Theory The road poneglyphs second intersection

What if the road poneglish point at another location?

  1. BambaDevil
    So this is a theory I tought about long ago, I had it a long time in my head. And I think it is time to share it with you guys.

    In this theory I want to talk about the connection between the one piece and the national treasure.
    But before I start with the speculation, let's begin with talking about facts:

    As we learned in Zou, there are 4 road poneglyph. Each one of them point at a location. Where all the straight lines from the 4 points intersect, is Raftel.

    After I established the obvious I want to talk a little about geometry.
    If you intersect four points on a surface of a ball, the lines will intersect twice, while each one will be at the exact opposite side of the ball.

    You can see the picture down here exactly what I mean

    The red points are the location the road poneglyphs pointing at. You can see that the lines intersect at point F. But also intersect at point G which is at the exact opposite side of the ball.

    That means that the road peneglyphs actually point at TWO different locations, which one of them is at the exact opposite location of Raftel

    And now after I finished talking about the fact, I want to start the speculations.
    At this part I will base my theory on a very popular theory that exist for years.
    The theory about the Reverse mountain

    I won't go into too much details about it, because it is very lomg theory, and one of the most known thoery that exists.
    If you don't know anything about it you can read it here:

    In case you don't remember it, or don't want to read it all, It basically says that Raftel is inside the Reverse Mountain.

    So as I showed before, the 4 road poneglyph will intersect again at the exact opposite location of Raftel. If Raftel indeed is at the Reverse Mountain, the second intersection will be Mary Geoise

    So now we should ask ourself why would the road poneglyphs would point at Mary Geoise?
    In Dressrosa we learn about the national treasure of Mary Geoise, which only it's own existance will shake the world.

    But why would the ancient kingdom will try to guide people to the ancient treasure?

    Here are my thoughts:
    The One Piece is not a complete treasure, you need to have the national treasure to complete it.
    Whatever the One Piece is, it cannot be fully utillized without the national treasure.
    It is also explain why Roger who found the One Piece didn't fulfilled the ancient kingdom ambitions.
    This can also give the strawhats reason to move to Mary Geoise after Raftel arc, and so start the last war arc.
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Recent Reviews

  1. DarkMage_Kaizoku
    Great theory, makes lots of sense. I like the fact that the treasure is in two pieces and need to be brought together to form One Piece.
  2. RandaAlzifahri
    Nice idea. Although it sounds more like a speculation than a theory
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