Theory The Marines interference foreshadowed and built up

Punk Hazard foreshadowing // Kiku, Zoro, Hiyori and Tashigi // Law's deathflag // Luffy vs Sentomaru

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    The Marines interference foreshadowed and built up!

    A theory about Luffy, Zoro, Law and others! Enjoy!

    Oh boi alot has happened recently and once Oda start's the info-train the eyes of the fandom start catching up One Piece with a different eye. Goken/Breath of all Things and more stuff within Wano. :wipesweat: Definitely a hefty take on the story by Goda. More so over, more and more references about Zoro and Koshiro and their possible connections to Wano are revealed.
    I think overall, all new informations add up something new into a picture that we all have forgotten about: The Strawhats conflicting protagonistic Navys.
    It's been a while in the story, from Smoker and Tashigi on Punk Hazard, to Fujitora on Dressrosa.
    Every arc was a key to unlock Wano and the fight against Kaido, are you ready guys?
    Wano will probably be a long arc/saga and what I am about to present you shall blow your mind, I don't expect it to be followed by everyone, but you should just enjoy...let's go!

    What happened on Punk Hazard?
    A bunch of characters (protagonists) bonded up against the same enemies and that's not everything...
    And they even party together. As Sanji questioned and one marine soldier answers: "It's a ceasfire Big Bro!" What did lead to this events and how are this characters fatefully connected?
    • The missing guinea pig children on Punk Hazard: They were the major plot device that connected both groups (pirates and marines). They have direct reference to Ceasar Clown's evil plans that lead up to the evil/good plans of Charlotte Linlin
    • Vergo's betrayal to the World Government: Which lead up to the fight in which Law saved Smoker's life and destroyed the S.A.D. With that they crossed the plans of Doflamingo to maintain an alliance with Kaido and fulfil their evil motivated plans.
    • Vegapunks involvement: Which is furthered with what happens after Punk Hazard - The children aswell as Smoker and Tashigi are entering the scenes behind Vegapunk. The same scenes the fruit Monosuke ate is originating from.
    The overlaying plot is simple: An evil caused by enemies, the protagonists join forces. The chain of evil events is connected and creating a network that leads up to the next part of events concerning the evil. And this basically resulted in what happened to and with the Navy on Punk Hazard. A big plus for the protagonistic side of One Piece and at this point the protagonists have been tested as proven with Zoros fight against Monet, which also ended up in being redeemful for all participants.

    The purpose of Punk Hazard was to highlight this point of the narrative, which by now is very new and was further highlighted with Fujitora on Dressrosa. At this point it does mean that Oda will keep evolving this part of the narrative and Oda is planting the seeds already, he is preparing the protagonists for another test, concerning the co-operation of different justices.

    Setting up the "Vegapunk-squad"!
    Currently there is no official squad known around Vegapunk, all we know is that Kizaru seems to take a charge in this, Sentomaru is his bodyguard, the Pacifista a weapon and Smoker & Tashigi were cooperating with him after Punk Hazard. Also Fujitora and Ryokugyu seem to have buisness going on with Vegapunk. It makes sense, such an important figure needs to be observed and taken care of by every navy-admiral out there.
    Kizaru hence is an old hare within the Vegapunk mysteries which is pushing him to the nr 1 spot of the most important marine in interaction with Vegapunk.

