Theory The hierarchical structure of the world!

The Laws and the Hierarchy of our World

  1. Zagrash


    - Introduction -

    Im note sure if it is a good idea to write this, please tell me after reading.
    Before we start, one note: English is not my first language and im not really good at it. I really gave my best … and this is also my first post. :p

    - Background -

    I spend more than 5‘000 hours reading about many different topics like religion, true history, cultures and mythologies, law, finance economy, psychology, and many many more, trying to grasp whats going on, on this earth. 2 years ago I started watching One Piece – and I loved the series (+Oro Jackson) from the very beginning because of all the hidden informations and intimations that I immediatly recognized. Im trying to figure out what is going on in Odas head, what his goals are and what his range of knowledge is. My theory is about the worldbuilding and why it is the way it is. Some of the content is shaped by my personal opinion – if you disagree, that is fine – i don’t want to start a discussion about right and wrong. :yaaa:

    - Content -

    - Why Pirates and Marines? This doesnt make any sense to me!
    - The hierarchic structure of 'the world' on the earth
    - The law of the flag and true freedom
    - The Revo Army
    - Money in One Piece
    - Illusion vs. Enlightment (DF and Haki)
    - (G)Oda's message

    Why Pirates and Marines? This doesnt make any sense

    As soon as I realized that this Manga/Anime is much more complex/deeper that most other literature, I tried to find out why this story is about pirates and marines. If you want to tell a story with a world government and different cultures, mixed up with mythological and historical hints, then why on earth would you chose pirates as a theme? Oda never does things randomly, there is always a reason for anything.

    To answer this, we need to understand what a pirate really is. And to understand that, we need to understand the Law's and it’s hierarchic structure in the real world (which is the same in OP).

    The hierarchic structure of our World and One Piece

    Let’s start! Wiki:

    'The legal history of the Catholic Church (aka the vatican) is the history of Catholic canon law, the oldest continuously functioning legal system in the West. Canon law originates much later than Roman law but predates the evolution of modern European civil law traditions. The cultural exchange between the secular (Roman/Barbarian) and ecclesiastical (canon) law produced the jus commune and greatly influenced both civil and common law.'

    All the laws we have today were created by the vatican state and are in place up to this day. All other laws are subordinate laws, including the state law of the place where you live, no matter where you live.

    Canon Law and the Vatican State / The Vatican Bank

    Executive (Ruler):
    Pope in the Vatican (Center of the Holy Law)
    Imu-Sama in Mary Geoise (Center of the Law and World, the Holy Mary Geoise)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Canon Law and the Law of the Sea are two extremly complex legal structures that dominate and govern all modern legal systems and also the english language, especially the language of commerce. Many words from modern commerce originated in the Law of the Sea (Marine Law), because the sea is where the trading started (british domination of the sea, silk road).

    Examples of Words/Symbols originated in the Law of the Sea:
    - The Currency refers to money, but also the flow of water. The Cashflow. Liquid Assets
    - When you were born, there was a doctor (doc). You come from a female body, out of water and then you’ll get a birth certificate
    -> Ships always have female names; they bring the shipment to the dock into a port from the water with a shipment certificate
    - If you live, you are a corporation = a business, if you are dead, you are a corpse
    - „If you hang out with that person, that’s bad business“ or „that’s none of your business“
    - If you go enter court, you pass the „floodgate“, you leave the law of the state/land, and you enter the law of the sea.

    This is a very deep and complex topic, I can’t go futher into this here, but send me a PM if you have any questions.

    Men/Human who trade (and live) in higher law structures are free from the rights and obligations that most „commoner, persons, Male, Female and civilians“ have.
    This is shown in One Piece using the Celestial Dragons / World Nobles. When they want something, for example slaves, they will get it, because they have the legal rights to do so. They are the creator of the society, which includes:
    - All Laws and Rules
    - Hierarchy above Nature (which is an illusion)
    - Money (Bank of the World in One Piece)
    - Values (What is good, What is evil)
    - Control over information and education (Morgan Fake News, Burned Library of Ohara)

    Judiciary (Law):
    The Canon Law (aka. Vatican Law)
    OP: Divine Rights of the World Nobles / Celestial Dragons


    Legislature (governments, assembly):
    The Ordner of the Vatican
    OP: Gorosei

    Military (Execution Force):
    Society of Jesus Order
    OP CP0 (Cipher Pol = Secret Police)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mary Geoise (= Lovely Genoa)
    Along with other references, Mary Geoise also seems to be a reference to the colonies of Genoa and their connection to Venice. In Venice, the Vatican's banking system (and international trade, and hence commercial law and maritime law) came into being. I suspect that the CP0 is a reference to special military units from Venice.

