Theory The WEAKNESS of Big Mom's Devil Fruit and Her Homies

I believe Big Mom's devil fruit and her Homies have a HUGE weakness

  1. Joy_Boy
    Hey Guys, I am trying to slowly move all my theories onto Oro Jackson so thought I’d do another one today. This one is pretty old now, so I’m sure a lot of people have heard this/ believe this already however, for those who haven’t I think this to be very persuasive. This might seem obvious to many at this point, but it's still a theory so I thought why not!

    Anyways, Check out my Channel if you haven’t, pretty much everything I've speculated is uploaded first there.
    And now lets talk about…
    The Weakness of Big Mom’s Devil Fruit and the Homies
    So as you guys probably already know, Big Mom has the Soul-Soul Devil Fruit.
    Using her Devil Fruit she can extract souls from living things and give them to animals, plants and non-living objects. These are what is known as "Homies". Doing this grants these Homies “humanity” and “lifespan”.
    So essentially Big Mom ability allows her to steal peoples life span…. and KILL THEM!!!
    This seems pretty over powered….

    How can you defeat a Yonko that can kill you without actually having to harm you physically? This Devil Fruit needs to be nerfed…
    The Soul-Soul Fruits' WEAKNESS
    I do think Big Mom’s Devil Fruit is not quite as powerful as it appears at first glance. And I think it’s weakness is that in order for Big Mom to “extract” someones soul they have to be AFRAID.
    Muscat, calm down if you cower she will take your lifespan away!!!

    This is the nerf that is needed for Big Mom’s devil fruit, stated fairly explicitly. Interestingly, Luffy would probably not be affected by Big Mom's devil fruit power directly if this is indeed the weakness.
    The Homies' WEAKNESS
    But there’s a little more than this that adds to this theory. While the Homies as a whole are pretty non-threatening power wise, there is at least one Homie that is a formidable opponent. Randolph the rabbit.
    Since Randolph exists it opens up the possibility that there are OTHER very strong Homies aside from him.
    So, currently Nami has Big Mom’s vivre card which essentially makes her completely protected from all the Homies.
    So they are not a threat right now to the Straw Hats. However, if a situation ever arises that forces the straw hats to battle against strong Homies or multiple Homies at the same time(for instance if Luffy were to battle Big Mom without the aid of Nami and the vivre card she has), I believe Oda has also foreshadowed their weakness.
    Here we can see that Cracker literally scared the tree Homies to death. While many people thought this was a power that Cracker had, I don’t believe it is. I believe its the weakness of the Homies THEMSELVES! Just as Big Mom requires a person to become afraid to steal their soul, so to do the Homies “lose” their soul if they themselves become too afraid! Luffy even commented that he doesnt think this has anything to do with Haki and speculates that fear itself killed them.
    This further emphasizes how Big Mom’s ability works, both are connected.
    Conclusion: Big Mom vs. ...
    I don’t think that Oda would have introduced this detail unless it was somehow relevant to the story.

    I believe this foreshadows a situation in which the Homies are actually forced to fight someone who will use their weakness against them. This could be Luffy, but I honestly prefer... the VINSMOKE. Isn't it interesting that the Vinsmokes dont have certain emotions?
    What if they can't feel FEAR as well... They would be the PERFECT counter for Big Mom's abilities... Could Oda be setting this up?

    Either way, both of these weaknesses of Big Mom's Devil Fruit may allow for someone to completely overcome her Devil Fruit ability! And this may actually help someone DEFEAT her...
    Let me know if you agree and if you have anything to add!

Recent Reviews

  1. Toshin Raizen
    Toshin Raizen
    *big mom true nature : sadist, greedy, manipulative and liar. - one pice theme was freedom. her whole cake island and book collection wasnt freedom.
    *bege and SH plan will fail, until something happen to reverse it eg. sugar" pass out. and at this cake island will be
    -tamatebako damaged big mom madam potrait
    -releasd prisoner from book prison
    -pudding pass out and all manipulate and erased memory will return and cause chaos
    * rite now the vinsmoke think sanji no more then a failure and inferior compare to them. and for them to leave sanji alone to follow his journey those perception must change :
    - the vinsmoke will be in a pinch and then sanji will save them and show them that he no longer a failure and far more superior then them *they just person with no empathy.
    - luffy beat big mom. and thus will make vinsmoke to no longer mess with a person who took down big mom
    -also to free sanji from blackmail .. big mom must be taken down.
    luffy main objective was :
    -copy ponyglyph - success
    - take sanji back - must clear few thing before sanji can return
    * take care of sanji blackmail - defeat big mom
    * change vinsmoke, so they will let sanji go
    This is a great theory with a lot of evidence to back it. Attention to detail is key to reading this series
  3. Cpt.
    Yes I think you are right. It seemed very weird too me that Oda had the tree homies die from being afraid of Cracker. That's a really random thing to add to show crackers power unless it was to hint at something else instead!
  4. Spider
    Great theory and the evidence was really good. I can see this being the case. Tag me on your next one
    1. Joy_Boy
      Author's Response
      thx man, I will :)
  5. akagami spy gel
    akagami spy gel
    i agree with you!
    there is also another possibility,
    that big mom has a mom or sister, who is also as powerful as her!!
    remember the homies were afraid of vivre card!
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