    Since several arcs Vegapunk gets mentioned, built up and yet he has to enter the plot in persona. Every arc from now on opens up a chance and this time it is Wano that opens up this discussion.
    Orochi demands Vegapunk from the World Government, to maintain an unknown deal.
    Oda wouldn't introduce us with this if he wouldn't set up something certain:
    The answer of the World Government!
    People still believe this to be a Red-Herring, but Oda is simply trolling with us. On the one hand the CP-0 should be aware of the strenght of the Wano country but on the other hand Sakazuki doesn't seem to know. Borsalino already offers his assistance in that case.
    The above shown panel occured without knowing of Orochis demand, as this came afterwards, so Orochis demand is a plotpoint Oda set up to allow Sakazuki take a step back and probably allow Kizaru to interfere and clean out several messy points. Just to point this out:
    The navy has the highest chance to succeed either before the war begins or after the war with Kaido finished. And I believe the Navy might strike at both points:
    • The Navy/World Government has to negotiate with Orochi before the war with Kaido starts, hence the Navy and CP-0 will appear on Wano before the Fire Festival.
    • The Navy has to clean up some of the mess after the war with Kaido...chasing Luffy/The Supernovas, or clarifying the situation/negotiations with Wano.
    Both points contain strong arguments at this point and now the question arises: Which Marines which be the chosen ones to negotiate and escort? I believe it is the Vegapunk squad! Smoker, Tashigi and Sentomaru. There is no better moment in the narrative right now, and it is perfect to involve them! I will come to this point later! But one more point to discuss:

    Punk Hazard highlighted Zoro, Luffy and Law as Supernovas and heads of a pirate alliance, which evolved to the point of Zoro and Law cooperating in absence of Luffy on Wano.
    A chosen bunch of protagonists for sure. Especially because they are protagonists, it is making them vulnurable for a conflict against the World Government. If Smoker etc would appear, their main attention would automatically direct towards the pirates from Punk Hazard that bonded with them, but circumstances in the story, concerning the characters will most-likely lead to those factions clashing against each other anew.
    That is why this would be the ultimative challenge for our protagonists and the ultimative chance to refurbish this plotline and build it up with new characters, like Sentomaru.
    Most people expect Sentomaru to be a honourable opponent to Luffy and I want to underline this at this point.

    Luffy already is rising above anyone, above Kidd portrayalwise, above Smoker, other vices, captains etc. So from the perspective of Power Scaling an interference would make sense in every way aslong Luffy is not forced to fight an admiral and waste his energy against that one.
    :ZULUL:But gladly there are other pirates on Wano that can face an Admiral *coughs* Kid *coughs*

    So this are my basic arguments to why. But Oda is setting up more during Wano...

    Luffy vs Sentomaru - Preparing Luffy's CoA!
    As said most occurings during the New World will be refurbished, one of these occurings is Sentomaru who entered the plot on both Sabaody Archiepelago and Marineford. A character who since his introduction challenges Luffy in some sort.
    Upon his introduction he was entitled "A hard man", who's the Best Guard in the world. Makes sense he is a CoA-master who also possesses CoO, the bodyguard of Vegapunk and he possesses command over the Pacifista Army, no...the whole science unit. I believe the term "Best Guard" is possibly not a stretch, we yet have to find out.
    Let's take a closer look at Sentomaru's abilities, because he already clashed with Luffy:
    First of all: Sentomaru has no grudge against pirates, which means his fighting motive is not grudge, hence he is fighting someone on a honorful level, focussing probably on self-surviving, because aslong he sustains himself he will be able to protect the person he is supposed to guard. Which in reverse means he also guards himself.

    The second point is, that this page shows us the CoA deflection ability used by Sentomaru to deflect Luffy's attack. The way Sentomaru holds his hands, reminds us on the admirals on Marineford right? From the recent events, we just know that this is CoA, but if you look closely:
    On the second last panel we get the popular "eye-zoom" which indicates that Sentomaru used CoO (Observation Haki) before deflecting Luffy's attack with CoA (Arnament Haki), which indicates again, that this deflection needs to be timed perfectly in order to have the best impact.
    On this page we see Sentomaru going into an offensive stance, again he is saying his "Guard is the Worlds Best"! Implying his CoA is at a "master-level".
    From our current information we know: Sentomaru didn't touch Luffy using the "invisible Haki" energyshock-attack which Luffy is currently learning.

    Get beaten by it - then learn it! That's how Oda likes to go sometimes!