    Note: I think the Vatican City, Genoa and Venice are not the only source/inspiration for the World Gov. and Mary Geoise. Oda is mixing many things together. But im sure that the parts that im showing here are also part of the whole complex.


    Genoese Colonies (from Wiki)
    'The colonies of the Republic of Genoa were a series of economic and trade posts in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Some of them had been established directly under the patronage of the republican authorities to support the economy of the local merchants (especially after privileges obtained during the Crusades), while others originated as feudal possessions of Genoese nobles, or had been founded by powerful private institutions, such as the Bank of Saint George.'

    2. International Law / Law of the Sea (Maritime Admiralty Law) / Federal Reserve Bank, European Central Bank

    International Law governs the space of organisations like the International Criminal Court or the Eruopean Court of human rights. The Law of the Sea governs all spaces of water outside of country borders, but also everything that is part of commerce, including you (=the shipment, your birth certificate). Again, law is very complicating :cool:

    Executive & Military Force (Ruler):
    United States Marine Corps <-:wideeyes:
    OP: Akainu, Fleet Admiral of the Marine in One Piece

    Judiciary (Law):
    Maritime Admiralty and International Law

    OP-Wiki: Enies Lobby, also known as the Judicial Island (司法の島 Shihō no Shima), was a government-controlled stronghold in Paradise together with the Marine Headquarters and Impel Down, and the headquarters of CP9. The island also had a courthouse, which made it easy to transfer high-level criminals through Enies Lobby and directly into Impel Down, or to the Marine Headquarters.

    Legislature (governments, assembly): International organisations, like the reverie …
    Reminder: Canon Law (Vatican Law) > International Law / Law of the Sea

    3. National Law, State Law / National Bank

    Executive (Ruler):
    President or CEO like Donald Trump (Washington Secretary of State Corporations)
    King or chairman of a country/state, like Cobra, Vivi, Neptune, Riku or Wapol (President of Wapol enterprise)

    Judiciary (Law)/Legislature(governments, assembly):
    Local Law, for example 'United States corporate law' and its police departments
    Local laws and rules of that area, for example fishman island with it’s local military force

    Why are Luffy and Jimbei considered Pirates in the first place – they did nothing wrong !?

    By representing your flag (jolly roger), you create a legal statement and you are considered a pirate.

    The Pirate Flag (Jolly Roger) represents the Sovreignity within the Maritime Admiralty Law. Sovreignity means to not be bound by any laws. It's the declaration of a border. The Sunny is Luffys Territory (State Corporation), Luffys Crew (Nation), Luffys Ideals, Will of D. (Laws) and therefore he and his Nation are not property of the World Government (Ship, Crew, Shipment Cargo, Birth Certificate), as stated by the flag aka. Jolly roger (same as nations with their corresponding flags).

    Law of the Flag Definition - from the Maritime Admiralty Law:
    “A principle of maritime and international law; that the sailors and vessel will be subject to the laws of the state corresponding to the flag flown by the vessel. The law of the flag doctrine ... provides that a merchant ship is part of the territory of the country whose flag she flies, and that actions aboard that ship are subject to the laws of the flag state.”

    Pirates don't obey the government. They pursue their own goals and ideals. They are free of any legal obligations and rights. Therefore, they are exempt from all legal chains - free from law. Fearless and Lawless. Enemies of the government that wants to govern you. Gods (Vatican) natural enemies. Because the one who is truly free is truly powerful. Or as someone once said ...

    “That which cannot be stopped:
    Inherited will, a man's dream, and the flow of time. As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped.”

    The Revo Army ignores borders, they are everywhere and do not identify with country affiliations. They have very different preferences (Iva :oops:) and background stories, but still they work together, because they share the same values.

