Theory To the Promised Place : Mihawk's Past

Mihawk's Past and Connection to shanks

  1. Dave
    Hi guys this another 2 part theory from me covering some of final fights of One piece ,now this theory is dedicated to @Den_Den_Mushi chan no 1 mihawk fan as far as I know of


    While mihawk’s name is inspired from Vlad Dracula not the blood sucking vampire from bram stoker’s novel Dracula tpn.jpg And Roronoa Zoro’s name is inspired from Francois L'Ollonais bcoz Japanese pronounce it as Roronoa hence spelling Apart from names many things are common in between these two individuals which is why I believe that mihawk has more similarities to Francois L'Ollonais then to Dracula and zoro is not worthy of name Roronoa yet but rather becoming Roronoa slowly if you are confused let me explain in theory
    As know by epithet “hawk eye” has anyone bothered to ask why his eyes are like this ? While some will say when you become strongest swordsman your eyes become like that from hakuba evidence tpn2.jpg
    This is not the case while your eyes may or may not change upon becoming strongest swordsman this case is not true for Mihawk bcoz he was born like this
    As per definition there are organisms in world who due to some minor alterations to DNA display different physical qualities

    This can be seen in One piece universe also in people who display special abilities since very young age

    • Doffy’s CoC at 8yrs age same goes for Ace also thou
    • Asia from Skypiea with unusually high grade natural observation haki
    • Soran girl who can draw Real Islands even without seen or heard about them
    • same can be said for Momo and shirahosi
    • big mom despite being born from normal human family she was clearly a monster who destroyed a village of giants

    Ok lets get to point,
    Mihawk was born with a mutation which was his eyes as you see in his childhood pics and
    his appearance at roger’s execution he has same eyes tpn4.jpg
    Both mihawk and zoro started in similar fashion as you see from their childhood pics
    Mihawk with Bokken (wooden sword) and shabby clothes he is nearly identical to childhood zoro ,Bokken also symbolizes that he studied swordsmanship in a dojo like zoro and hence understands and applies Code of bushido (code of honour and respect as a swordsman )

    Raised as Nobel
    Nothing about Mihawk says that he is pirate way he speaks with respect and dignity, way carries himself always dressed and well groomed even his sword
    Yoru is reference to Kriegsmessers ("war knife")
    image.jpg Yoru_Infobox.png
    Kriegs-messers as Yoru is 1st seen on mihawk’s 1st appearance when he destroys what remains Kreig pirates

    Note: oda foreshadow sanji as vinsmoke [wine =vin and smoke] and Don krieg’s fleet destroyed by kriegsmesser aka Yoru

    Shit I got off topic again where was I ya way mihawk carries himself its like he is a noble and we have yet to see an jolly roger, or any reference to his crew how was he a pirate? Answer he was not pirate?

    So I believe Mihawk was adopted into a noble family due to his “Hawk eyes “and potential to become a great swordsman

    Raise of Mihawk :
    I believe Mihawk and shanks that same starting point which execution of Roger ,Shanks went on to form his own crew while mihawk took a different route

    In one piece there basically 3 types of crews

    1. Pirate crews
    2. Explorer /adventure crews:
      Explorer/adventure crews are extension of a country as they are funded as sanctioned by their respective countries like
      Noland who was a explorer to find new valuable stuff for his kingdom (which in the end killed him thou )
      Happo navy rivalling strength of pirates and marines and yet they work for the kano kuni
    • Crews under direct command of world govt:
    crew are considered as CP-0 ..9 etc , Marines and ships of celestial dragons

    These examples are based on real world like
    Explorers:Vasco da Gama., Christopher Columbus. And Marco Polo etc…

    so as I said before I believe that mihawk was adopted by noble family hence in future he
    formed a similar group to happo navy (remember happo navy or atleast don chinjo was considered outlaw in eyes law and had a bounty) so if mihawk also had a similar crew by that logic him having a bounty and considered a outlaw like pirates wouldn’t be considered strange
    The crew Mihawk most likely was inspired by Landsknechts,
    As I mentioned above also Mihawk’s sword Yoru is very close match to Kriegsmessers which was most commonly used by Landsknechts
    Look at this basic outlook of Landsknecht solder

    The large sword,the hat ,and even some colour scheme matches the colours used for mihawk

    Height of savagery

    Assuming that mihawk and his crew were strong enough to survive in New World it was at this point shanks and mihawk may have met,As I mentioned in my theory Path Of Rorona Zoro and Yin n Yang Theory that Zoro has to certain stages to become strongest swordsman for more read

    One of the stages is Ashura
    In my opinion both zoro and mihawk went through these phase of Blood-lust
    Apart from these similarity between zoro are mihawk astonishing since zoro is not center of this theory I’ll not go in much detail on him instead u can read this theory by @Vandenreich
    Losing his crew
    Read the below part carefully…………..
    Remember that Kuraigana island may also be part of Florien triangle as its climate very similar to thriller bark and is a dark and gloomy place shares similar qualities and Halloween theme desigin wise looks from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas one of oda’s fav books
    d4cfc8b2cb8f28684f090bc71ce04c5680e40a2a_hq.jpg The_nightmare_before_christmas_poster.jpg