    In otherwords Oda foreshadowed everything Luffy is going to learn in close future from that point on. But if Luffy learns this techniques, then it means he will get his famous rematch with Sentomaru?

    We go forward into time to analyse and understand Luffy's current "training arc"!
    First of all again: Isn't it ironic how Jinbei, Luffy's "Guard" takes the spotlight on this coverpage, that is reflecting the essence of Sentomaru's Haki? :ZULUL:
    Anyway it just ironic, maybe it has nothing to mean, the chapter itself reveals some stuff, but more importantly, the way it has been revealed:
    • Luffy reveals a more casual CoO (future sight)
    • Luffy refers to the deflecting ability
    • Hyougoro reveals the offensive version (also useable with a weapon)
    • Hyougoro showcases the ability
    Hyougoro takes the spot as a teacher for Luffy, mentoring him the evolved useage of CoA, which has been foreshadowed throughout the series. But at this point it is clear: Oda pushes Luffy more into the haki-class of ones like Sentomaru or Katakuri, just to set-up his jump into Yonko-league. Oda also sets up the importance of "casual CoO" in combination of CoA, again the same aspects showcased in Sentomaru's deflection of Luffy's attack.

    Wano also sets up a "fighting-theme" focussing Luffy:
    The Sumo-theme! This equals LUffys first concluded fight in Wano in which he one-shots the enemy Sumo-wrestler, supposedly the best one in Wano. Luffy won through sheer force tho, not knowingly using haki and giving his opponent a fair chance.

    We all know what happened...Kaido's Luffy one-shot! But now Luffy is imprisoned, has a chance to train and Oda throws him inside another Sumo-themed "clusterfight":
    Queen (Oda) throws Luffy + his new CoA mentor into a Sumo-themed prisoner tournament, see how "buff" Luffy became as Oda wants to show us that Luffy is prepared for the next stage and so Oda rises the "Sumo-theme" on a new level.

    The question here is: Will Oda end the SUmo-theme on Wano now? And what's with more concluded fights?

    So we consider the factor that no concluded fight will happen in Udon, due to Linlin arriving there and them planning to destroy the whole prison. All the underlings below Queen were proved fodder-tier character that Luffy trains on, leaves Queen as only capable fighter left in Udon, which in reverse leads to conclusion that it does not make much sense to give him a concluded fight against a bunch of protagonists.

    Luffy's training is about to end, so we basically have almost one more chapter for Luffy to end the Hyou-training on Udon, begin the prison break, the Sumo-theme on Udon is concluded and here we have a fitting moment to postpone Luffy's grwoth, yes because simply Linlin is a factor to speed things up in Udon. LUffy will have no concluded fight on Udon and hence Oda has to move on the topic.

    The question is: Will the Sumo-theme reoccur on Wano? I believe yes. In combination to training CoA and in order to have a honorful opponent to grow on, Oda might have to introduce Sentomaru here, who was portrayalwise a stronger combatant than those in Wano.
    In order to justify the reasoning of marine interference on Wano we have to dig out all possibilities and connections towards the idea, including other characters.

    We go back to the topic of Orochi demanding Vegapunk from the CP-0 and a possible "Vegapunk-deal" in Wano, which means that CP-0 and Vegapunk will need a kind of escort.
    This is only possible after the Reverie, which supposedly ends in about 2 days, within the ONe Piece timeline. You see the point? One more week of results - Oda didn't throw in the Vegapunk ideology for nothing, Oda has time to get back at it and this is how a navy-interference might happen. But guys, there are two more characters that share the same idea as with Luffy vs Sentomaru.

    Going back to the Vegapunk-squad:

    Zoro evolving out of the "Kuina-complex" - Zoro vs Tashigi:
    Tashigi and Smoker are characters that I also plan to treat in this theory, because of the heavy connections towards Vegapunk:
    Here the children of Punk Hazard are showcased as plot-devices linking Tashigi and Smoker's unit towards Vegapunk. Together with a marine report, both Tashigi and Smoker will get in direct contact with the science unit and thus the theory errupts of the idea of Tashigi and Smker joining up a potential "Vegapunk-squad".

