Theory The Winged People of the Ancient

Winged people build robots to fight space pirates over resources on veart.

  1. ShawnLavoie
    Warning: Massive theory. I recently started following the skypea ark, more specifically the cover arc following Enel’s moon travels. I found a poneglyph in there… Here we go! First of all remember this important piece of information: in the Mariejois arc, the Gorosei said that Nefertari was the only member of the 20 founders to remain on the surface (vearth as opposed to the sky islands?) and that makes him a traitor (in this case to the Gorosei/World Government). Why does staying on the surface make him a traitor? Take the time to read the entire cover arc, you will see that there are 2 groups at war: The space pirates who are coincidentally all humanoid creatures (think fishmen), and the Winged ‘moon people’ of the ancient. The winged moon people do not fight themselves; they manufacture robots to fight their wars. Look at chapter 470 and you will see them making the little robots on the cover arc. Now look closer, the one on the left is dressed like an Egyptian, let’s say Nefertari. I believe he is one of the 20 founders, with another two to his left (one looks like a Shandian). I believe they sent him to the surface with an army of humanoid robots as depicted on the mural in order to conquer the people of vearth and take their resources. What would make him a traitor out of the 20 winged moon people? Head to chapter 472 and look on the top right of the cover arc. A Poneglyph? Yes. Compare the writing to the known poneglyphs. The exact same!! Somehow their alphabet was taught to the people of vearth, by Nefertari presumably (look Kozuki clan). This would later be used to transmit history and technology that can destroy the world government. The Alabasta poneglyph is a prime example: it gives away the location of pluton and Nico Robin says that for centuries the Nefertari clan was hiding it from the world government. I also believe that Nefertari started a movement that would end up being Raftel, a paradise for all species to live together, which would also make him a traitor. See the Fishman Island poneglyph, it’s an apology from Joy Boy Who I suspect is a Nickname or direct descendent of Nefertari. He apologises for breaking a promise involving returning to Fishman Island to carry out Noah’s purpose. Speaking of fishmen, Tom also ended up with Pluton Blueprints.. Thanks Nefertari! Now look at the technology required to build the Maxim. It’s the exact same as the technology employed by the winged moon people in the massive robot factory Enel discovers in the hole on the moon after the explosion (don’t get me started with Vegapunk, just read all the cover arcs). That technology would have been left behind on another sky island for Enel to learn before he made his way to skypea (he needed gold to make the Maxim) by other members of the 20 founders before they ‘founded’ the world government. I figure they keep to the sky islands because they are extremely racist and don’t want to mix with the people of vearth. I think IM-Sama is either a living founder or descendant. The name sounds alien lol, but more then that it’s the traitor daughter Vivi she chooses with her knife.. She could also be a robot with those eyes.. Now about Vegapunk, I think he’s from Future island depicted in the cover arcs. Think of bearded man we can see dying because he chocked on a dango witnessing the explosion of the moon robot factory. I think that was on future island OR on a sky island where the founders left behind some technology. I have so much more lol.

    TLDR: Winged moon people of ancient build robots to fight demi human space pirates over resources on vearth, tangle with the natives of vearth. 3 factions at war: Winged people commit genocide/enslave space pirates using robots, rule over the native population. Erase history, create the world government.

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  1. AllEyez
    I'm sorry. But this is a horrible theory. I agree with what the person above me said.

    Plus ur making statements when there's no proof

    Space pirates do not look anything like Fish men. They r a different species. There features except for that big fish one looked nothing like a fishmen

    Egyptian and middle eastern clothing =/= Alabasta there is showings that display there r other ME culutre based countries in One Piece

    Plus what technology r u talking about that Maxim and spaceys have? Neither share any sort of tech. Maxim is not even really powered by any technology.

    It's partially powered by Dials(not a tech. They r just special powerful shells). Only thing it shares with Spaceys is it gets turned on by Electricity which both were both activated by Enels magic fruit

    Plus the Spaceys prolly have more to them as they have flesh, hair etc. So it's more than just electricity and NOTHING to do with Dials or anything used in Maxim

    But anyways point is they share nothing alike.
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    Prefer to believe that said the winged people are shandian, skypiean, and biccan.

    I mean, I never see a nefertari had a wing like three others.

    And surface which gorosei said was belong to the land outside of Mary Geoise.

    One more, I didn't see Im-sama took Vivi's picture with his knife. Another picture did, but same thing didn't happen to Vivi's picture.
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