Theory To the Promised Place 2: Red Hair Shanks

Journey and Role of Shanks

  1. Dave
    Hi this is 2nd part of my to the promised land theory if haven’t checked 1st part yet recommend plz do as this one is continuation from 1st part link below
    I would like to dedicate this theory to shanks of OJ @Syed [but I hope he doesn’t get cocky after this ]

    {Standard disclaimer : this theory has some views which maybe unpopular in current community so if u have any presets for shanks I recommend plz leave out for a moment and read with clear mind also this theory is pretty damn big so have patience }

    Red-Hair Shanks despite one of characters with very few screen time amount and hype and love this character gets is insane in this theory I’ll like to go through points like
    1.Shanks Origins
    2.Shanks role
    3.Shanks and mihawk

    4.Luffy and zoro

    Shanks Origins :
    Red Hair Shanks name as gives us some insights to what kinda past shanks might have had and what maybe his role in future
    As you can see from above Red hair Shanks is inspired from RedLegs or RedShanks, so it’s safe to assume that at one point shanks may have been a slave and saved by roger pirates this might also include buggy as they are always seen together from very beginning this also explains buggy’s obsessions with treasure
    Red-haired Pirates
    Same way the Redshanks ties into shanks back story as a slave RedLegs Red haired pirates are also reference from another redlegs
    Red Legs
    Parallels with Red hair pirates and Kansas Red Legs
    Wild west theme : apart from shanks most prominent members are seen with guns like ben Beckman ,lucky roo and yassop etc..
    Ben Beckman – Beckman has the highest IQ of anyone in the East Blue. Since he is a first mate to a Yonko, he presumably possesses a great deal of strength
    5691b43799de54aa56b3a36173c611c01720d9ea_hq.jpg bad6b9e0d8f49a1f150b98a0b96fd4e2.jpg
    Lucky roo : inspired from
    hqdefault.jpg Lucky-Luke-c.jpg buffalobill04.jpg
    The common redshank or simply redshank (Tringa totanus) is a Eurasian wader in the large family Scolopacidae. The genus name Tringa is the New Latin name given to the green sandpiper by Aldrovandus in 1599 based on Ancient Greek trungas, a thrush-sized, white-rumped, tail-bobbing wading bird mentioned by Aristotle. The specific totanus is from Tótano, the Italian name for this bird.
    Shanks role
    The one of the biggest questions since series have began is whats the fate of shanks whats his role in future arcs? Despite begin one of most popular in one piece and despite incredibly low screen time

    According to Oda in initial drafts of One piece romance dawn version 1 luffy was supposed to get both his Devil fruit and strawhat from his grandpa Grap and shanks was supposed to be kept a mystery for later in series

    While Oda fundamentally changed that he still maintain the initial thought train luffy got strawhat and devil fruit from shanks but that he disappeared into mystery again in this case while he disappeared he still became a role model and goal to surpass for luffy which wasn’t the case in 1st case

    Whats Shanks Motivation ?
    Roger conquered the Grandline in 1 year and became Pirate King. Luffy if we negelect the time skip has roughly 1year [One piece time line] and pretty sure he will conquer grandline becoming the pirate king .As we know by now inheritors of strawhat have always display exceptional strength and will

    Then why hasn’t shanks became pirate king yet ? One can argue that he like whitebeard knew the truth of void century and one piece and didn’t want to become pirate king same can be said for buggy despite chasing treasures he has never shown any interest in one piece if it was such big treasure

    By now we all know final enemy of strawhats and one piece story line is world govt and celestial dragons

    Yes Maybe Roger didn’t had military might of yonko to take on world govt that may be a valid reason for him not fighting but if roger was exact same as Luffy then we know that he’ll rather die fighting then surrendering
    That leaves us with answer he did had a plan
    Aftr roger’s death shanks grew in power to level of yonko if he wanted he and whitebeard (another one who knew abt void century) could have easily taken on world govt .But they didn’t

    Shanks wanted to fight blackbeard but he didn’t not in marineford not during 2yr time skip why ?