    Since chapter 100, where Tashigi entered as a relevant character, Tashigi did evolve more and more into a protagonist from the Navy. She entered as a character mostly relevant to Zoro:
    With Tashigi entering the plot, she became the "figurehead" of Zoro's "Kuina-complex". Tashigi has her own dream clashing with Zoro's dream in Logue Town. On top of that Zoro is outed to be a pirate and Tashigi a marine, evolving into them clashing without Zoro cutting her, but still winning (insert Rebecca-complex in here). Tashigi expected more from Zoro, but Zoro's Kuina-complex hindered him from cutting Tashigi, Tashigi most likely figures it out and questions Zoro without meaning to dig into his past, but the circumstance allows Zoro doing it himself, giving him Kuina's words as a sort of reminder.
    "You're so lucky to be a boy, Zoro..." since Oda built up this topic, the story progresses without us realizing how Oda extends this topic throughout the story, especially during the New World:
    • Rebecca's swordfighting-style is a direct reflection of what happened between Zoro and Tashigi in chapter 100
    • Monet vs Zoro and Tashigi is also a reflection of a "not-cutting fight".
    Latter one gives us more insights to analyse, because Tashigi and Zoro are directly involved, also Punk Hazard is more and more showcased to be a set-up arc for big happenings:
    In the fight Tashigi + Zoro vs Monet, both Zoro and Tashigi refurbished the non-cutting topic, on this panels for example Zoro adresses Tashigi as woman, where in context Tashigi claims Zoro to not cutting Monet, as he wouldn't cut Tashigi. This whole scenery is something that was built up from the Kuna-complex back in chapter 100.
    Again here the Kuina-complex gets a direct reference. But is this case true of Zoro's sexistic mindset? I believe not as big as Tashigi thinks it is.
    But in the same fight Zoro shows a kind of redemption. Tashigi gets underwhelmed by Monet but Zoro sees that she needs help, speedblitzing at Monet to cut her face smoothly.
    Again I believe Zoro doesn't want to hurt Monet, even if Monet deserves to be damaged at all after wounding Tashigi heavily. Zoro insists to use another kind of weapon, by simply changing Monet's mindset about him.
    Because after Zoro's words about the beast and the biting, he directly went for Monet, cutting her without using Haki (or did he? :afrokappa:). We find out he defeated her in a psychological way, a misleading way that was misleading Tashigi even.
    And this is basically the moment Zoro defeated a woman using fear and this is the point Oda ends up this symbolic plot-line, but Zoro here went for a Rebecca-like mentality, in where you defeat your opponent without slicing or killing, note here: Dressrosa was a pretty long arc, so Oda had to maintain the swordfighting plotlines in this arc by moving it to the side-cast like Cavendish and Rebecca. New characters given meaning to the story by giving them this kind of reflection of the maincasts plot.

    Now you might wonder, is this all? No! Wano for sure is refurbishing this exact set of aspects, somewhat in a new fresher way and two characters directly conflicted with Zoro are foreshadowing us something new indeed:
    In Wano Oda might set up something new in reflection to the Kuina-complex.
    Upon O-Kiku's introduction Zoro wondered about the possible size of a woman in which Luffy even mentioned that Big Mom was bigger, Big Mom also was more fearful.
    But back to Kiku, she adresses herself with a term that is uses by male Samurai.
    Oda shows us that Kiku is a odd one and odds are meant to change a setting. I believe this can be used to change Zoro's mindsetting.
    In a later panel Oda draws again attention towards Kiku and her being a Samurai (again with the male adressing). She uplls her hair together symbolizing her readyness to fight.

