom. it will be 1v1 and Luffy will master gear 4 and improve all his Haki Skills.

    Simultaneously, the alliance will face the Beast Pirates, Strawhat Grandfleet with the Sun Pirates will face the Big Mom pirates outside wano.

    this will be broadcasted globally by some cp0 agents in wano.

    The countries that luffy helped will send their army together with the remaining Whitebeard Pirates vs The Marines led by Akainu will fight outside Wano as well. It will be a war on water.

    Luffy will def hit the final blow against Kaido and will win, while Kid will take down Akainu. All while being attacked by Buster Call that was triggered, and is happening at Onigashima.

    After the war, Onigashima will be erased from the Map.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mang Kanoru
    Mang Kanoru
    Nope. right now Kidd has no chances against Akainu even Luffy at this stage has nothing to do with Akainu so it be more like marine will not send any force since reverie arc is still running at the moment at thinking CP0 will be much exposure on the wano arc they will broadcast the fight between kaido, big mom and other involved on the war at wano, shanks I guess will be appearing at wano in some sort of idea
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    No back up at all for everything you write here. This is only a wild speculation
    1. Roronoa RoRo
      Author's Response
      posted wrongly. yes, it is a wild speculation
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