    Remnants of D’ Clan

    Guardians of Ponelgyph until now in story whenever there is poneglyph there are its guardians who have protect it like
    Recently Updated.jpg
    But most interesting one is this one
    p.txt4.jpg p.txt5.jpg
    Until now for every poneglyph Robin has read on screen she hasn’t read it out loud she will tell u content likeIts about weapon’s , letter or location on road poneglyph but this one was different

    Keep thy motives in heart, with closed mouth. We are those who will weave history with the ringing of the great belfry.

    Now lets get sidetracked a bit

    In throughout the time line of One piece the Ds have appeared prominently only after arrival of Roger Like Monkey clan , Portgas ,Gol D . etc…. given below
    Are they 1st of their clan ? no they have existed in shadows for a long time like law’s family was a simple family of doctors before they all died and law became a pirate
    This was also mentioned by Doflamingo in epilogue of dressrosa arc .Leading us to believe that clan of D is in hiding but they are not dead
    Like most allies of Ancient kingdom who a base home and some of their people are scatter in ocean like
    Fishmen island –was base of a poneglyph but fishmen roam throughout the seas
    Minks- zou being base is protected by minks but minks are allowed roam free like pekoms ,bepo etc…
    This gives us a idea that while few of D families are scatter all around the world like Gol D. ,Monkey D. there are people of ancient kingdom living somewhere so where are they ?Ds are enemies of world Govt and hence they must stay in a place were they cant be found by world Govt which the RAFTAL Yes Remnants of Ancient Kingdom the D’Clan are in Raftal so what are they doing their ?They are guarding the Rio Poneglyph and waiting for true Leader of Ancient Kingdom as predicted by joy boy
    Remember this conversation by Rayleigh he drops two Hints

    1.Roger after becoming Pirate king disappeared for one year
    2.Roger Pirates knew everything about History
    5.jpg 6.jpg

    So what did they while disappearing a year they collected all poneglyphs throughout the world with help of Oden kozuki along with nekomamushi and inuarashi and brought it back to raftal to complete Rio Poneglyph

    This why it was written in Skypeia’s Poneglyph that they came there, read the text and followed the guidance.
    Suggesting that Roger read the text and copied it with him he has done same thing with 30 poneglyphs and took it back to raftal but if roger had Voice of all things why did he need Oden in 1st place wouldn’t it be waste of time its bcoz he needed Oden to write a new poneglyph .Which was complete Rio Poneglyph containing all of history from void century .So why did Rayleigh said they knew All of history not just Void century ?
    Bcoz remnants of D’ Clan are they Recorders of History Hence the quote
    While others are protectors of parts of history like poneglyphs D’clan protect records of whole history which includes not just void century but also wat happened after void century and records of all crimes by world govt and celestial dragons .Its also ironic that ancient kingdom was 1st mentioned by historians /archaeologists also
    So after long lecture WTF is gotta do with Shanks ,in my theory Raftel the mound of dead I mentioned about

    The Lia Fáil was thought to be magical: when the rightful High King of Ireland put his feet on it, the stone was said to roar in joy.The stone is also credited with the power to rejuvenate the king and also to endow him with a long reign.

    I always wondered how will whole world know if luffy becomes pirate king or how they knew when roger became the pirate king its not that they called a press conference to announce it according to Irish legend when true king touch's the lia fail it roars in joy as song of island
    For more on this read the theory

    in my opinion Roger passed the test and became pirate king but shanks didn’t so shanks decided to protect Raftal until true successor of Roger came which was luffy

    as he mentions here that luffy reminds him of childhood version of himself , then again to rayelgih that luffy reminded him of Roger
    18.jpg 45.jpg

    You see Roger declared the existence of One piece in such fashion that anyone can become pirate king I mean anyone

    So wat if someone like blackbeard ,kaido or big mom got their hands on one piece ? they will know abt history and posses all 3 ancient weapons will the follow will of joy boy and roger or will they just aim to destroy the world hence someone is needed to stop them someone has to see that only worthy one becomes pirate king that is shanks

    Shanks is profiled as a very low laying pirate among the gorosei and marines as shown below
    p.txt.jpg p.txt1.jpg p.txt3.jpg

    That’s bcoz his job is to protect the seas and raftal like whitebeard you can see in this panel how shanks knew dat blackbeard will bring chaos to sea and wanted to stop him

    Some other references
    Shankh Monastery
    Again reference from name shanks and monastery of the west also is inspiration for shanks being from west blue the monastery itself maybe reference to raftal

    The Anchor:
    did u knew that shanks is also name of Part of a ship's anchor
    In the 1st chapter of one piece itself its foreshadowed many times that shanks is the anchor Like shanks calling luffy anchor luffy wearing t-shirt of anchor etc.. given below
    412.jpg 51.jpg

    So wat is shanks Anchor of ?He is Anchor Oro Jackson . shanks and buggy joined the ship as cabin boys which lowest position on ship
    Note : Shank is also called the lower part of the leg, also called the "shin".