    Kiku was built up to be an important character, but the topic, "Cutting a woman" becomes a new symbolic during the Wano arc:
    Komurasaki and Kyoshiro's supposedly act of execution was one of those climaxes focussing around it:
    Komurasaki(Hiyori) was cut by Kyoshiro, something shocking everyone. Now imagine Zoro being at the Shogun's palace at that time seeing Kyoshiro cutting a woman? This would build up the Kuina-complex and Zoro would jump in protecting Komurasaki challenging Kyoshiro.
    But ZOro was left out while Oda builds this topic outside of Zoro. So two more things:

    Komurasaki showcases her mentality right before the showdown with the cut happened. Her words provoked Orochi to the core while she is staying up against him. Her honor originates from her being the daughter of a samurai, as we later know, she is a doughter of Oden.
    Also the term "weak women" is revealed here whichcan also be interpreted to Monet being weak as she couldn't resist Zoro's cut because of fear, but Hiyori was able to resist any fear of cut provided by Kyoshiro.

    Oda decides to connect Zoro and Hiyori through the plot with Hiyori taking care of Zoro. Zoro always get's taken care of, by females which are strongly connected to him, either Robin took care of him or Perona, Oda strongly bonds Zoro with Hiyori.

    In order for what?
    We can recap that both Kiku and Hiyori hold important lessons for Zoro to overcome himself and accept the fate that woman will also be cut aslong they decide so.
    Oda strongly builds up Zoro for meeting Tashigi and being able to duel her on equal terms.

    Why Tashigi? As I said Oda is building up LUffy to be tested by Sentomaru, a marine interference is still possible and Tashigi and Smoker have yet to enter. Also we know one more thing:
    Tashigi's dream is bound to Zoro who is symbolising the antagonistic Meito-user. Her personal rival. So both are bound to meet again sooner or later and Wano is the perfect playground to built up, especially because Wano holds a strong connection to the Punk Hazard arc.

    So now that I have clarified Zoro and Tashigi and the impact of Wano on their relationship, we can continue on to Smoker and how Oda sets up this character. For this I need to completely break down Law's existence in One Piece and Wano is again the playground for this one!

    Law's fate: Smoker, death and paying back a favour!
    Law's purpose in Wano is layered on the Supernova topic, as the alliance started off with the goal of overthrowing Kaido and slowly Law dragged himself into the Wano conflict. As you see this theory has a reason, a reason why I focus on Luffy, Zoro and Law. And that reason is the Supernova alliances, the current ones.
    Oda is trying to make Law act on his own for now which in reverse should profit his character in many ways. We remind, Law is still on good terms with the SHP, especially with Luffy, but he is on bad terms with Shinobi who is representing the Wano allies.
    That way Oda keeps the idea of a Supernova alliance and pushes it forward. Law is still trusting Luffy in the end both have the same goal, and both even share the same fate as a descendant of the D's.

    Law will not betray anyone I believe, even if the narrative will leave him suspicious, because betraying would be out of character now that Oda revealed him to be loyal in this sense. We know that Bepo Sachiand Penguin are not spilling the beans and even Nami and Usopp wouldn't spill the beans, Oda just tries to twist our perspective to make us doubt the Supernova alliance even more.

    With that Oda layed down a path of hints that were drilling Law towards his current state and future in the story, especially the Wano arc +!
    A significant part of Law's lore is his devil fruit the Ope-Ope no mi. Back in his flashback with Corazon, we got the reveal about the World Governments interest in obtaining the Ope-Ope no mi for Berries. Even tho this deal would be fake and pirates possessed this fruit. Corazon, Sengoku and Tsuru were sent out for that mission, showing how valuable this deal was.
    We also hear about a legend revolving around that fruit and a doctor who cured everything, which is strenghtening the interest within the fruit. It's clear: The World Government fears this fruit if it's in the right possession, in the possession of a good-hearted doctor.