    They are what we call 'terrorists'. Official Definition: Someone who uses violence that violates the law, especially against civilians, to achieve political goals. Civilians are considered people (not to be confused with humans) within any of the above mentioned laws. There is also a difference betwen unlawful and lawful violence. It’s all about perspective, Doffy can explain it better:


    US Navy with Jolly Roger


    Control and Flow of Money and Information

    The Money from the Bank of World, property of the World Govt as written on the bill. (Both real and OP bills).


    By controlling the cashflow
    , they can control the freedom of people. Wanted Poster are also a great tool for global control.


    The Marine Logo contains a seagull – the papers (public information) is brought by seagulls = controlled media through marine / WG.
    Information = 'to bring into formation' = move the public or make the pubic believe something.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    By controlling the flow of Information you can influence what people know/not know or like/dislike or believe/disbelieve

    Govern, Etymology:
    "to rule with authority, originally "to steer, to pilot," a nautical borrowing from Greek kybernan
    "to steer or pilot a ship, figuratively "to guide, govern"
    World Government. Not to confuse with earth government.

    True Freedom
    People live in fear of the unknown future. People define themselves by things they have done in the past. In nature there are Hirarchies - as long as there are people, there will be Hirarchies. Hirarchies create chaos. Chaos = devil, greek diabállō to divide. This is the Power of the devil(-Fruit).

    Achieving true freedom means seeing reality as it really is. Don’t live in the past, don’t live in the future, live in the now, like a monkey! You can think about the world, but you should live on earth. Living in Freedom creates Unity = symbiosis, greek sumbíōsis 'live together' or 'be one with the enviroment'. This is the Power of Haki. This is, in my opinion, Oda's main message, besides all the thousands of hidden meanings and symbols.

    Luffy: “I don't want to rule anything. Being King of the Pirates means being more free then anyone.”

    Luffy “I love heroes, but I don't want to be one. Do you even know what a hero is!? For example, you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! I want to eat the meat!”

    Roger “Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against, Roger stood tall and would not run.”

    Roger “I am not interested in "domination", Shiki! There is no need to be a pirate if you can't do what you want, right? No matter the pressure, I will never accept "Golden Lion"!!!”

    Rayleight about Roger “In the last moment of his life, he turned his fading "flame of life" into a huge fire that enveloped the world. I've never laughed more than on that day...!! I've never cried more than on that day... I've never drank more either..!! He was our captain... and he was a magnificent man...!!!”

    Im pretty convinced that there will be a last form of Haki which will ‘Create’ or ‘Change Reality’ that only Roger or all King of the Pirates achieved so far.

    ... I could write another 100 pages, but this is enough for today :)
    Please, if you read so far, give me feedback on these points:

    1. General Review
    2. Language (like I said, english is not my native language) mistakes or any tips for writing?
    3. How was the Forum editing? Any tips?

    Thanks and :<3:

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  1. Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset
    Wow, awesome theory! Many interesting connections and very deep thoughts and ideas that went into this. The only criticism I have is that you should work on some proper paragraphing for next time. Otherwise keep up!
  2. Izaya X
    Izaya X
    Sorry for the late review,
    I like it,especially the part with the marines.
    I never thought about that the manipulation of the civilian could be so deep. :)
  3. Joao_D_Greybeard
    Very in depth connections to real world concepts, keep expanding on it
    1. Zagrash
  4. TopMAN
    Great theory! I liked the real world comparisons with One Piece. A lot of theorists will try to predict what Oda is going to do based on Japanese folklore, but you went a different route, which I respect.
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Well I agree Oda uses many mythologies and folk lore to create his story and I also think that the story is going to be driven more into japanese folklore than anything else. But i would split the idea of the main story / side story and values/worldbuilding. While those go hand-in-hand I would still see them as 3 unique pieces.
  5. RevolutionaryOfThe6Paths
    Wow...nothing but did a great job...i really liked the way you structured everything (then again that was the purpose obviously lol)...the presentation is very on-point and i never felt like i was wasting my time...looking forward to your next posts
    1. Zagrash
      Author's Response
      Thanks <3
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