Theory The Final Showdown! Kaido's Calamities Abilities Explained!

Future Strawhats / Calamities match-ups!

  1. GilgameshTheories
    Hey everyone, i made a video (which you can find at the end of the theory) discussing some potential big match-ups that will happen in Wano, as well as trying to figure out King's and Queen's abilities and weaknesses.
    First of all, i'm thinking that the Monster Trio will have a new member joining and replacing Luffy. That member will be no other than Jinbe who i think will finally return to this arc. I think its sound pretty logical that Luffy won't be in the Monster Trio after Wano anymore since i think that he will finally will not be close in power compared to Zoro and Sanji after defeating Kaido (not alone).
    Starting with the match-ups i think its fair to start with probably the weakest of the two trios, Jinbe and Jack. They both are Fishmen, both are amazing close combat fighters and both have similar body types. I think that Jack's brutal ways against Jinbe's lack of fear will give us a pretty good fight to see.
    Next up we've got Sanji versus Queen. Honestly i'm not sure if Sanji is on a level to take down Queen by himself due to his lack of fights since the time-skip. I'm pretty sure that this fight will happen though since it will be a missed opportunity to not have Sanji who trained with Okamas for two years to not face one of the strongest, if not the strongest Okama at the moment. To make this fight more winnable for Sanji, i'm gonna assume that Queen has eaten the Scorpion-Scorpion fruit, which judging by his appearance might be true. I'm saying that this makes it easier because scorpions have a huge weakness, fire. Now guess who has probably mastered his fire technique the last two years. This fight will be great and will give us a lot of laughs because of their Okama/Sanji interactions.
    Now for the final match-up we've got the classic second in command / swordsman type of fight between Zoro and King. Besides these points i think that King has eaten the Devil-Devil DF judging by his fire and wings elements. I know that probably isn't gonna be right, but i would love to see a Devil vs Demon themed fight personally.
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