Speculation Tonoyasu Possible D


  1. ArmoredFranky
    Judging by how chapter 941 featured Tonoyasu all crucified and still smiling idk its possible we may get another D clan member into the honey pot of D family members. Possibly, it all depends on if his death produces a smile on his face, i know he is always constantly smiling but if he does die with a smile on his face the most likely an indication on him being a D. Idk lemme know your thoughts my be cool to have another D family.

Recent Reviews

  1. MyNameIsVoodoo
    I made a similar post, also about Tonitasu being a D possibly. I really hope it comes to fruition!
    1. ArmoredFranky
      Author's Response
      Ye same idk i like knowing more members of the D Clan kind of opens up the story more
  2. Wekeido
    That’s a really wild speculation right there my dude, but I kinda like it haha but so you really think just because of him smiling whilst dying makes him a D?
    1. ArmoredFranky
      Author's Response
      i mean thats what they say that the D clans are the only ones known to always die smiling roger did rogue did Ace did saul did even luffy was ready to put a big old smile at the face of death we just have to see if Tonoyasu dies at all next chapter and see if he smiles cuz if he dies he could very well be a D
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