    This is even more strenghtening the fate of Law who is a descendant of the D clan, paralleling the heritage of the fruit. Law is the ultimate antagonist to the World Government in this case.
    So the worst case scenario did hit the World Government and Law probably was hiding until the moments of Punk Hazard and what's comming after.

    Back in Punk Hazard Law shared the same fate as the protagonists of the story, the same fate over dozens of years: He is facing both the navy and the pirates ruling over the island. In Punk Hazards case Law was opposing the Navy and he was opposing Ceasar Clown and the Donquixote family.
    That's how Oda portrays Laws journey upon reintroduction in the New World, against Navy and against pirates.

    It goes back to Marineford where Law entered a conflict he wasn't supposed to be in, saving the good pirate Law from the evil Navy and the evil Pirates from Blackbeard and Shichibukai.

    Simple as that Oda drags this out towards Dressrosa:
    In Dressrosa Law got thrown in a scenario where he again faced both Navy and Pirates in a three-way battle, where het got overwhelmed by both enemies of him.

    The plot here is second row, the true message is Law's journey, and how it reflects his fate to oppose those 2 factions of evil. Portraying the fate of the D's and even being a reflection of the protagonist's journey in One Piece (Luffy, etc).

    As the shounen logic implies, Law gets brutally overwhelmed in this arc, while he was doing his best. He then resolved and this should strenghten his character for the future, being better prepared for upcomming conflicts.

    Also in Dressrosa the protagonists fought a (false) "God", Doflamingo, who represented the elite, the Celestial Dragons, with both Law and Luffy opposing as D's, reflecting how strongly tied Law is, within this plotline.

    Dressrosa moreover set the mayor Deathflag over Law and the possible importance of his character and fruit:
    Doffy mentioned his plans to take over the world using the Ope Ope no mi, the narrative even highlights more of it's possible power, and it even strenghtens the idea of the World Government wantin it for their own good.
    The final reveal is the "Eternal Youth Operation" which Doflamingo wished for.
    The backdraw is the loss of someone's own lifespan basically. Which is setting the mayor deathflag over Law since it's reveal.
    Law...a never smiling D, with such a thematized power, bound to the fate of Luffy the protagonists. Cmon :cmonbruh:

    We go over to Zou, from Law's perspective this has been the arc to form a proper alliance and plan their moves against Kaido, which concluded in them splitting up, giving chance to setup Luffy in WCI and Law in Wano.

    Logically Wano should sooner or later have it's focus drawn also towards Law and recently he set up Law to yet another journey, let us recap:
    • Law was set up to confront the evil of the pirate world and the World Government, opposing them as a D, his journey follows Luffy's towards Wano where they want to fullfil their goal of dethroning Kaido.
    • Law's Ope-Ope no mi is a relevant key factor in his fight against the World Government. Also in an alliance with Luffy, this fruit becomes a big power up. After the Dressrosa arc both Law and Luffy were portrayed as equaly dangerous.
    • In Wano Law is set on his own journey, maintaining the purpose of the alliance, which he formed with Luffy.
    Now we dig deeper into Wano to look for more hints revolving around Law:
    Law's crew is hitting the fate-bat. The narrative is making the Heart Pirates a key factor in the plot, using this as a lead for setting Law's journey.
    Oda is setting a deathflag over Law's crew, as we know opposing a Yonko often comes with victims and this is what Oda tols us all along. Now Law is sharing the fate with the protagonists and this means that our protagonist group can face such sacrifices in Wano. Don't make me bring out the ones from WCI, it can end up very sad. So yes Oda is playing around with the deathflag over Law by moving this deathflag on his crew, giving Law an opportunity to evolve.

    Moving Law slightly out of the Wano conflict itself, but leaving him as a Supernova now opposing Kaido and with that Law shares the same motives as the other Supernovas like Zoro, Luffy, Kid.

    Oda is letting Wano be Wano, we have all the side characters, they align with the strawhats etc, but especially a character like Shinobu is signalizing that she doesn't want Law making him to leave. Oda is splitting the setup, the setup in which the other SUpernovas don't belong to.

