Theory Wano-Country Allies: The Kabukimono Samurai

Speculating Samurai Allies in Wano-Country based on inference from historical context

  1. D jango
    D jango
    History of feodal japan around 15 to 18 century, ive read those strories too.
    Some how i missed ure theory, but today i read ure theory and somehow ive wrote something similar too
    About those rebel samurais, it was some kind of ronin, i guess, kind of ronins want to avenge the death of their daimyo.
    About coalition of some daimyos will be 2 side : emperor/empress side and shogunate side.
  2. Nessos
    Another faction of outlaws, interisting.

    What do you think will they be pro Momo or pro Kaidou?
    1. Law0
      Author's Response
      I would say they would be Pro-Momo/Allies. The Kabukimono were basically gangsters and Kaido is a foreign invading force so their possible inspired counterparts would likely fight against an oppressive force like Kaido+Shogun.
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