    So what i think happened is Mihawk and his crew met similar fate they shipwrecked and reached the island and mihawk’s remaining crew was wiped out by natives who were they ? or were they attacked by something else ?
    Answer is both
    Is it possible that Mihawk’s crew was attack these unknown ominous entities given the fact they even larger then thriller bark itself I doubt even world’s strongest swordsman and his crew would escape it without any damage and deaths

    mihawk mentioned that when he reached the island it still had thick smell of blood ,smoke and ground paved with corpses I think he was talking abt losing his remaining crew
    [Note : as I said Mihawk’s crew was shipwrecked considering how many of them survived its best to assume that both mihawk and his crew were in very bad physical state this might explain why his crew was wiped out in presence of mihawk ]

    look at armour and head gear human drills are wearing its very identical to group Landsknechts symbolizing the that those once belong crew of mihawk and
    another example why the hell is king of human drills having exact same sword as Yoru (color difference of course ) and why does he knows techniques of mihawk ?
    don’t u think if world strongest swordsman wanted to kill them for revenge he could wiped them easily answer is bcoz mihawk forgave them in these panel you see stresses on knowledge about human drills that they are result of human behaviour around them

    Current Human drills with weapons, and armour of former crewmates of mihawk and king human drills with techniques and sword of mihawk are like shadow of his former crew and mihawk himself hence this island has a nostalgia factor for mihawk
    Well maybe dats why he is farming with them now :kappa:

    It is said losing his crew changed L'Olonnais he became more distance and secluded person and turned to more violent person then before

    9yrs ago from current timeline in one piece when mihawk shipwrecked on Kuraigana island ,by that time he had lost his one and only rival Red hair shanks who lost his dominant
    left hand protecting luffy and after then losing his crew changed mihawk

    Secrets of Mihawk
    Let me ask what’s left with man who has achieved his dream and is alone without his nakama ? Without rival? Without any goal for future ? Killing pirates out of boredom and spending his days on lonely island sipping wine doesn’t look good future for world’s strongest swordsman [career counseling for mihawk :lmao: ]

    Shanks and Mihawk
    Two things which both shanks and Mihawk have in common are

    1. Respect for Gol D Roger as both shanks and mihawk were present at execution of roger ,he also mentions becoming pirate king harder path then becoming strongest swordsman which displayed respect he had for roger who achieved that

    2. Respect for rival it has been shown many times shanks and mihawk have huge respect for each other


    As I said above current Mihawk is a lonely man with no goal future plans or atlest it looks like it ,until he finds a purpose ?Mihawk is working with shanks ,there I said it
    Strawhat parallels
    Every strawhat makes a rival cum friend who becomes equally famous or infamous during that age
    Roger had whitebeard and Garp
    Luffy Has basically Law (and also all supernova but they are not as close as law ) and Stalker oops Smoker
    Shanks had mihawk (not counting yonko )

    So how is mihawk working with shanks, by being a shichibukai he is acting as spy for shanks similar to how kuma (another shichibukai) is spy placed by dragon
    L'Olonnais hence also was govt approved pirate equivalent to shichibukai of one piece
    Look at these parallels
    Kuma spy of dragon aka luffy’s dad attacks luffy’s crew and later saves them

    Mihawk spy of shanks attacks luffy and saves and trains zoro
    14bjhb.jpg 5gbjh.jpg

    Despite been full of more relevant big pirates in marineford both kuma and mihawk were shown to attack luffy ,They both tested Strawhats and saved them

    What are they testing?
    Are strawhats worthy of becoming Pirate king and crew befitting pirate king

    18.jpg 12hkjbhk.jpg
    Another parallel
    Arc Before entering Grandline louge town dragon saves luffy

    Arc before entering new world/time-skip shanks enters marineford and saves luffy

    Due to length of part alone been so long I cant explain in more detail in this part so plz forgive me and I’ll make sure answer all in next part

    (シ_ _)シ

    To the Promised Place :Red hair shanks
    Why shanks doesn’t become pirate king
    ? why doesn’t he take revenge on blackbeard ? etc… what is his motive ? {to be answered in part 2 }

    credits beautiful cover @Shishio


    1. 12.jpg
    2. Sunny_en_el_florian_triangle.jpg
    3. Two-headed-albino-snake-up-for-sale.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Blazen91
    This was really good, but new information on Mihawk suggest this to be false. Even though i know it was only a theory in the first place. It was on those vivre card things that have been coming out.

    They say that Mihawk was famous even before Roger's execution. He also has a bounty (no specified amount though). Never seemed to have a crew and when around challenging strong opponents and eventually reached the top and joined the Marines to keep them off his back.

    You can look all this up on Artur's website. He did a translation for them. Very interesting stuff. Either way, i really liked your theory.
  2. AdvancedLuffy
    It is a nice one.

    You really do a lot of background research for your stories.
  3. Adimas
    Woah who would've thought Mihawk could've been on a pirate crew and he's the only one left D: That's truly a sad and tragic past man. Very nice theory with in depth details about the statistics of Mihawk himself.
  4. PurplePandaSage22
    I love reading theories that try to incorporate real-life historical facts in with the World of Onepiece.And your evidence that was presented to show parallels between Dracule and the real-life historical figure is very interesting indeed.Onwards to part 2 now.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx mate glad u liked it ^^
  5. Law0
    Best Mihawk Theory I have ever read. Real well done job, it's without a doubt worth 5 stars.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx glad u liked it :D
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