    While Luffy and Zoro are meant to confront Sentomaru and Tashigi, I also believe that the other Supernovas will fullfil their existence as pirates and confront their supposing Navy pairings.

    Now Law is set free and this is allowing the narrative to give him enough space to enter the Navy sub-arc I am speculating on. With all this set up Law has no purpose to fight Orochi and help the Wano samurai, so what will he do except of trying to save or revenge his crew?

    The Navy now has enough reasons to interfere in the Wano happenings once they go into a deal with Orochi, if they find about Law and the other supernovas then Law might jump into their eye as one of the main targets. Which allows the Navy to chase down Law and interrupt with his plans, because this would be really Oda-likish to use measure interrupting someone's plans.

    This gives us the perfect opportunity to reintroduce a character that bonded with Law: Smoker!
    This is one of the most iconic scenes that happened during the show, a pirate, a D, bonded with a marine through saving each other. Did Oda do this on purpose? Especially this early on in the New World? I believe yes, without doubt Oda set's up another conflict including both characters, another payback, another emotional thing.

    So Wano is mainly playing around Law's deathflag and questioning his success overall with his plans, this is a topic we should not forget about as this was heavily topic in Dressrosa and the "plans" itself were part of WCI, where people had to adapt to the circumstances.
    Law was introduced to fit in these scenes and so I believe that Law will have to adapt himself again in Wano not only against Kaido, but against the possible intruders of the Navy that are dangerously lurking after the events of the Reverie.
    During the Reverie Borsalino showed his readyness to involve himself in the conflicts on Wano. Also over the arc of Wano Oda gave the World Government more and more reasons to interfere especially the demands of Orochi are a key factor.

    Orochi right now is in a state of under pressure and he is acting foolish, with alot of mistakes. This fits well the idea that the Navy might set up a fake deal with Orochi regarding Vegapunk.
    Giving the Navy a reason to escort the World Government to have this deal. The World Government strikes multiple flies with one bat, they spy on Wano while they find out that much pirates are conflicted there, basically fucking up each other. Jackpot?

    So a possible squad here could be:
    Kizaru - to lead on Sentomaru and the others
    Sentomaru - to conflict Luffy and escort
    Smoker - to conflict Law and escort
    Tashigi - to conflict Zoro and escort

    But once the deal is blown up because at all costs the World Government will refuse to hand out Vegapunk, this will signalize the Navy to do what they please.
    What will be Kizaru's role?
    Right, he will conflict the Supernovas. It all ties back to my Cosmos theory I made and this would also be the opportunity to spy and set up for my "Great Cleansing"-theory. I will link both theories below.

    If KIzaru will succeed is another question, it would be ironic if the Navy will be routed out of Wano, because the pirates are evolving into a force.

    But so much chaos right? The perfect chaos to have Law in the center of the happenings and set the biggest possible deathflag on Law.
    With a failor of the Navy also a part of success has to shine through and guys I propose you the best idea fitting here right now:
    Law being taken out of the game!
    This would directly reflect the warning of Kaido and make it valuable again. Such a big conflict which is endangering Law and his valuability and the best thing for the narrative is taking Law out of this. So the proposal is simple and so fitting, but it's also dark:
    Who is a better person to safe Law, than Smoker himself? Oda can refurbish their bonds and make Smoker take out Law and remove the deathflag over capturing him!
    This would be the final first win by the Navy against the Supernova and evolve the character Smoker and save Law for the finale of the narrative, while bringing Smoker on a better level to oppose Luffy, bam.
    With this Oda could perfectly setup Smoker rising as an admiral possibly taking the spot of Kizaru in relatively far future. But this is just far speculaton and should be threated in future theories.

    But setting Law on a new journey, possibly involve him with Vegapunk and make him learn more secrets before Law will reemerge into the story as a final player for the D fraction.

