Speculation Tonoyasu...Possible "D."?

A few parallels between Yasu and past "D." members we have seen...

  1. MyNameIsVoodoo
    Tonoyasu, a possible "D."?

    [S P O I L E R S A H E A D!]

    Hello, nakama!

    I have this feeling Tonoyasu may be a member of the "D." clan. The imagery of the latest chapter seemed to parallel some of the events of "D." members in the past. A bitnof the information we have on him, and his dialogue seem to fit this idea. It's kind of exciting, he's one of the coolest characters we've been introduced to in so long. Welp. Lemme get to it. :D

    Okay, so after reading the latest chapter of One Piece, chapter 941, some things stuck out to me. Almost every time in the series we have seen a public execution event, the one being executed was a "D.", Montblanc Cricket being the one exception I can think of.

    We know members of the "D." clan always die with smiles on the faces, as even Luffy demonstrated when he was about to be killed by Buggy the Clown. We also know the "D." members sacrifice a lot to achieve their ambitions or goals. They are very determined people, like Portgas D. Ace laying down his life to protect the honor he felt Whitebeard deserved, Jaguar D. Saul laying his life to let a child of Ohara survive the buster call, EVERY single thing Luffy has ever done to achieve his dream of becoming Pirate King.

    So, back to Tonoyasu. Let me present what I feel are parallels to the examples I set up above.

    - When he is being crucified, Yasu states the crowd of onlookers that he wants to "apologize for two reasons" and "that he has one thing to state to Orochi". After he does this, he states "Once I have said what I have to say I can die with a smile on my face." First parallel.

    - We learned that Yasu sold his daughter, Toko, to the flower capital, and he uses all the money she sends and gives it all away as food to the poor citizens of Ebisu town. We may not know yet what his true ambition is, but we know he was willing to help in the fight against Kaido and Orochi, and we also know he achieves his goal of helping others.

    Anyway, that concludes my speculation. I hope you enjoyed reading!

    Smooth sailing, nakama!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Rp4lyf
    O'tama met Ace not O'toko. But maybe he is D, however most likely he is not.
  2. powerslave87
    Yeah nice theory..
    I agree with yasu smile similar with the 'D' when face the death. But i think we need more information to provide it.

    And how about ashura D ouji, a.k.a shutenmaru. He's strong man typical on one piece
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