    He remained the same even after passing of his captain and kept protecting remnants of D’clan and One piece on his behalf You wonder why shanks makes frequent visits of East blue ? bcoz raftal is so near east blue
    Despite being named as weakest sea among 4 east blue has most number of Ds dat too strong ones Roger-Ace ,Monkey D family
    there is also proof that shanks also went to east blue during time skip as a result of which was this
    nxUm9wR.gif ff9b5f2c532ea08030d0656e37aac96a--one-piece--king.jpg Capture.PNG
    Shanks and mihawk
    So as I mentioned in my last theory that shanks and mihawk working together mihawk probably everything wat shanks is doing and helping similar to Roger-whitebeard and Luffy-Law given the events of reverie mihawk might decide to join shanks for his own protection Which leads to next section
    1.jpg fe82c97c312bf9043f7517af8fdbe3d0.jpg Shanks_Convinces_Mihawk_to_Celebrate.png

    Luffy and zoro
    Unlike any other in crew members luffy and zoro are most similar with some difference like luffy always to be pirate king luffy and zoro became pirate hunter zoro
    Most people think luffy vowed to return the strawhat after becoming a great pirate .But he also said he’ll gather a crew will surpass shanks crew and he’ll surpass shanks and how he intended to do so by becoming the pirate king as I said above despite being yonko shanks was never able to become pirate king hence he never reached pirate king (plz note that I m not speaking in terms of power level but True successor of Joy Boy )

    So luffy has to surpass shanks 1st by fighting him although it has been foreshadowed in minor details people think shanks will die before luffy reaches him

    Best example would be this scène its replica of wat happened to shanks but luffy received worst treatment then shanks so did Zoro but they withstood it showing wat real man is this fact acknowledged by Blackbeard himself
    151.jpg 171.jpg 19.jpg 4add.jpg 112.jpg

    Both luffy and zoro have ambitions that will intersect with shanks and mihawk as they want to surpass them as both shanks and mihawk have been their goal and role model at same time
    To prove that similar fashion as shanks said I’ll wait for u to return the strawhat
    43.jpg 44.jpg 45.jpg p.txt2.jpg
    Mihawk also said I’ll wait for you to challenge me

    There is this concept that luffy loves and respects shanks so much ,similarly now mihawk is not just a goal but also a teacher to zoro

    So why will they fight ?
    The fact that shanks is good guy doesn’t change the fact that he is also pirate and that too a Yonko and enemy of luffy by position similar to how garp is
    He is luffy’s grandpa and yet his enemy and hence marineford happened inorder to choose between ace’s life and fight his grandpa he choose to fight garp .Similarly in order to become to pirate king he has to fight shanks who despite begin his role model also is his goal to surpass .As mentioned above due to events of reverie mihawk may join or move along with shanks which make a prefect setup for the fight

    In order reach to raftel luffy and zoro have to fight shanks and mihawk by doing this both luffy and zoro will achieve their dreams in one fight


    1. Romance_Dawn,_Version_1.png
    2. 18czs.jpg

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    I am actually a fan of Luffy returning the hat to the dead body of SHanks theory.
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    Really wonderful theory.

    I do think that the last poneglyh is being saved by Shanks so that even if someone gets a copy of the other 3 poneglyhs he can save the last one like a protector, Luffy has to fight Shanks to get the last poneglyph rubbing
  3. PurplePandaSage22
    A very very good read.There are so many so many so many possible references to real life history and culture it is very admirable you managed to compiled something worthwhile for both these two characters.
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      thanx bro :3
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    your theory is always a complete package. good job creepy theorist
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    Corazon's Law
    This second part really ties them together! The parallel between Mihawk, and Shanks is amazing! Really good job!
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