    The alternate discussion:
    Now I know there might be still people that would oppose those speculations following the ideology of no marine interference, and at this point you guys might be right, depending on the pacing and on Oda's plans, this could be too much, so the whole theory can have a whole new effect by twisting it up slightly.

    So if no interference should happen during the arc, then we still have the opportunity to have a "Post-Wano arc" just remember the Post-Dressrosa arc or the Post-Enies LObby/Water 7 arc, where in both cases the Navy has been involved. The further the story goes the heavier the set ups might be, so my proposed ideas could also lead towards a Post-Wano arc. But any options are left to your personal believe and your own belief is your freedom Ladies and Gentleman!

    Oda foreshadowed possible Navy - Pirate pairings possibly occuring on Wano+.
    This goes all back to how ne Navy is bonding with pirates, mainly showcased on Punk Hazard. These bonds can for example make Luffy have a honorable fight against Sentomaru where Luffy can test out his new learny Haki skills against a Haki master.
    Also Zoro can have a chance to evolve himself and have a honorful match up with Tashigi, something both were not able to have since a long while, both are supposed to rivalize each other. Tashigi is the perfect opponent to test out Zoro how far he has come with his Kuna-complex, also both Hiyori and Kiku are characters possibly able to open Zoro's eyes in a sense to make him grow out of the Kuina-complex.
    Finally Law a fellow Supernova ally is set up to face Smoker again after their bonding moment on Punk Hazard. Both basically saved each other and Oda could come back to this topic. Wano is building up a new mayor deathflag over Law endangering even his crew. With an upcomming conflict and enough backup to support a Navy interference, Smoker could appear under the command of Kizaru and oppose Law with the intention to take him out of the pirate games, marking his deathflag.
    Oda could reflect Kaido's warning. Also Shogun Orochi's damand over Vegapunk could be the trigger to this great event as Vegapunk is already a keycharacter of the story, he could easily trigger this plot.
    I have 2 more theories backing up the idea of a marine interference, done in the past and I am willing to take the alternative to take this ideas into a possible "Post Wano arc" if no marine interference should happen in Wano!

    Thanks for reading everyone and until the next theory!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Dino
    Great theory, I'm particularly on board with the Sentomaru part. I've been on the Sentomaru is from Wano train for a while and I think that could play into a potential alliance after a skirmish with Luffy.

    Something that always bothered me was how he calls Kizaru his uncle, in a way that wiki describes like this:
    "Sentomaru refers to Kizaru as "Uncle" (黄猿のオジキ Kizaru no Ojiki?, a Japanese word commonly used to refer to a yakuza family "father" boss). The Japanese term used does not mean they are family. It truly means that the pair are on a high level of respect"

    With the recent development of us learning about Yakuza bosses being a thing in Wano, I'm super interested in where this could be going. I think that also strenghtens your point that if Sentormaru comes, Kizaru will also come along. Maybe for some backstory or whatever. I wouldn't be suprised if Sentomaru grew up in Wano as a Yakuza member's kid. Maybe he got dealt away to the marines /CP0 after Orochi came to power, that would give a fake Vegapunk deal some narrative summetry but idk
  2. Captain_BreLion
    Outstanding theory!! Well thought out! I hope everyone gives you credit when all of this happens!
  3. kiiro94
    Wow, so many connections that only when you analyzise you get to understand. Thanks
  4. Oreki
    This is too good... I just want tashigi to have honorful match against Zoro and really love the Idea Luffy having a fight against shutenmaru

    Once Again Great job Rej!
    1. Rej
      Author's Response
      Shurenmaru? xD Sentomarou bro haha, anyway thank you alot! Glad I could hype you up! Have a nice day!
  5. Hades
    it is inevitable...Marines will definitely come..we all know that much..but you did a great job on who will come to wano...and yeah I was also expecting same people you have put in your theory except for Sentomaru....anyways as usual always comes up with good theories...great work
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